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Assign Tasks to a Team

Zoho Projects allows you to assign teams to the tasks in your project. The Associated Team field helps you to bring together individual tasks of your project with your teams so that you can perform the tasks more efficiently.


  1. Assign tasks to multiple users as a team
  2. Filter tasks by assigned team

Feature Availability

Feature Availability: Enterprise plan

Add the Associated Team Field to a Layout

  1. Click    in the upper-right corner of the top navigation bar .
  2. Navigate to Customization > Layouts and Fields > Tasks.
  3. Associate Team field is listed by default.
  4. If removed, it can be added again from the Available Fields tab.

This field is a removable default field.

Edit Properties

  1. Click on a Task layout.
  2. Hover over the Associated Team field.
  3. Click on the Edit Properties option.
  4. By default, multiple team assignments will be enabled.
  5. You can select Single Select if you want to assign the task to a single team.
  6. Click Apply Changes.

Associate a Team

  1. Click Projects in the left navigation panel and navigate to your project
  2. Click Tasks, click on a name under Associated Teams choose the required option from the options available.
  3. Click Add Team, if you want to associate with a new team or you can select one from the existing teams. 
  4. If the task is already assigned to users other than the those in the selected team, they will be removed from the assignee.
  5. In the task details page, you will be able to view the Associated Teams and under Owner, you will be able to view the team members and you can select a user.
  6. In Tasks, multiple teams and users can be selected.
  7. When the Team members are chosen, you can choose a team from the drop-down.
  8. When a team is chosen from the option, if the task is assigned to any of the users in that team, it will be specified.
 This action will be available in Add Task form, Task Details, Task List Views, Inline Edit as well as bulk update.

Update Field in Blueprint

  1. Navigate to  > Task Automation > Blueprint
  2. Click on an existing Blueprint or create a New Blueprint.
  3. You can add Associated Team in Criteria.
  4. Before a Transition, Under Users, you can select multiple or single Associated Teams.
  5. During Transition and After Transition, you can update the Associated Teams field.
  6. The members of the selected teams will be able to perform the transitions.

Email Templates

  1. Navigate to  > Task Automation > Email Templates.
  2. Click on Add Email Template.
  3. Under Subject and Insert Placeholder field you will be able to add Associated Teams.

Email Alerts

  1. Navigate to  > Task Automation > Email Alerts
  2. Click on Add Email Alert, under Notify users you can select Associated Team.

Task Notifications

  1. Navigate to  > Personal Preferences > Personal email.
  2. If a user subscribed to the notification for the tasks I am assigned to me / my team, they will receive the notification if the task is associated to their team.
  3. Another notification Associated to team will be added in Task Notifications.

Custom View

  1. Select a project from Recent Projects or the projects list view.
  2. Click on the Tasks tab in the top navigation band.
  3. Click on the views drop-down and then click + Create Custom View.
  4. Select the Associated team criteria for your view.

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