Zoho Recruit | Customizing the Home Tab

Customizing the Home Tab

Dashboards are the best way to make sense of the recruitment data your company generates and turn it into actionable intelligence. Seeing streams of information you thought to be discrete interact and influence each other will help you visualize the bigger picture. A well made dashboard will help you start your day methodically as you'll be able to systematically track and manage your day-to-day tasks. 

The Home tab of Zoho Recruit is a quick indicator of the progress of all your hiring activities. It contains components from different modules, such as Candidates, Job Openings, Interviews, and more. One quick glance at the components of the Home tab will tell you how your hiring activities are faring.

In addition to indicating the progress of your hiring activities, the Home tab also serves as a great place to organize your day's work, as well as your teams'. This is possible by means of the three types of views in the Home tab of Zoho Recruit.

Classic View

The Classic View lists two standard components: Tasks List and Today's Events. With the critical components organized by default, this view helps you plan your day better. The Classic View is unique to every user, and shows the respective user's tasks and events. This view cannot be customized.

User's View

Individual users can customize the Home tab for their own account in User's View. You can add components that you wish to track from your Home Tab. These components can be resized and moved around to better fit your needs.

Master View

You can also create and share a common view across roles based on what you want them to see. Using the Master View, you can add components you wish them to look at when they log into Zoho Recruit. Once the Master View is created for a particular role, the users associated with that role will have it as their default Home Tab View each time they log in to Zoho Recruit.

  1. In the Classic View, you cannot customize the components. The number of records per page can be selected by the user.
  2. You can associate multiple roles with a single Master View, but you cannot share multiple Master Views to a single role.
  3. Each role can have only one Master View. While selecting roles to be associated, if you do not find a role, then that role might already have an active or inactive Home page.

Building a role based Home tab 

Using Zoho Recruit's highly customizable Home tab, you can build role based dashboards for your users and provide full visibility into the essential areas of your hiring process. Each role has varying access to your company's hiring information and enables users to stay focused on their part of the hiring process. This coupled with a customizable dashboard lets you lay out data visually and provide your users with actionable insights.

Switch between Home Tab Views 

By default, the Master View is displayed for all users based on their roles. If the Master View is not created or activated for a role, the Classic view or the Customized View is displayed based on the user's prior selection. Under the Home tab, you can switch to different views from the dropdown list in the top-right corner.

To switch to other views
  1. In the Home tab, click the drop-down in the top-right corner.
  2. Select the desired view from the list that you want to switch to.

Creating the Master View

You can customize the Home page for users based on what you want them to look at when they log into Zoho Recruit. You can share this Home page with multiple roles. This will become their default home page each time they log in to Zoho Recruit. They can switch to other views when required.


Permission Required: Users with Customize Zoho Recruit permission can customize the Home page.
Edition Required: Available for all editions of Zoho Recruit.
To create a Master View
  1. Go to Setup > Customization > Customize Home Page.
    Alternatively, you can also go to the Home tab, click the dropdown in the top-right corner, and select Customize Home Page.
  2. Click New Home Page.

Adding Dashboards

  1. Click the Dashboard section.
  2. Select components that you want to add to your Home tab from the dropdown list.

Adding Custom Views

  1. Click the Custom View section.
  2. Choose a module and select the custom views you wish to add to your Home tab from the dropdown list.

Adding Special Components (Others)

  1. You can also add components, such as Hiring PipelineRecruiter Metrics, or My Actions
  2. Click the Others section.
  3. Select the components you wish to add to your Home tab from the dropdown list.