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Custom Buttons and Links

These features leverage the strength of custom functions to offer tailored solutions. Dive into the realm of customized functionalities that empower your experience. To learn more about harnessing these capabilities, click here.

Custom Buttons

Customization is the most powerful way to build a flexible Recruitment system. In Zoho Recruit, you can customize modules, fields, pages, links, and many other elements. Zoho Recruit allows you to create new button actions with the help of an advanced feature called Custom Buttons.

Zoho Recruit has standard buttons that are used to execute various predefined actions. For example:
  1. Convert is a standard button used to convert a Candidate to Contact. 
  2. Clone is another standard button that is used to clone any record within your Recruit account. 
Likewise, Recruit Administrators can create new buttons and define a set of actions based on their requirements. Custom Buttons in Zoho Recruit can be used to connect your ATS with third party applications, connect different Zoho Recruit modules, or connect with other Zoho applications. 
Profile Permission Required: Users with the Customize Zoho Recruit permission can access this feature.
  1. Custom Buttons are restricted based on profile permissions. Administrators can share each custom button with different profiles, and only users in those respective profiles can access them. 
  2. Custom Buttons are available for all predefined and custom modules.
Important Note: 
  1. Any custom functions created on or after 14th Dec 2023 will have a String return type (changed from Void return type) and will not display info messages in the console upon executing. Only return messages will be displayed
  2. You will be able to run older functions but, if you choose to update them, you will be required to change the return type from Void to String.

Create Custom Button

To create a custom button

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit with administrative privileges.
  2. Click the Settings icon, then navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules.
  3. Select the required module from the List of Modules.
  4. Click Layout.
  5. In the Links & Buttons tab, click Create New Button.
  6. Do the following:
    • Enter the name of the button. 
      The button name cannot exceed 30 characters.
    • Choose the location of your custom button from the dropdown list.
      Custom buttons can be placed in four different places in your Recruit account: Create/Clone page, Edit page, Details page, and List View (a button for each record). You can create up to 50 buttons for each module.
    • Choose an action to be executed when a user clicks the custom button. You can either choose a predefined action from the gallery, or an existing action that was created by users in your organization. Define your own action by writing a custom function, open a new web tab or invoke a URL based on your needs.
    • Choosing the button action is mandatory. 
  7. Click Save.

Once the custom button is associated with an action, Recruit Administrators can manage permission by assigning specific profiles to view and access the custom button.


  • You are allowed to create up to 50 custom buttons for each module in Zoho Recruit. Inside each record details page, you can access up to two buttons. In order to access all 50, all records have to be selected.
  • If you have placed the custom button in a List View page, make sure you select at least one record before you execute the button action.
  • From the list view, you can also choose multiple records to perform the button action. If multiple records are selected, and the button action is a custom function, then the values of the records passed will be ||| (three pipe symbols) separated.

Define Button Action

Every custom button should be associated with an action when a user clicks the button. You can define your button action in any of the following ways:

  • From gallery
  • From existing actions
  • Write your own custom functions (powered by Deluge Script Editor)
  • Invoke a URL
  • Open a web tab

Zoho Recruit offers you a few ready-to-deploy button actions in the gallery, which can be associated with a custom button for different business scenarios whenever required.

Consider the following scenario:

Say that you need to screen a candidate at more than one time. You can create a custom button that clones a specific candidate record's information.

To associate Gallery function with a custom button

  1. Create a custom button and choose your button action as From Gallery from the dropdown list.
    Ready-to-use actions will be listed in the gallery.
  2. Click Configure for the corresponding action that you want to use.
    For example Screen Candidate
  3. In the Configure Custom Function dialog box, add a function page and click Edit Parameters.

  4. In the Method Parameter pop-up, specify the values for the Argument mapping and click Save.

  5. For example:
    • phone: Choose Phone from the list of fields.
    • Id: Choose Candidate Id from the list of fields.
    • Select the profiles that you want to provide access to this newly created button.
    • Click Save.
      Your custom button will be created successfully.
      For example: In the Candidates module, whenever a user clicks the Screen Candidates button in the record's details page, the particular candidate will be cloned for the selected period of time.

Choose your button action from an existing action

Existing actions are predefined button actions created by users in your organization. This option will be available only when you have already created custom functions for custom buttons in your Zoho Recruit account. These actions can be reused with different custom buttons whenever required.

Define your own button action

You can define your own button action in the following ways:

  • Writing a custom function
  • Invoking a URL
  • Opening a web tab

Write your own custom function

Using our Deluge Script Editor, you can define your own button action by writing a new custom function.

To write your own custom function:

Create a custom button and choose your button action as Writing Custom Function from the dropdown list.

In the Customized functions page, do the following:

  • Specify the Name and Description for your function and click the Edit Arguments link.

  • In the Edit Arguments box, specify the method name and map the argument with a field name, or specify a custom value in the Recruit module.

  • Click Save.

Write your required function in Deluge Script Editor.

Click Save Script, then Execute Script to validate your code.
If there are no errors, your script will be ready to associate with the custom button.

Click Save.

The script will be associated with the custom button. Choose different user profiles to check who can access the custom button, then click Save in the Create Your Button page. Whenever you click on the custom button, the associated function will be triggered, and the required action will be performed.

Response Tracking

You can create an alert or show a pop-up notification whenever you click on the custom button. This response must be configured while writing the custom function using the deluge script editor. If any open URL tasks are configured in the custom function, the last opened URL task will be opened as per user's configuration( either in a new tab, a new window, or a pop-up window). By default, an empty string will be returned for every custom function that you associate with your custom button. 

Custom Functions Limits:

The overall custom functions usage limits are shown below. This limit is applicable to the custom functions used for workflow automation, custom buttons, and custom related lists.

Integration Tasks - 25000 Zoho API calls/day using deluge.
Get Data - 25000 calls/day
Post Data - 25000 calls/day
Send Email - 1000 emails/day

Workflow rules can also be triggered through the custom function executed from a custom button by using the Recruit API integration tasks inside Deluge Scripting.

Invoke a URL

Using Invoke a URL, you can open a URL with a button. This will open the desired action either in a new window, in the existing window, or in a new tab.

The following is an example that shows how you can invoke a URL using a custom button.

All the contacts in your account can have a field where you specify the company name. By creating a URL that is associated with a particular company, you can directly go to the account's company profile by just clicking the custom button. This custom button can be placed while creating, cloning or viewing a record based on your requirements. For example, the link could be be: http://zylker.com/topic/company/$%7BCandidates.Company}

The content of the URL can be dynamic, and you can merge the URL with module fields. In List view, the merge fields should be comma separated.

To invoke a URL with a button:

Create a custom button and choose your button action as Invoke a URL from the dropdown list.

  1. Enter the value to construct the URL.

    The URL length should not exceed 3000 characters.
  2. Select the Fields from the dropdown list. This will insert the field variable as part of the URL.
  3. Choose where you want to show the content of the button action from the dropdown list.

    • Existing Tab
    • New Window
    • New Tab
  4. Select the profile that the custom button needs to be accessible to.
  5. Click Save.

Open a Web Tab

Choose Open a web tab as your button action to open a web tab in a new tab, along with the associated merge fields. You can either create a new web tab or choose from the list of web tabs that have been created already and associated it with your custom button.

To open a new web tab

  1. Create a custom button and choose your button action as Open a web tab from the dropdown list.
  2. You can either create a new web tab or choose one from the available list.
  3. Create a new web tab and associate it with your custom button.
  4. The web tab URL will be displayed. You can add merge fields as per your requirements. Click Save.
    The web tab, along with the associated merge fields, will be opened whenever you click the custom button.

Edit Custom Button

You can edit the existing custom buttons whenever required. Only the Administrator of the Zoho Recruit account can edit the custom buttons.

To edit a custom button

  1. Navigate to Settings > Setup Customization > Fields & Layouts Links & Buttons.
    Below the Links & Buttons tab, all the existing custom buttons will be listed.
  2. Choose the required button that you want to edit and click the Edit icon.
  3. In the Edit Your Button page, edit the button name, description, button placement, button action, URL to be invoked, and permission.. as per your requirements.

Delete Custom Button

Zoho Recruit Administrator can delete the custom button anytime.

To delete a custom button

  1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules > Module Name > Layout > Links and Buttons
    In the Links & Buttons page, all the existing custom buttons will be listed. 
  2. Choose the required button that you want to delete and click the Delete icon.

Custom Links

Links help you access third-party applications and URLs to acquire the information you need. This is an advanced feature that allows you to integrate content from other sites in addition into your Recruit account, with just a single click. Here are some examples of where custom links can be used in Zoho Recruit:

  • Accessing Twitter profiles of your contacts: All the contacts in your account can have a field where you specify their Twitter ID. By creating a link for Twitter, you can go directly to the contact's Twitter profile with a single click. Example: The link is: https://twitter.com/#!/$ {Contacts.Twitter ID}
  • View maps: Zoho Recruit provides the Locate Map option to view the addresses of your contacts in Google Maps. If you want to view the address location using a different application, you can define a link.

The administrators and users with the Customize Zoho Recruit permissions in their profile can define links and set access permissions for them. 

Users will only be able to access the links in their account if they have the permissions to do so. These permissions can be defined in the Set Permissions section by users who have the Customize Zoho Recruit permissions in their profile when they create the links.


Profile Permission Required: Users with the Customize Zoho Recruit permission can access this feature.

To add links:

  • Navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules.
  • Select the required module from the list of modules.
  • In the Links and Buttons tab, click Create New Link.
  • In the Create New Link page:
  • Enter a name for the link in the Label text box.
    The label cannot exceed 50 characters.
  • Enter a Description for the link.
    The description cannot exceed 250 characters.
  • Enter the value to construct the URL.
    The URL length cannot exceed 3000 characters.
  • Select the Field from the dropdown list.
    The field variable will be inserted as part of the URL.
  • In the Set Permissions section, choose the user profiles that are allowed to access the links. Users who have the Customize Zoho Recruit permission in their profile can set access permissions for the links when they create them. Other users can use the links depending on these permissions.
  • Click Save.
    The link will be available on the Record Details page.

You can create a maximum of 10 links per module. The links can be deleted at any time. Only users with the Customize Zoho Recruit profile permission can delete links.

To delete links:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules.
    Select the required module from the list.
  2. The links for the selected module will be listed in the Links and Buttons tab.
  3. Click  (the Delete icon) for the link.

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