Zoho Recruit | Personal Settings

Personal Settings

Once you sign up for Zoho Recruit and have your own account, you can personalize your Recruit account. By default, the mandatory information provided by you at the time of sign up, is automatically updated. After logging in, you can change these details according to your preferences.

The following table gives the list of functions that are specific to the Administrator and Standard Users:

Change Name
Administrator and Standard User
Change Address Information
Administrator and Standard User
Change Language
Administrator and Standard User
Change Date Format
Administrator and Standard User
Change Time Zone
Administrator and Standard User
Change Signature
Administrator and Standard User
Change Name Format
Administrator and Standard User
Change Email ID*
Standard User
Change Password*
Standard User
Change Security Question*
Standard User
Change Answer*
Standard User
Change Profile
Change Role
Change Currency
Add User
Activate/ Deactivate User
Re-Invite User

Change Personal Information

You can change your personal details such as name, phone number, website, date of birth, address, language, time format, time zone, etc.

To change personal details

  1. Go to Setup > General Personal Settings.
  2. In the Personal Settings page, click the Edit icon for the corresponding section.
  3. Modify the personal details in the Account Information pop-up as required. (Refer to the table below)
  4. Click Save.

List of Standard Fields

Field Name
Data Type
First Name
Specify the first name of the user.
Text box
Last Name*
Specify the last name of the user. This field is a mandatory field.
Text box
Specify the other name of the user.
Text box
Select the role (for example, Administrator, Standard User, and others). This is a mandatory field. Only if you have the Administrator profile, you can change this value.
Display the primary E-mail ID of the user. This field can be updated in Zoho Accounts.
Specify the website URL of the user.
Specify the official phone number of the user.
Specify the mobile phone number of the user.
Text box, an integer value
Specify the FAX number of the user.
Text box
Date of Birth
Select the date of birth of the user from the mm/dd/yyyy drop-down list
Date box
Specify the primary address of the Zoho Recruit user.
Text box
Specify the name of the city where the user lives.
Text box
Specify the name of the state where the user lives.
Text box
Specify the postal code of the user's address.
Text box, an integer value
Specify the name of the user's country.
Text box
Select the language. This field is a mandatory field.
Country Locale*
Select the country locale to specify your date format. This field is a mandatory field.
Time Zone*
Select the time zone in which you are working. This field is a mandatory field.

Change Locale Information

Based on the country locale, you can mention the language for your account. Also, choose between 12 hr time format and 24 hr time format in the Recruit account. The date format is automatically updated with the country locale that you select. The following international date formats are supported:

  • dd-mm-yyyy
  • mm-dd-yyyy
  • yyyy-mm-dd

To change the language, country locale, time format, and time zone.

  1. Go to Setup > General Personal Settings.
  2. In the Personal Settings page, click Edit icon for the Locale Information section.
  3. Choose the value from the corresponding drop-down lists.
  4. Click Save.

Change Name Format

By default, the name format is set as <Salutation> <First Name> <Last Name>. However, you can change the name format as per naming conventions used in your country.

Example: In the USA the name format is generally <Salutation> <First Name> <Last Name> whereas in Japan the format is <Last Name> <First Name> <Salutation>

To change name format

  1. Go to Setup > General Personal Settings.
  2. Under Name Format section, drag and drop the SalutationFirst Name, and Last Name to change the order.
  3. Click Save.

Change Password

Zoho provides Single Sign-on service, and so if you change password for Zoho Recruit, it will be changed for all Zoho Services. You can change password from Zoho Accounts. Please note that you cannot change password for other users.

To change password

  1. Click Settings icon and then click My Account.

  2. In the Zoho Accounts page, click Security.
  3. In the Password page, enter your Current Password and New Password in the corresponding fields.
  4. Click Save.
    The New Password gets updated and should be used to sign in to all Zoho Services.

Reset Password

Users with any role can reset their password individually by clicking on the Forgot Password link in the Zoho Recruit log in page.

To reset password:
  1. Navigate to the Login page and click Forgot Password.
    The system redirects you to the Zoho Accounts page.
  2. In the Zoho Accounts page:
  • Email ID: Specify the registered Email ID as mentioned in Account information.
  • Image Text: Enter the captcha code as seen in the displayed picture.
  • Click Request.
    The system sends an automated e-mail to your Email ID.
  • Click the link "here" in the email.
    You will be redirected to the Zoho Accounts Password Reset page.
  • In the Password Reset page, enter your New Password.
  • Click Change.
    The New password gets updated and should be used to sign in to all Zoho Services.

Change Security Question

Zoho Accounts allows you to create your own security question according to your preference after logging in for the first time. The security question can be modified whenever required and it can be used to retrieve the password.

To create secret question

  1. Click on your login name and then click My Zoho Account.
  2. In the Zoho Accounts page, under Home tab, click the Security Question link.
  3. In the Security question page, specify the Current PasswordSecurity Question and the corresponding Answer.
  4. Click Save.
    The security question gets updated and applicable for all Zoho Services.

Change Preferences

You can specify the Date format, Newsletter subscriptions and Browser connection according to your preference in Zoho Account Preferences page.

To change preferences:
  1. Click on your login name and then click My Zoho Account.
  2. In the Zoho Accounts page, under Home tab, click the Preferences link.
  3. In the  Preferences page, do the following:
    • Date Format: Specify the Date format such as dd /mm/yy and MM/dd /yy from the drop-down box, or you can customize a new date format by selecting Custom from the list.
    • Newsletter Subscription: Select the type of newsletter subscription such as General Announcements, Product Announcements or Updates to Product by clicking on the check box.
    • Browser Connection: Select secure browser access by clicking on the check-box.
  4. Click Save.
    The preferences will be saved in Zoho Accounts.
NoteChanging Date Format, or any fields under Zoho Accounts Preferences will not make any changes in Zoho Recruit.

Authorized Websites

You can grant access to all Zoho services (including Zoho Recruit) from trusted third party websites. For example, there may be a case of Zoho resellers & partners requesting for embedding a Zoho account "Sign Up" page in their website. If you grant the request, the third-party site becomes an 'authorized website' and users can access their Zoho account from within reseller's website. The granted Websites will be displayed in the Authorized Website section in Zoho Accounts and from where you can view, or delete the authorized Websites.

To manage authorized websites:
  1. Click on your login name and then click My Zoho Account.

  2. In the Zoho Accounts page, under Home tab, click the Authorized Websites link.
  3. In the Authorized websites page, you can view the websites that have been authorized.

User Sessions

This feature keeps track of all the user sessions for a particular Zoho account. Active sessions for the past 7 days are listed in the sessions screen (including the current session) with additional information like Start Time, IP Address, etc. Users have the option to end individual sessions or end all sessions (excluding the current one).

For example, you have logged in to a Zoho service from your home and for some reason have forgotten to sign out. Your session remains active and when you reach office, you realized that the previous session was not closed. In such instances, Zoho Accounts User sessions helps you to check all active sessions and close the sessions. It also helps you to identify any unauthorized access to your accounts by checking session details such as Started time, Connected From IP Address and Action.

To view user sessions:
  1. Click on your login name and then click My Zoho Account.
  2. In the User Sessions page, you can view the list of sessions and its details.
  3. In the Authorized websites page, you can view the websites that have been authorized.
  4. Click Close to close the specific session, or Close All Other Sessions to close all sessions (other than Current Session).

Use Signature

While sending emails to your customers, you can embed a signature automatically in the body of the message. Signatures can be customized as per your requirements.

To use the signature feature
  1. Go to Setup > General > Personal Settings.
  2. In the Personal Settings page, click Edit icon for the Signature section
  3. Specify the signature in the HTML editor.
    To use the signature in emails, you need to enable the Add User Signature checkbox in the email template.
  4. Click Save.

Add Logo in your Signature

You can also add a logo in your signature by providing the image source in the HTML code.

To add a logo to your email signature:
  1. Go to Setup > General > Personal Settings.
  2. In the Personal Settings page, click Edit icon for the Signature section
  3. In the editor pop-up box, click  to select an image and insert.
  4. Click Save.

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