Zoho Recruit | Office 365

Zoho Recruit for Office 365

Install the Zoho Recruit app for Microsoft Office 365 to synchronize data between the two applications seamlessly. Currently, this integration allows you to Signle Sign On (SSO) and user import from Office 365.

Install Zoho Recruit app for Office 365


Permission Required: Office 365 Admin

  • Log in to your Office 365 account.
  • From the Apps section, browse for Zoho Recruit.

  • On clicking the Zoho Recruit app, you will be taken to an intermediate Zoho Recruit accounts page.
  • A new account in the same email address as that of your Office 365 account will be created for you.
    If you already have a Zoho Recruit account in the same email address you use for Office 365, you will directly be taken to your Zoho Recruit account on clicking the app.
  • You can now begin to use the Zoho Recruit account.


  • While only an Administrator in Office 365 can enable the Office 365 integration, it can be used by all the users of the organization that the Administrator has approved.
  • The Administrator who installs the Zoho Recruit app for Office 365 becomes the Super Admin in Zoho Recruit by default.
  • If you wish to associate an existing Zoho Recruit account, which has been created with an email address different from the one used for Office 365, click Associate My Account in the Zoho Recruit accounts page.

 Invite users from Office 365


Permission Required: Manage Users.
Available in: Zoho Recruit paid editions

Once you have enabled Zoho Recruit for Office 365, you can invite users from your Office 365 account as users in Zoho Recruit. Inviting users consists of the following cases.

  • Case #1 - Administrator sending a user invitation to a fellow Office 365 user.
  • Case #2 - An Office 365 user requesting to join Zoho Recruit.

Case #1

In this case, an administrator sends an invitation to an Office 365 user and the user in turn accepts the invitation.

To invite users from your Office 365 account

  • In your Zoho Recruit account, click Setup > Users & Control > Users.
  • In the Users page, click Office 365 user.

  • The New User option is used to add a new user, who does not necessarily use Office 365, to your Zoho Recruit account.
  • In the Add User popup, select the required user from the list and click Save

  • The selected user will be directly added to your organization.

Case #2

In this case, an Office 365 user requests the administrator to add him/her to the Recruit account and the administrator approves the request.

To request to join your Zoho Recruit organization account

If you have not been invited to join your organization's Recruit account, but wish to join it, you can send a request to join the account.

  • In your Office 365 account, click the Apps icon.
  • Browse for and click the Zoho Recruit app.
    In the Zoho Recruit page, you will be informed that your organization already has a Zoho Recruit account.
  • Click Request to Join.
  • An email request will be sent to all users who have the Manage Users permission enabled in their Zoho Recruit user profile.

To approve an Office 365 user's request to join your Zoho Recruit account

  • Click on the approval link provided in the request email you have received from the Office 365 user.
    You will directly be taken to the Users section in Zoho Recruit.
    Note that you will be able to add a user only if you have the Manage Users permission enabled in your Zoho Recruit user profile.
  • In the Add New User popup, click Approve & Add. 
    The Office 365 user will now added as a Zoho Recruit user.

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