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Overview of Qntrl

Every business runs on hundreds of processes, and with technology improving every day, most of those operations are still performed manually.

Take the case of Helen, the head designer at her company. Helen and her team handle brochure, UI icon, and visual effect designs that are requested by teams like marketing and user education.

When Amy, the head marketer, requests a new batch of brochures, she walks up to Helen and has a chat about it. Helen, in turn, assigns this task to a member of her team. To track the progress of the task, Amy will have to depend on Helen, who will request status updates from her team.

In endless series of discussions, even a small communication lapse could cause serious problems, and following up on the task becomes a tedious activity. This game of phone tag between Helen, Amy, and her teams eats up productive time and turns minor issues into major delays.

More likely than not, this is how your processes work too. To run them more efficiently we've come up with a software that can meet all your business needs — Qntrl!

Qntrl provides a 4-step wizard called Orchestration, using which your organization's end-to-end workflow can be automated in one-go. Before diving in, let us get to know the terminologies used in Qntrl. 
Form : A layout to collect details of the workflow
Blueprint : A canvas to design the steps involved in the workflow
Card : A request raised to perform the workflow

Plan your approach using Forms       

Forms help you channel all the data about a particular set of tasks in a single place. Design your form in Qntrl   by adding the necessary fields to procure data from the users most likely to raise a request using Card. 


How does this help Helen?

Helen can now create forms for every task that her team performs. She can also restrict access to certain fields like 'Brochure feedback' or 'Rating' from specific members of the team.  

Design your workflow using Blueprint

Blueprint helps you decide the flow of your process. You can design a flowchart pipelining individual  stages and  transitions that build a path to reach these stages. This helps even new members of the team adapt to processes quickly. 


Helen's process on the canvas

Now, Helen creates a blueprint for her process. In the above screen, 'Brochure in progress' and ' Design completed' are the stages. 'Begin brochure design' and 'Complete brochure design phase' are the transitions.

Helen can set constraints, update the form's fields, and also trigger other automated requests. For instance, the form fields can be updated while the transition is being performed. Notifications, emails, and webhooks can also be configured to be triggered after a transition is completed. We also support creating custom functions using Zoho's online scripting language, Deluge. 

Set permissions and review the orchestration

Permissions can be used to define which users can create Cards or access Cards in an Orchestration. Reviewing the orchestration allows you to validate new blueprints and publish the orchestration. 

Helen gains control!
Helen can restrict permissions for creating and accessing cards. For instance, the privilege to put a task on hold can be restricted to specific users even before the task starts. 

Create a request using Card

When a user wants to request your orchestration, they can create a  card . The progress of this card can be monitored at any point of time in Qntrl. 

Amy gets her work done.

When Amy, the marketing lead, needs brochures for her upcoming campaign, all she has to do is create a card. Amy adds a card under the 'Brochure design  workflow' orchestration   by filling in all the necessary details in the form created by the design head, Helen.   

Helen can assign this card to a member of her team and also review the card as it progresses. Amy can check in on the progress too by viewing the card's current stage in the blueprint. 

Visualize your progress using Reports

Reports help you gain insights on your organization's progress. We provide you with a set of default reports but you can also design your own custom ones.  


Helen's bird's-eye view

Using default reports Helen can:

  • See the number of cards passing through each transition for that day.
  • Track cards assigned to individual users in the organization.
  • See the span of every stage in the card.
  • View the number of cards passing through particular stages before their closure.

Whether a brief outline or an intricate procedure, Qntrl helps you run all your processes with ease. 
Sign up  now to start creating your processes today! To contact one of our experts, drop a mail to  support@qntrl.com

Qntrl  also hosts a community discussion platform  where you can post queries, suggestions, and feedback.

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