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Module Customization

Modules in Zoho Recruit

Modules in Zoho Recruit let you categorize and track various aspects of your recruitment process. Modules in Zoho Recruit are represented as tabs in the app, such as Job Openings, Contacts, Clients. There are two kinds of modules:

  • Standard Modules
  • Custom or User-Generated Modules

Standard Modules

Zoho Recruit offers more than ten standard modules. These predefined modules come with a set of default fields and layouts. You can edit most aspects of a standard module as per your requirements. For example, if there is a field called Twitter in the Candidates module, and none of your clients use Twitter, you can remove this field from the Candidates layout. The customization options and their exceptions can vary between modules.

The standard, predefined modules are available to all Zoho Recruit users, regardless of the Edition, they have subscribed to.

Custom or User-Generated Modules

Sometimes, the standard, predefined modules in Zoho Recruit may not completely meet your requirements. In these cases, Zoho Recruit lets you create a new module. 

With the custom modules functionality in Zoho Recruit, you can develop new modules using built-in tools with no programming skills required. These custom modules can integrate seamlessly with the core Recruit modules and do not need to be standalone modules. You can use custom modules to:

  • Add fields and modify page layouts
  • Use roles and profiles to define access controls for the custom module and its fields
  • Import data to custom modules
  • Back up your data at any time
  • Send mass emails to records in the custom module
  • Create mass email schedulers
  • Use macros to execute a sequence of actions
  • Create workflow rules to automate your business processes
  • Build module relationships by linking custom module records to standard module records
  • Use autoresponders to send automated replies and follow-up emails

Permission Required
: Users with the Customize Zoho Recruit permission can create and customize modules. Users with the Administrator profile will have this permission by default.

The Difference Between Custom Modules and Custom Apps Features

Custom modules and custom apps are two different functions in Zoho Recruit that both help you extend your ATS to suit your requirements.

  • Custom Modules - Create custom tabs, just like other standard modules, and build a module relationship by linking custom module records with standard module records. Like other standard modules, you can customize, import and export data, configure workflow rules and generate reports for the custom module.
  • Custom Apps - Create custom applications, forms, and views (powered by Zoho Creator) and use them to build custom tabs inside Zoho Recruit.

Module Customization in a Nutshell

Take a quick look at how to use this editor to customize your module.

  1. Name or Rename the module.
  2. Drag and drop one or more fields to the layout from the New Fields tray and click Save Layout.
  3. Edit the Field Properties and Set Permissions for the fields using the Settings icon. Remove fields from the Layout using the Trash icon.
  4. Drag and drop new sections to the layout from the New Fields tray.
  5. Switch between single-column layout and two-column layout for a section. Move the sections around to rearrange them. Use the Delete icon to delete a section.
  6. View the removed fields in the Unused Fields section.
  7. Set module permission for different user profiles.
  8. Save the layout once you are satisfied with it.

As you add new fields and remove existing fields, Custom Fields Left automatically tells you how many more fields you can create based on the field limits for your Edition.

Module customization allows you to create fields, edit layouts, set permissions, and preview your module, all from the same place. Detailed instructions on customizing your module are given below.

Create a Custom Module

Log in to Zoho Recruit with Administrator privileges.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules.
  2. Click Create New Module in the Modules tab.

  3. Click the Edit icon in the module's name header and enter a new name for the module.

  4. Enter the singular and plural forms for the module name.

  5. Click Save.

Add New Fields

Drag and drop the fields you require from the New Fields tray to the section. 

Publish field to Career Site

To add additional fields to your job listing, follow the below steps,
  1. Navigate to Setup -> Under Customisation, select Modules -> choose Job Openings -> Go to the Fields tab.
  2. Locate the field label that you want to include. For that field label, ensure that the Publish in Career Site option is checked or enabled. Only those fields can be added as extra_fields.


  • There is a limit to the total number of fields that you can create in your account and a limit to the types of fields that you create. This varies based on your Zoho Recruit Edition.
  • Custom fields are not available in the Free edition of Zoho Recruit.
  • Lookup and Formula fields are not available in the Standard Edition of Zoho Recruit.

Add New Sections

To add a new section:

  1. Drag and drop +Add New Section from the Module Builder tray on the left to include more sections for the module.
  2. You can add and delete as many sections as you require.
    Click the Edit icon in the section header and edit the name of the section, if required.


  • The Field Settings menu for the Email field includes a Do not allow duplicates option. If you select this option, Zoho Recruit will not create records with the duplicate email address.
  • When you edit a value in a pick list field, the change will be reflected in the existing records as well.

Set Module Permissions

To set module-level permission for your module:

  1. Click the Module Settings icon and select Module Permission from the dropdown menu.

  2. In the Module Permissions [Module] pop-up, select the profiles to give access to the new module.

  3. Click Save.
    You can also edit the module permissions later.

The Module Permission and Set Permission options will not be available in a single-user account. They are only available for accounts with more than one user.

Design a Module Layout - Tabular

You can rearrange fields and sections by dragging and dropping them. You can also change the column-layout of sections.

Click the Section Settings icon and select Single Column or Double Column layout for the section as required.

To rearrange fields, click on a field and drag and drop it to the required place. To move a section, drag and drop the section to its new place.

Preview Module

A preview of the module is available to help you get a quick idea of what the module will look like to users with each profile. Select a user profile to check out the preview. Based on the preview, you can modify permissions and the layout, if required.

To preview a custom module:

  1. Click the Menu icon and select Preview.

  2. In the pop-up that appears, select the desired profile from the Preview Layout As dropdown.
    You will be able to look at what the module will look like for users with the profile that you have selected.


  • The availability of custom modules for a user depends on the Zoho Recruit Edition that the user is part of. 
  • The Field Properties for default fields in custom modules or standard modules cannot be edited. The Field Properties for custom fields you create from the New Fields tray can be edited.
  • The Default Field Name label for a custom module can be edited.

Customize the Events Module

The Events page layout is different from the other modules' page layouts, but you can still add or remove fields, rearrange the fields, and mark them as mandatory. The following three options allow you to edit the layout of the event details:

Add: Adding an event requires you to fill in a form. The form lists some fields that can be customized. You can change the order of the fields, remove fields that are not required, and also mark fields as mandatory.

Quick View: When viewing an event in your calendar, you can choose to look at only the most important information about the event. That can be defined here in the Quick View.

View: When viewing an event in the Activities tab, you can rearrange the fields and add new sections. You can also see which fields are used for the business card view.

Edit or Delete a Module

To edit a module (either a standard module or a user-generated module)

  1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules.
  2. Select a module from the list in the Modules tab.
    You will be taken to the Module Editor page, where you can edit the module elements including fields and sections, layout, and permissions.

Quick-Edit Options for Modules

Zoho Recruit lets you edit some parts of a module directly from the Modules list view. You do not have to go to the Module Editor to edit these items. Follow the instructions below to access these quick-edit options:

  1. Navigate to (the Settings icon) > Setup > Customization > Modules.
  2. Mouse over the required module in the Modules tab.
  3. Click the More icon and select an option from the dropdown list.
  4. Execute the required action and save the action

To delete a module:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules.
  2. Mouse over the required module in the Modules tab.
  3. Click the More icon and select Delete from the dropdown list.

  4. Read the warning message on the pop-up. If you wish to go ahead, click Yes, Delete Now to confirm the action.


If you need to delete custom modules (predefined modules cannot be deleted), make sure that the module you are deleting is not linked to another module. Once you delete the custom module, you can't restore data from it. Before deleting, make sure you have checked the following:

  • You have backed up of your data using the Export feature.
  • The module is not linked with any other custom or standard modules.
  • Workflow rules that are configured for the custom module are deleted.

Alternatively, you can hide the custom module for all users in the organization's Recruit account or for specific profiles only.

Creating a Tabular View 

You can create a Tabular view in Zoho Recruit with the default layout editor we provide you with. Say you wish to add a candidate's Education, Experience, or Passport details, Tabular view will come in handy. You can include these in the Candidate Application Form, Webforms or in Candidate Portals. 

To create a Tabular view

  1. Go to Setup > Customization > Modules 

  2. From the list of modules, click the required module and choose Layout. 

  3. In the layout editor drag and drop the Tabular view block from the New Fields section on the left. 

  4. Enter the data you'd require and choose a field type accordingly. For example, if you wish to collect Passport details from candidates during a job application, do as shown below. 

Supported Field Types 

Following are the field types supported in a Tabular View:

Single Line
Multi Line
Date Range
Month Range
Multi Select
Date Time
Long Integer URL 

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