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Notifications  help every team stay informed about the activities performed in  Cards . Qntrl lets you manage email, web, and mobile notifications.

View and Manage your Notifications

  1. Navigate to on the top band of the screen to view the All Notifications popup, where all the notifications you receive are displayed.
  2. Click   inside the   All Notifications  popup to navigate to  Notification Settings. 
  3. You can choose to receive email notifications, push notifications, or both.
    • Push notifications include web and mobile notifications. 

  4. Click the All Notifications button to view the list of notifications you have received.  

Manage Notifications sent to Organization Users

Organization owner can centrally manage the notifications sent to all users in the organization. To update notification settings, 
  1. Navigate to   and select Preferences under Organizations.
  2. Under  Manage Notifications, toggle the buttons to enable or disable card, common transition, and comment notifications.

Learn more about  managing notifications

Change Email Address in Notifications

Usually, email notifications from Qntrl are sent from a default no-reply email address. You can opt to modify this email address and personalize your notifications.
Learn more about changing email addresses in  Customize Email Domain

When will Users receive Notifications?

Notifications received by the user will depend on their preferences in Notification Settings. 
  1. Card  assignee (individual user or team) will receive notifications when a card is created, updated, or when a transition is performed.
  2. If a card does not have an assignee, all the users with view permission to the Form will receive notifications when a card is created or updated.
  3. Users who are assigned transitions will receive notifications when a card is created or when the next transition of the card is assigned to them.
  4. Card requestor will receive notifications when the card is updated. 

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