Qntrl | Online Help | Business case 3: Validate new data entered in cards using Server Scripts (Before Update)

Business case 3: Validate new data entered in cards using Server Scripts (Before Update)

Performing operations and coordinating with teams can be quite a herculean task. If the information given in the card details is changed to corrupt information later, it may create chaos and slow down task completion. This is why if a user is to make updates in the card, server scripts allow to validate the new data before it is updated in the card.

Business Scenario

Zylker Corp associates with a set of vendors whose details are saved in a cloud database. When vendor details in an existing card are updated, the details have to be validated with the existing values in the database. If the updated detail is wrong, the card must not be allowed to be saved.


When a vendor detail field is updated in the card, the new value can be validated with the database using server scripts. To execute this:
  1. Create a server script to validate data from the third-party application.
  2. Create a card and update a field to test the functionality.

Sample Configuration 

Step 1: Code server scripts

Create a new server script to validate vendor details if they are updated.
  1. Create a new server script and enter the name as 'Validate vendor details'.
  2. Choose Contract Initiation  in the Form dropdown. We've used the previous use case's orchestration here. Learn more.
  3. Choose Job as the Execution Location to execute the script.
  4. Choose Before Update  as the Execution Trigger to execute this script whenever the card page loads.
  5. Copy and paste the below script into your script editor and replace the parameter names.
    1. This code is to validate the vendor name alone. You can use similar logic to validate other details.
    2. You can use the ? Icon at the top-right corner of the script editor to refer to parameter names.
  6. Once the script is ready, Publish it. 

  1. function beforeUpdate(){
  3.     //select Vendor ID parameter here
  4. var vendorId = current.Job.getValue(current.Layout.Fields.<select-VendorID-parameter-here>.id);
  5.     if (!vendorId) {
  6.         console.log("Vendor ID not present");
  7.         return;
  8.     }
  9.     var url = "https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/users/"+vendorId;
  10.     var params = {};
  11.     var headers = {};
  13.     var res = ZDK.HTTP.get(url, params, headers);
  14.     if (res.status != 200) {
  15.         console.log("Unable to fetch vendor details");
  16.         return;
  17.     }
  18.     var responseBody = res.body;
  19.     if (typeof responseBody == "string") {
  20.         responseBody = JSON.parse(responseBody);
  21.     }
  23. //select Vendor Name parameter here
  24.     var orginalVendorName = responseBody.name;
  25.     var presentVendorName = current.Job.getValue(current.Layout.Fields.<select-VendorName-parameter-here>.id);
  26.     if (orginalVendorName != presentVendorName) {
  27.         current.Job.addError(current.Layout.Fields.<select-VendorName-parameter-here>.id, "Vendor name is not matching in vendor database");
  28.     }
  29. }

Step 2: Add card

When the orchestration and server scripts are ready, we can test the script by creating a new card .
  1. Navigate to Cards and click Add Card.
  2. Select Contract Initiation  from the Form dropdown.
  3. Enter the vendor ID to auto-populate other vendor details and Save the card.
  4. In the card details page, update any vendor detail, such as Vendor name, Address, Website, Contact, or Vendor email.
  5. If the detail entered does not match with the details in the database, an error will be displayed and the card will not be allowed to be saved.


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