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Qntrl for Android

Qntrl app is available for Android devices. Users can perform actions on the go using Qntrl app for mobile. 

Minimum OS version: 5.1 Lollipop

Install Qntrl to your Android device 

Qntrl's  android app is available in Play Store. Search for ‘Qntrl’ in Play Store and tap  Install. Once your organization details are downloaded, the app will be ready to use.


Forms are customizable digital layouts used to capture user inputs. These forms are hosted to the user while creating a card. 
  1. Tap  and select  Forms   to view the list of forms available in the organization. 
  2. Tap a form to view the card requests in it. 

  1. New forms cannot be created from the mobile application.
  2. Existing forms cannot be edited, deleted, or deactivated in the mobile application. 


Cards are created to request solutions or services from an organization. 

Add card    

To add a new card:
  1. Tap the   icon from the top band. 
  2. Pick a form. 
  3. Fill the details and tap Add

You can also add comments and attachments to the card.  
  1. Tap  and add your comment. 
  2. Tap  and choose a file to attach. 

View card details  

Tap a card to view its details. 
  1. Preview blueprint : The card's form and blueprint are displayed right below the card name. Tap the blueprint hyperlink to view the complete blueprint.  
  2. Details : Default fields, like  Assignee, Team, Priority , and  Due on , along with the other custom fields, are displayed in the Details tab. The  Card Information  section displays the card creator and created time. 
  3. Related : Attachments, comments, and activities can be viewed here.
  4. Extensions   : All the extensions associated with the card are captured in this   tab. You can tap on the displayed extension name to use it.

Users will be able to view:  
  1. Cards created by them  
  2. Cards requested by them 
  3. Cards in which the user has view privilege in forms
  4. Cards in which the user can perform one or more  Transitions   
Access Privilege: 
  1. Admin  users will be able to view all the cards  
  2. To view other cards, enable the  View permission  under  Access Control                

Save cards as draft

  1. Tap the   icon from the top band.
  2. Pick a form.
  3. Fill in the details.
  4. Tap that the dropdown icon at top right corner beside Save.
  5. Click Save as Draft

Access draft cards

  1. Tap the   icon from the top band.
  2. Pick a form.
  3. Click View draft Cards at the bottom of the page.

Perform transition  

To execute a transition, just tap on it from the card details page. Alternatively, you can also perform transitions in a single swipe: 
  1. Swipe a card from right to left to view all the  Next Transitions.  
  2. Tap a transition name to complete it.  

Card views  

Cards can be categorized and grouped under different views.  Learn more  about the different views in Qntrl. 
  1. To switch between views, tap the dropdown in the top-left of the card screen. 
  2. Tap a view name. All the cards available under the chosen view is displayed. 

Other actions in cards  

Filter, sort, and group cards  

You can filter cards, sort their order, or group them to suit your requirements.  
  1. To filter the cards, tap  in the bottom-left corner, select the required filters, and tap  Apply.  You can also save a filter criteria as custom view.  
  2. To sort and group cards, tap  in the bottom-right corner, choose the required sort and group options, then tap  Apply

You can perform filter, sort, and group actions right from the forms page and cards page. 

Edit or delete cards  

  1. To edit the card details, tap  in the top-right corner, modify, and tap  Save
  2. To delete the card, tap  and confirm. 

Search cards  

You can search for cards using the card name or card ID. 
  1. Tap  from the top band of the app and enter a search string to find the card. 


Employees in your organization can be added as users to Qntrl. A dropdown at the top of users tab lists Active, Inactive, Unconfirmed, and Deleted user lists. 

Add user   

To add a new card:
  1. Tap the  user  icon below, inside the Users tab.
  2. Enter the email address, profile, roles, team, and manager of the new user.
  3. Tap   Save.


Card notifications help you stay informed about the progress of cards. Tap  from the top band of the app to view all the activities performed. 

My Requests 

To view all the requests created by you, tap  and select  My Requests


Reports provide powerful insights into the efficiency of the organization’s workflows. Using Qntrl's mobile application you can view the default as well as custom reports. 

Get to know about our default reports  here . The edit, filter, and chart options are not supported in our mobile application yet. 

Custom reports will be displayed under the configured folders. 

Access privilege  : User profiles with the  Manage Reports  permission  in the card level can access Reports.  

Client scripts

Client scripts are validations that take place at the end user's browser when adding or updating business data in a Card. 

Client scripts will be executed in the mobile app in the following scenarios:


  1. Display data from the script as a toast message.

  2. Trigger alerts or messages for field validations.

  3. Run arithmetic operations on the field values and display the results in another field.

  4. Set a value to a specific field.


Users can customize their application settings here. To navigate to settings, tap  and choose  Settings

Organization Settings 

Choose organization 

If you are a part of more than one organization, you can switch between organizations here. 
  1. Tap  Choose Organization
  2. Tap the organization name you wish to visit.  

Sync profile permissions 

To sync any modifications made to user profiles in the product, tap  Sync profile permissions.  

Privacy and Security 

Passcode lock 

You can set up a 4-digit passcode as an additional layer of security for your data saved in the Qntrl app. 

Push Notifications  

You can receive push notifications from the Qntrl app whenever there is an update in the card. 

Text copy  

Enabling this option lets the user copy text from the app to the device's clipboard. This copied text is accessible in other applications too. 

Send diagnostics and usage statistics 

You can help our developers improve the application by sharing your usage statistics. 

Crash reports 

Crash reports allow users to alert the app developers whenever there is a crash in the application. 

Send anonymously 

Check this option to share your  diagnostics and usage statistics or crash reports  anonymously.  

General notes 

  1. Extensions installed from the web are supported at locations such as attachments, comments, and during transition section of blueprint.  
  2. Business rules, webhooks, custom functions, and email templates  configured in the web will be triggered when related activities are performed in the mobile app. 
  3. Users, teams, user roles, and profiles configured in the web are applicable in the mobile app. 

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