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Manage Business Rules

What is a business rule?

A business rule helps you trigger an event or a chain of automated events, when a defined action occurs in a card. For example, when a card's  assignee field  is updated, you might want to change the card's  supervisor field value   too. In such cases, business rules can help automate updates for you. 

Here's a business scenario on using Business Rules in Qntrl.
Learn how to prioritize and automate execution in Business Rules.

Create business rule 

  1. Navigate to  and select Business Rules under  Automation.
  2. Click the  New Business Rule  button.
  3. Fill in the details:
    • Rule Details : Explain the rule here.
      • Forms  : Select a form to apply this business rule to. 
        • If no form is selected, the business rule will be applicable for all the forms.
      • Name : Enter a name for the business rule.
      • Description : Type a few words describing the rule.
      • Execute When : Business rules can be executed when creating a card, updating a card, updating a field, adding a comment, or updating a comment. Select a suitable condition for triggering this business rule. 
      • Click  Next to proceed to the next section.    

    • Criteria and Actions : Criteria helps you filter cards, and Actions lets you perform updates on the filtered cards. 
      •  Criteria can be set using any of the following options:  
        • Cards meeting certain criteria : Choose this option to filter cards based on specific criteria.  
        • All Cards  : Choose this option to include all cards.  
        • Cards that do not meet any of the above criteria : This option appears when more than one criteria is added. Choose this option to filter cards that do not fit any other criteria configured in the business rule. This option will be considered only if all other options are not true.  
      • Once a criteria is set, you can configure corresponding  Actions  for the criteria.  
        •   Instant Actions : Set up actions to be triggered instantly once a business rule is triggered.  
        • Schedule Actions : Set up actions to be triggered at the scheduled time after a business rule is triggered.  
          • The minimum schedule period is 15 minutes. 
          • 2 sets of actions only can be scheduled.    

                        Here's a list of things that can be configured: 
      • Send email : Trigger an email to the users of the portal.  Learn more  about email alerts.
      • Update fields : Modify the values of different fields in a card.  Learn more   about field updates.
      • Configure webhooks : Trigger webhooks to communicate with custom or third-party applications.  Learn more   about webhooks.
      • Associate custom functions : Develop and execute user-defined functions using Zoho's online scripting language, Deluge.  Learn more   about custom functions.  
  1. Make sure to reorder the criteria list to maintain priority. 
  2. The option 'All Cards' will be available only in the first criteria. Once this option is selected, no other criteria can be added. 
  3. Once the option 'Cards that do not meet any of the above criteria' is selected, no new criteria can be added.  
  4. Only 10 criteria can be added to each business rule. 
  5. Usually, custom functions cannot use the value of Comment or Comment ID. However, on configuring a Business Rule with execution condition- ‘Adding or updating a comment’, Comment and Comment ID values can be used while Associating Custom Functions.   
  6. On enabling Execute Next Rule option, the next business rule will be triggered automatically, if the form and criteria matches with it.  

Edit business rule

  1. Navigate to   and select Business Rules under  Automation.
  2. Select a business to edit.
  3. Make your modifications and then click  Save.

Clone business rule

  1. Navigate to   and select  Business Rules  under  Automation.
  2. Mouse over the business rule and click .
  3. Select  Clone from the pop-up.
  4. A default name will be generated for the rule. You can customize this.
  5. Once the changes are done, click  Save.  

Filter business rules using forms

  1. Navigate to    and select  Business Rules  under  Automation.
  2. Click the  next to  All Forms
  3. Select a form in the dropdown to view the business rules associated to it.

Reorder business rules

  1. Navigate to   and select  Business Rules   under  Automation.
  2. Click the    to the left of  Business Rule Name.
  3. Drag and drop business rules to reorder.
  4. Click  Save

Get a deeper insight on why you should prioritize business rules.

Deactivate business rule

  1. Navigate to   and select  Business Rules  under  Automation.
  2. Toggle the button under the  Active column to activate or deactivate the corresponding rule. 

Delete business rule

  1. Navigate to   and select  Business Rules  under  Automation.
  2. Mouse over the business rule to view .
  3. Click the icon and select  Delete from the dropdown.
  4. Confirm deletion.

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