Zoho Recruit | Adding Tags in Zoho Recruit

Adding Tags in Zoho Recruit

Tags are important in recruitment because they help to categorize and organize job postings, resumes, and other relevant information. This can make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to find and review relevant candidates and job openings.
For example, if a company is looking to fill a position for a software engineer, they might use tags such as "software engineer," "Java," "Python," or "computer science" to help identify candidates with relevant skills and experience. Similarly, job seekers can use tags to highlight their relevant skills and experience, making it easier for recruiters to find their resumes and consider them for job openings.
Zoho Recruit's colored Tags let you to categorize records for easy access and viewing. Tags specific to a module can be viewed contextually, so only candidate tags are displayed in the Candidate module Filters. Furthermore, you can add a color to each tag and identify them in a snap.

Adding tags to your records in Zoho Recruit can make hiring easier in a number of ways:
  1. Improved organization: By categorizing and tagging your candidates, jobs, and clients, you can create a more organized and structured system for storing and accessing your data. This can make it easier to find specific records and filter your lists to show only relevant results.
  2. Enhanced searching: With tags, you can search for specific candidates, jobs, or clients by tag name, making it easier to find the records you need. For example, if you tag all of your candidates with the job title they are applying for, you can easily search for all candidates who have applied for a specific job by searching for the corresponding tag.
  3. Simplified filtering: In addition to searching by tag name, you can also filter your lists of candidates, jobs, and clients by tag. This allows you to quickly and easily narrow down your results to show only records with specific tags.
Overall, adding tags to your records in Zoho Recruit can help you save time and effort by making it easier to find and access the data you need, whether you are searching, filtering, or simply browsing through your lists.
Let's say you shortlisted 20 candidates from a campus drive at ABC University. Simply add a tag named ABC to all 20 records in bulk. Similarly, you can also use the Posting Title, Department, or even Work Type as a tag. Basically, anything that helps you identify said records from a list of candidates will work! 

This will help you access all 20 records in a matter of seconds instead of spending time doing a manual search.


Supported Modules

Supported Modules
Unsupported Modules
Job Opening
Custom Modules
Zoho Marketplace


Subscription Plan
No. of Tags per record
No. of tags per module
Enterprise/PeoplePlus/Zoho One

Color-Coding of Tags

In Zoho Recruit, color-coded tags are a useful tool for organizing and categorizing candidates, jobs, and other records within the system. These tags can be customized to fit the specific needs of your organization and can be used to highlight important information, track progress, and make it easier to search for and filter records.

For example, you might use different colors to indicate the stage of the hiring process for a particular candidate or to show the priority level of a job posting. Color-coded tags can be added and edited from the detail view of a record, and can also be applied in bulk using the mass update feature.

Overall, color-coded tags are a helpful way to streamline your hiring and make it easier to manage your recruitment efforts in Zoho Recruit.

Create new tags

To create tags;
  1. Click Setup > Customization > Modules > [Module] > Tags.
    [Module] - Candidates, Job Openings, etc.
  2. Click New Tag. The Add Tags window will be displayed.
  3. Enter the Tag name in the text box, pick a color and click Save.
  4. Your tag will then be created. Hover over the Tag to edit the tag label/color or remove it. Additionally, you can click ### beside the tag to see the number of records it is added to.

Adding multiple tags to a record

Zoho Recruit allows you to add tags in bulk to records.

To add multiple tags to a record:
  1. Navigate to the Details Page of the record you wish to tag.
  2. In the Quick Access Panel, click the + icon under Tags.
  3. Add tags pop-up window is displayed with the existing tags. Select the tags to that you wish to add.
  4. If you want to add a new tag, enter the new tag name in the text box, select a color and click Save.

Filter Tags

Zoho Recruit allows you to filter records using tags added to them. When you select a tag from the filter, only records with that tag will be listed. From the above example, if you want to filter candidate records as per the tag name: Marketing, follow the steps given below:
  1. Navigate to Candidates Module.
  2. Go to the Filter Candidates section on the left side.
  3. Search for Associated Tags and enter tags to look for candidate records tagged for Marketing.
  4. To narrow down the list with records that match multiple tags, select tags in the left sidebar and then click Apply Filter.

Remove Tags

You can remove a tag from a record any time. From the above example, to remove Marketing tag from the candidate record follow the steps: 
  1. Navigate to the Candidates module.
  2. In the Candidates module List View page, select the record.
  3. In the Record Details page, on the left panel, below the Associated Tags section, you can view all tags added to the record.
  4. Click on the tag's name to remove it.
Tags in Zoho Recruit are easy to create. Tags are not just a simple category, they can be more powerful, since you can add multiple tags to a single record. You can also create tags in multiple locations in your Recruit account, if required.
You can add tags in the following places:
  1. From a record's Details page
  2. From a module's List View page
  3. While importing records
  4. When records are added via Webform
  5. As instant action in a Workflow Rule
  6. As a Blueprint action

Tag a single record

Once a record is created in your Recruit, you will be able to add new tags to them. 

To add tags in record details page,
  1. Log in to your Zoho Recruit account and go to any module (such as Candidates or Job Openings).
  2. Select a record from the list view where you want to add Tags.
  3. Under Quick Access Panel > Tags, click the + icon.
  4. Add relevant tags, select color and click Save.
  5. You can also click on any tag to view the records associated to that particular tag.

Tag records in bulk

You can add multiple tags to multiple records as a single action in your Zoho Recruit account.

To add Tags to multiple records:
  1. Choose the module (such as Candidates, or Job Openings), where you want to add tags.
  2. Select all or multiple records based on your requirements and click More Actions () > Add Tags.
  3. Select which tags you wish to add to the record(s) and click Save.
  4. You can create new tags or select one from the tag suggestions (a list of existing tags will be shown) whenever you add tags in your Recruit account.
  5. Once saved, the tags will be added to all the records that are selected in the List View page.

Tag imported records

Add tags while you import records into your Recruit account.For example, if you have a CSV file with a few Candidates data containing a tag Event Candidates, then you can map the tags directly while importing. In other cases, where the Candidates data have different tags and you can add a default tag Event Candidates to them.
To add tags while importing records, do the following:
  1. Choose the module where you want to import records.
  2. In the Import [Module] data page choose the required options and click Next.
  3. Under Advanced Options, click the Tags field.
  4. Select the tags you wish to add and click Import.

Tag records added via a webform

Webforms is where you capture data about your website visitors and sync those data in your Recruit account. You might have webforms created in your account, such as a Contact Us form used in one of your landing pages. Adding tags to records added through webforms will help you filter them with just a few clicks. You can also perform a global search or use advanced filters to list records that have a particular tag associated with them.
  1. To add tags while creating a webform,
  2. Go to Setup > Career Website > Webforms.
  3. You will have an option to Add Tags, while creating or editing a webform.

  4. Go to settings and add Tags based on your requirements and click Save.
  5. The relevant tags will be added and associated to the records created via the related webforms.

Automate tagging records (using workflows)

In Zoho Recruit, Workflow Rules are a set of actions such as alerts, tasks and field updates, which will be executed when certain specific conditions are met.
Automation workflows can be used to automatically apply tags to job openings based on triggers and conditions customers define, saving you time in characterizing job openings as they enter and move through your pipeline.
Please note that, the tags will be added only till the maximum limit allowed and if there are existing tags, new tags can be added only till the specified limit.
  1. To set a tag as an instant action, do the following:
  2. Go to Setup > Automation > Workflow Rules.
  3. In the Workflow Rules page, click on the rule for which you want to create an instant action.
  4. Click Edit to modify the rule settings.
  5. Under Instant Actions, choose Tags and add the required tags to be associated with the workflow rule.

  6. Whenever the rule criteria is met, the relevant tags will be associated to the records automatically.

Automate tagging in a process (using blueprint)

Blueprint in Zoho Recruit is an online replica of your offline recruitment process. It helps you to automate routine actions and guide your team members through the entire execution of your recruitment process.
Note: You can add a maximum 10 tags at once upon executing a blueprint transition.
While designing your blueprint, you can define actions to be automated at the completion of a transition. These actions will be automatically executed when the specified criteria are met.

You can add tags as one of the actions to be automated in your recruitment process.

For example, a "qualified" tag can be defined in the transition for a deal in qualification stage. Whenever a candidate is in the qualification stage, the relevant tags will be associated to the candidate record automatically.

Please note that, you can add tags will be added only till the maximum limit allowed and if there are existing tags, new tags can be added only till the specified limit.
Important Note

While adding tags to your records in Recruit, you can choose to overwrite the existing tags with new tags. For example, you may require to add a set of relevant tags for particular actions through workflows.

If there are few existing tags and are not relevant to that particular action, you can overwrite them with new tags, if necessary. Overwriting tags will replace all the existing tags with the newly updated tags. Also, you can overwrite tags only while adding them via blueprint, workflows and to multiple records.

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