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Blueprint- Overview

Right from the moment a candidate enters your Zoho Recruit system up until you send out an offer letter and beyond, your organization could have several phases and  branches in it's hiring process.

Let’s consider a hypothetical company, Zylker Pvt Ltd. Apart from accepting online applications from candidates, they have a dedicated hiring team to follow up on candidates captured via campus placements, events and other offline sources. A recruiter's typical day in Zylker begins by getting in touch with a set of candidates assigned to him/her and screening them with assessments, as required.

Post screening, if the candidates are deemed fit for a certain job opening, an interview is scheduled for them. Once the inteview is completed and the candidate obtains a passing grade, an offer is sent out automatically.

What problems does Zylker face?

Now this entire candidate follow-up and management process sounds fairly simple. However, when it comes down to the execution of said processes – Zylker often faces problems due to certain difficulties and loopholes. For instance,
  1. Zylker’s hiring managers often spend a lot of their productive hours training newbies in their team – they don’t get enough time to focus on their own work.
  2. The screening results offered by recruiters are not consistent - sometimes recruiters are not aware of what qualities to look for in a candidate for a certain job - this may result in disappointing the department they're hiring for, and in turn, the loss of a potentially good candidate.
  3. Many a time, crucial candidate information is missing. For instance, it is only while evaluating a candidate, that the hiring team realizes that the address of the candidate is wrong. This would change the hiring manager's position on the candidate completely as location is one of the most important details when you're hiring.
  4. Zylker has a policy in place that states that the maximum percentage increase in salary recruiters can offer candidates is 25%. However, in some cases, offers with higher rates get processed, and this escapes the due attention of the hiring managers. 
These are some classic examples of problems encountered when you have a large team to execute a process but not have a foolproof system in place to execute it efficiently.

As you may have noticed, the problems revolve around the absence of clear guidance, and validation of hiring details at the right time.

Here's how Blueprint can solve Zylker's problems!

Zoho Recruit’s Blueprint helps you design and execute a process in a systematic manner that is free from loopholes. Blueprint captures every detail of your offline process within Zoho Recruit and hence, streamlining the process becomes easy.
  1. Define every stage in a process and associate people with each stage
  2. Guide your teams through the execution of the process
  3. Mandate and validate important information contextually
  4. Automate routine actions

Real-life scenarios

Here's how Blueprint can solve Zylker's requirements of streamlining their hiring and candidate management processes and make them more fool-proof. Following is a brief summary of scenarios covered above and how Blueprint can solve Zylker’s requirements in each case.

Candidate Qualification

Objective: To guide Zyker's recruiters at every stage of screening and evaluating a candidate. 

This Blueprint will also act as an algorithm for screening candidates, thereby helping recruiters with assessing candidates while they evaluating their assessments and interview questionnaires. This solves the problem of inconsistency in rating candidates between various recruiters as the blueprint walks them through the process.

Offer Management

Objective: To guide Zylker's recruiters at every stage of the offer management process, which consists of sending and negotiating an offer.

Here, the increment in salary offered to the candidate will be validated by Zoho Recruit, thereby ensuring that the hiring teams adhere to Zylker's policies. Email notifications can promptly be automated to hiring managers at the acceptance of an offer, so that they it does not escape their attention.

Talent Sourcing

Objective: To guide Zylker's recruiters at every stage of their talent sourcing process - such as capturing candidate details and adding them as records in your Zoho Recruit account.

Here, recruiters are prompted to enter record information contextually, example, the candidate's address. Doing so will help avoid last minute updates to the candidate record. Also, this can help the hiring manager form their decision regarding in the candidate should be offered a remote role or not.

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