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Offers sub-module

HR professionals often grapple with the time-consuming and challenging task of creating tailored job offers that resonate with diverse candidates. One major pain point is the inconsistency in offer templates, leading to confusion and a lack of professionalism. Another issue is the manual effort required for paperwork, resulting in delays and potential errors in the offer process. Additionally, aligning offers with individual candidate needs can be complex, making it difficult to create compelling and personalized proposals.

Zoho Recruit's Offers sub-module tackles these pain points head-on. Listed below are solutions and examples of how they help combat the various pain points they face.

Pain point #1:  Inconsistent Offer Templates

HR professionals often struggle with maintaining consistency in offer templates, leading to confusion and unprofessionalism in the hiring process.

Solution:  Standardized Offer Templates

Standardized templates ensure a uniform and professional look for all offers, enhancing the company's image and brand consistency.

Example Scenario

Sarah, an HR manager, needs to send out offer letters for multiple positions in her company. Using Zoho Recruit, she accesses a variety of standardized templates specific to different roles. This ensures a consistent and professional presentation of offers, regardless of the position.

Pain point #2: Manual Paperwork

The manual effort involved in paperwork, such as generating offer letters and contracts, leads to delays and the possibility of errors.

Solution: Automated Offer Generation

Automation reduces the time spent on manual paperwork, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic aspects of recruitment. It also minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring accurate and compliant offer documentation.

Example Scenario

John, an HR coordinator, receives several candidates for a position. With Zoho Recruit, John can trigger the automatic generation of offer letters (via blueprint transitions) and send them out to candidates. This automation not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of manual errors, ensuring a smooth and error-free process.

Pain Point #3: Generic Offers

Tailoring offers to meet individual candidate needs and preferences can be complex and time-consuming, affecting the candidate experience.

Solution: Offer Letter Personalization

Personalized offers demonstrate the company's commitment to understanding and meeting individual candidate needs, fostering a positive candidate experience and increasing the chances of successful placements.

Example Scenario

Emma, a recruiter, needs to create an offer package for a candidate with specific preferences regarding work hours and benefits. Using Zoho Recruit, she customizes the offer generated from a template and adds relevant content to align with the candidate's needs. This personalized approach enhances the candidate experience, making them feel valued and increasing the likelihood of acceptance.


Edition Required

Available for all paid plans of Zoho Recruit's Corporate HR edition.

Permission Required

Profile Permission Name
Used To
Manage Offer Templates
Create, view, and edit offer letter templates
Mass Generate Offer Letter
Generate and send offer letters in bulk
Export Offers
Export records from the offers sub-module
Mass Transefer
Transfer ownership of offer records in bulk to a specific user
Mass Delete
Delete records in bulk from the offers sub-module

Offer Templates

In Zoho Recruit, you can create custom offer templates to make your job offers consistent and personalized. These templates offer a standardized format, ensuring uniformity in communication while saving time. Being customizable and user-friendly, they allow HRs to adapt content and branding elements according to specific needs, be it for employment offers, internships, or freelance opportunities.

By streamlining the offer creation process, Zoho Recruit's Offer Templates enhance the professionalism of your recruitment efforts, creating engaging experiences for both candidates and your organization.


Pricing Plan
Template Limit
50 templates/org
Enterprise, Zoho One, PeoplePlus
100 templates/org

Understanding the template builder

Powered by Zoho Writer, you can build custom offer templates with merge fields, watermarks, company branding, etc. This section will detail how you can leverage the functionalities of our template builder (Powered by Zoho Writer) and design attractive offer templates.

Merge Fields

In Zoho Recruit, merge fields are placeholders that automatically pull and display specific information from a candidate or client record in various documents, such as emails or templates. They streamline the process by dynamically filling in personalized details, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
For example:  Imagine you want to send personalized emails to job candidates using a template. Instead of typing their names and other details individually, you can use merge fields. If you have a merge field like {Candidate.Name} , when you send an email, Zoho Recruit will automatically replace it with the actual name of the candidate in each email, based on the candidate's record in the system. This automation helps you send customized messages without manual data entry for every recipient.
While creating an offer template, you can add merge fields to it under Automate > Manage Fields . You can choose to include fields from Zoho Recruit and add them to your template with a single click. Additionally, you can even create new merge fields using the Create Field button and map it with your Zoho Recruit database.

Headers and footers in offer letters are vital for maintaining a professional document format. With our template builder, you can add your company's logo, name, address, and contact information to the offer letter's header, establishing the document's official identity. Furthermore, additional details like page numbers, confidentiality disclaimers, or copyright information can be included to the footer section. These elements ensure consistency, enhance branding, and provide essential information, contributing to the professionalism and credibility of the offer letter.


Watermarks in offer letters serve as subtle, transparent background images or text overlaid on the document, adding a layer of security and professionalism. Watermarks are especially valuable for protecting sensitive information, discouraging unauthorized duplication, and reinforcing the confidentiality of the offer. They enhance the document's visual appeal while conveying essential messages, ensuring the integrity and security of the offer letter content. With our template builder, you can add a watermark to display phrases such as Confidential  or Draft  to indicate the document's status or importance.

Creating Offer Templates

To create an offer template;
  1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Templates > Offer Templates and click Create Offer Template .
  2. Enter a Name for your template and choose a Design . For our example here, we'll be using a Blank template.
  3. You will then be redirected to the template builder (Zoho Writer) in a new tab. Design your offer letter and add merge fields, headers/footers and watermarks if you require them.
  4. If any of the added merge fields have not been mapped with Zoho Recruit, you will see this alert under the Automate section. Click Map now.
  5. In the Map Fields to Data Source pop-up, click the + icon and select the field you wish to map it with. Click Done .
  6. When you're finished, click Done again to finalize your template.
  7. The template will then be saved and can be used to generate offer letters for candidates.

Generating Offer Letters

Zoho Recruit simplifies the offer generation process. Once you have the required template set up, you can generate offer letters directly from a candidate's record details page.

To generate an offer letter for a candidate;
  1. Navigate to the candidate you wish to generate an offer for and click More > Generate Offer Letter .
  2. In the Generate Offer Letter section, do the following;
    1. Select an offer template.
    2. Choose whether you wish to send the offer with or without e-sign and select an email template.
    3. Enter details relevant to the offer (compensation amount, allowance, expected date-of-joining, etc.).
  3. You can now preview the offer and proceed by clicking Generate Offer Letter .
  4. Once the offer is generated, it will be stored under the Offers sub-module as a record. The generated offer letter will be added as an attachment that you can view contextually.

Generating offer letters in bulk

In Zoho Recruit, you can generate offer letters for multiple candidates at once from three places, namely;

From the Candidates module

  1. Go to the Candidates module and filter candidates based on their associated job opening ( Filter Name: Associated Job Openings). 
  2. Select the candidates you wish to send an offer letter to and click the Generate Offer Letter icon.
  3. Fill-in details in the Generate Offer Letter section and click Save and Next .
  4. The offer generation process will begin and run in the background.
  5. You can track their status from the pop-up shown in the bottom right.

From the Job Openings module

  1. Go to the job opening and click Applicants from the Quick Access panel on the left.
  2. Select the candidates you wish to send offer to and click the Generate Offer Letter icon.
  3. Fill-in details in the Generate Offer Letter section and click Save and Next.
  4. The offer generation process will begin and run in the background.
  5. You can track their status from the pop-up shown in the bottom right.

From the Applications module

  1. Go to the Applications module filter records by their associated job opening.
  2. Choose the applications that you want to generate an offer for and click the Generate Offer Letter icon.
  3. Fill-in details in the Generate Offer Letter section and click Save and Next .
  4. The offer generation process will begin and run in the background.

  5. You can track their status from the pop-up shown in the bottom right.

Managing Offers

The Offers sub-module stores the offer letters generated from your Zoho Recruit account as records. To access this sub-module, hover your cursor over the Candidates module and click Offers.

From the List View page of the offers sub-module, you can create/manage custom views, perform bulk actions such as Add/Remove Tags, Change Owner, Mass Transfer/Delete and Filter offer records.

When you click an offer record, you can view it's Details Page. From here, you will be able to view the Offer Letter, Overview & Timeline.

Sending offer letters with e-sign

Send with Zoho Sign

  1. While generating the offer letter, under Choose how you would like to send the offer letter select with e-sign and choose Zoho Sign .
  2. Fill-in the required details and click Save and Next .
  3. In Zoho Sign, add recipients and enter a message if required.
  4. Click More Settings to set the time to complete, expiration date, and automatic reminders. Click Save.
  5. Fill in the fields on the Edit document details page. Click Continue .
  6. Add the necessary fields (e.g., Signature, Sign Date) to your offer letter.
  7. When you're done, click Send .

Send with DocuSign

  1. While generating the offer letter, under Choose how you would like to send the offer letter , select with e-sign and choose Zoho Sign  .
  2. Fill-in the required details and click Save and Next .
  3. In DocuSign, add recipients and enter a message if required.
  4. Click Edit next to Advanced Options to set automatic reminders and the expiration date. Click Save .
  5. Click Send Now to send the offer letter to the candidate without adding additional fields. Otherwise, click Next .
  6. Add the necessary fields (e.g., Signature, Sign Date) to your offer letter.
  7. Click Send.

Send with Adobe Sign

  1. While generating the offer letter, under Choose how you would like to send the offer letter , select with e-sign and choose Zoho Sign  .
  2. Enter the required details and click Save and Next .
  3. In Adobe Sign, add recipients, and fill-in Agreement Details . You can set a deadline for the offer under the Agreement Options section.
  4. When you're done, click Send for signature .

Offer Approvals

Zoho Recruit lets you configure approval processes for offers, enhancing organizational control. Upon generating an offer, if it meets the criteria requirement, the offer enters the approval process where designated approvers, such as hiring managers, can review and submit their decision. Designated approvers can provide feedback and choose to approve, delegate, or reject the offer. Once approved, you can send the offer to the candidate and doing so will automatically update the offer's status to Offer Made. This allows for seamless tracking within your team without disturbing any existing processes.

Offers can be approved from two places, namely, the Offers sub-module and from My Actions .

To approve from the Offers sub-module;
  1. Navigate to the Offers sub-module and select the offer you wish to approve.
  2. Review the offer details and click Submit Decision.

  3. In the Response to approval request pop-up, add your remarks and click Approve, Delegate, or Reject.
To approve from My Actions;
  1. Go to My Actions and choose the offer you want to approve.
    Alternatively, you can also add My Actions as a Home page component, providing quick access to Offer approvals.
  2. Review the offer details and click Submit Decision in the upper right corner.
  3. Approve, Delegate, or Reject the offer using their respective buttons. Add comments if necessary and confirm your choice.

Sending offer letters after approval

Once an offer receives the necessary approvals, the Send Offer button becomes active, allowing you to initiate the communication process effortlessly. This straightforward process ensures that the approved offer reaches the candidate promptly and accurately, marking a significant milestone in the hiring journey and reinforcing a positive candidate experience.

To send offer letters to candidates after approval;
  1. Navigate to the Offers module and select the particular offer record.
  2. Click Send Offer .
  3. Choose an email template and fill-in details in the Send Offer Letter pop-up.
    This will change based on the selected medium, i.e., if you choose to send it with e-sign, then you will need to send it via Zoho Sign, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, etc.
  4. Click Send .
  1. The offer letter is sent as a link in the email. Upon clicking the link, the offer letter can be viewed by the candidate, which can be accepted or rejected. When the candidate Accepts (or) Rejects an offer, they will have to provide a reason as a comment. This comment will be added as a note to the offer record.
  2. You can generate only 1 offer letter for candidates a permanent contract.
  3. You can generate multiple offers for candidates with a temporary contract.

Revise and Withdraw Offers

In Zoho Recruit, you have the flexibility to modify existing offers or withdraw them when necessary, streamlining the offer management process. You can easily revise offer letters by selecting a specific offer record and clicking the Revise Offer button, enabling you to make necessary adjustments and maintain accuracy. Similarly, the Withdraw Offer button lets you cancel offers swiftly, updating the offer status and ensuring transparency in the recruitment workflow.

To revise or withdraw an offer;
  1. Navigate to the Offers module and select the particular offer record.
  2. Click on Revise Offer located at the top right corner.
  3. Make the necessary changes in the Revise Offer screen and click Save and Next .
  4. Choose an email template and fill-in details in the Send Offer Letter pop-up.
  5. Click Send to send the offer to the candidate.
  6. Alternatively, you can click Withdraw Offer to cancel the offer.

Configuring workflows for offers

Zoho Recruit's Workflows feature allows you to automate actions within the Offers sub-module based on predefined criteria. Below are the steps to create a workflow for the Offers sub-module, along with the configurable options for triggering and scheduling actions.

To create a workflow for the Offers sub-module, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Automation > Workflow Rules and click Create Rule .

  2. In the Create New Rule pop-up:

    1. Select Offers from the Module drop-down.
    2. Enter a Rule Name and click Next .
Once you've specified the module and name for the workflow rule, configure the following sections;

WHEN the Workflow Should be Triggered

On a record action (or) On a Date / DateTime.

WHICH RECORDS the Workflow Should be Triggered For

All Records (or) Records Matching the Conditions (specify criteria and order them by importance with the Criteria Pattern).

What ACTIONS Must be Triggered

Instant Actions

Instant Actions enable immediate actions or follow-ups within the system when a record meets predefined conditions set in the workflow's WHEN & WHICH RECORDS sections.

Configurable instant actions include;
  1. Notifications: Send instant emails and messages on Slack & Zoho Cliq.
  2. Webhooks: Send instant updates and notifications to third-party apps based on changes in Zoho Recruit data.
  3. Custom Functions: Execute program scripts to add, update, and remove data from Zoho Recruit or third-party apps.
  4. Color-coded Tags: Categorize records using colored tags for easy access and viewing.

Scheduled Actions

Scheduled Actions allow automation of tasks and reminders at specific times and dates. Recruiters can ensure important activities are not overlooked or delayed.

Configurable scheduled actions include:
  1. Notifications: Schedule emails and messages and Slack & Zoho Cliq.
  2. Webhooks: Schedule updates and notifications to third-party apps based on changes in Zoho Recruit data.
  3. Custom Functions: Schedule the execution of program scripts to manage data in Zoho Recruit or third-party apps.

Customizing the Offer sub-module

Zoho Recruit’s Offers sub-module offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the module according to your unique requirements. Below, you will find detailed explanations of the different customization sections available under Setup > Customization > Modules > Offers .


In the Layouts section, you can enhance the functionality of your offer records. This includes adding new fields to offer records, reordering or removing existing sections, and modifying the sub-module's name and access permissions. Whether you need to capture specific data or adjust the interface to match your workflow, this section empowers you to design the layout tailored to your needs. See More

To add a new field to the Offers sub-module;
  1. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules > Offers > Layouts .
  2. Drag and drop the field type you wish to use. In this example, we will be using a Picklist type field to specify the Salary Slab of the offer.

  3. In the Field Properties pop-up, enter the Field Label and click Done .
    For the picklist field example, you would need to enter the picklist options, select a default value and add a tooltip if necessary.

  4. The field will then be added to the Offers sub-module layout.

  5. Click Save Layout to finalize your changes. The newly added field will now be available while generating offer letters.


Under the Fields section, you can view a comprehensive list of all fields within the offers sub-module. Each field’s data type is clearly outlined, and more importantly, you can configure access permissions for different user profiles. This customization level allows you to control who can read, write, or hide specific fields, ensuring data security and user-specific interactions within the module.

Layout Rules

The Layout Rules section provides advanced customization options by enabling you to set conditional layouts for offers. Based on the data entered into specific fields, you can dynamically control the visibility of certain fields or sections. This flexibility ensures that HRs only see relevant information, simplifying their workflow and enhancing their overall user experience. See More

Validation Rules

Validation Rules are essential for maintaining data accuracy and consistency. You can define rules governing the data entered into fields. These rules can be based on specific criteria or custom functions, ensuring that the information entered adheres to your organization’s standards and defined syntax. This helps prevent errors and maintains the integrity of your data. See More
The Links and Buttons section lets you can add custom links and buttons to the offers sub-module. These can be strategically placed for quick access to external URLs or to execute specific custom functions. This customization option enhances HR efficiency by providing shortcuts to essential resources or actions directly from the offers interface. See More


The Tags section allows you to create and manage colored tags specific to the Offers sub-module. Tags offer a simple yet effective way to categorize and organize your offers. By assigning relevant tags to offers, you can quickly identify and sort them based on different criteria, streamlining your workflow and improving overall organization. See More


The Summary section offers a comprehensive overview of all the configurations you have made within the Offers sub-module. It provides detailed statistics, including the number of fields, buttons, and links created. Additionally, you can track the total count of workflows, approval processes, and templates established. This gives you a bird's eye view of your customization efforts, ensuring you stay informed about the module's setup and functionality.

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