Zoho Recruit | Overview Dashboard

Overview Dashboard

In today's world, your recruitment process is defined by who you hire and how you're trying to hire them. This leads to organizations developing unique recruitment methods, which are often multi-layered as responsibilities are divided among various teams.

Take Zylker for example, a company where the leadership team decides the overall business strategy, including their roadmap for hiring. The recruiting team then operates with their allocated recruitment budget to manage their sub-teams, like the background screening team & interview team.

This model is used in most companies as their expenditure is centralized. However, this removes control from the hiring manager as they can no longer see the hiring process unfold in front of them.

To solve this conundrum, we at Zoho Recruit have come up with a dashboard that will help not only hiring managers and admins, but recruiters too!

Zoho Recruit's Overview Dashboard is a visual collection of data-driven metrics designed to tell you how your recruitment funnel is performing. This includes data on applicants, hires, interviews and job openings.

This dashboard varies with what profile you have in the organization. Recruiters will see a breakdown of metrics that tell them how their work is progressing, whereas hiring managers and admins can view the overall tally of the organization with added user-specific breakdowns.

You can also track the number of positions a user has filled for the active jobs they're associated with. Additionally, if you're using Zoho Recruit's HR Edition, you can view the breakdown based on your departments.

Dashboard Components

Listed below are the components that are part of Zoho Recruit's Overview Dashboard, including details on how we tally each value in the dashboard for both admins and non-admins.

Active Jobs 

In Zoho Recruit, job openings that still part of your hiring pipeline (jobs that have at least one open positions and aren't locked) are called active jobs.

  1. The job opening should not be deleted
  2. The job opening should not be locked
  3. The user should be the account manager for the job opening (For Non-Admin users)


Every time you associate a candidate with a job opening, an application is generated. This way, you can have multiple applications for a single candidate as their rating and value may vary with respect to the job they are being evaluated for.

  1. The associated job opening & candidate should not be deleted
  2. The associated job opening & candidate should not be locked
  3. The associated candidate should have been approved (For HR Edition users)
  4. The associated candidate should not be active in GDPR process
  5. The user must have associated the job opening with the candidate (For Non-Admin users)


You can track your Interviews (face to face and live/recorded video interviews) directly from your Home page. The sub-categories, ie, Completed, Cancelled and On-Hold, of your interviews are displayed beside their respective icons.

  1. The associated job opening & candidate should not be deleted
  2. The scheduled interview should not have been cancelled
  3. The user should have scheduled the interview (For Non-Admin users) 


Every candidate you submit to a client using the Submit to Client button counts as a submission. The three sub-categories, i.e, Accepted, Rejeted and On-Hold, of your submissions are displayed beside their respective icons.

  1. The candidate should have submitted using the Submit to client action
  2. The submitted candidate should not have been deleted
  3. The user should have submitted the candidate (For Non-Admin users)

Offers (HR Edition only) 

When a candidate is hired, recruiters can quickly send out an offer letter to the candidate to accept the job. You can track the offers you've made and how they're progressing directly from the Home tab.

  1. The offer should have been generated using the Generate Offer action
  2. The associated candidate should not have been deleted
  3. The user should have generated the offer (For Non-Admin users)


Each candidate record that has it's status changed to Hired is counted as a hire. This status can be manual, automated or even be done using APIs.

  1. The candidate's status should have been changed to Hired
  2. The candidate should be associated with a job opening
  3. The associated job opening & candidate should not be deleted
  4. The user should have updated the candidate's status to Hired (For Non-Admin users)

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