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Log Hours in Timesheets

Log work hours in timesheets and track time spent on tasks and issues. Users can log time on a daily or weekly basis. Timesheet entries can be added for tasks, issues, or even general entries.
Feature Availability: All paid plans.

Daily Time Log

  1. Navigate to a project from the Recent Projects tab or from the project list view.
  2. Click Timesheet in the top band.
  3. Click Add Time Log in the upper-right corner.
  4. Select an entry from the Tasks/Issues field.
  5. Enter the date Date.
  6. Select the User assigned to the task.
    • It is also possible to enter the log hours for activities other than tasks and bugs. Click the link - Enter Other Log Entries  and enter the general activity details, if any. 
    • Click Select Task to log hours for tasks and bugs as usual.
    • Additional notes can be given under Notes.
  7. Log the time in Daily Log and set the Billing Type.
  8. Click Add.

Weekly Time Log

  1. Navigate to a project from the Recent Projects tab or from the project list view.
  2. Click Timesheet in the top band.
  3. Click  next to the Add Time Log button in the upper-right corner. Click Weekly Time Log.
  4. Enter the log details.
    • Click on  icon next to the hours entered to add notes to your time log. The icon turns yellow when you add notes.
  5. Click Save to add time logs.
  6. Add additional entries by clicking + Add Row.
  7. Remove a row by hovering over it and clicking .
  8. Click Save and Add New to enter more time logs.
  9. Uncheck the Billable box against each entry if you don't want to bill the time logs.
  10. General log entries can be added by clicking + next to the Task/Issue field.
  1. Click the left and right arrows in the upper-right corner of the timesheet to view the previous and next week effort respectively.
  2. If Time Log Restriction is enabled, you cannot enter log hours exceeding the daily and weekly log hour limits. 
  3. Time log cannot be added for a holiday, weekend, or while on leave.

Supported Time Entry Formats:

Earlier, the only supported format of time entry was with a colon i.e. 3:30. We've now extended that further to include support for more time entry formats. For Example, if you enter 3.75, our timesheets automatically interprets the entered time as 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Delete Log Entry

  1. In Timesheet, under the List view, hover over a time log and click .
  2. Click Delete..

Timesheet Bulk Update

Timesheet entries can be updated in bulk or one after the other. 

  1. Navigate to a project and click on Timesheet in the top band.
  2. Select multiple records to enable the bulk update options.

  3. Click on any of the fields displayed to update it for all entries. Both default and custom timesheet fields can be updated.

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