Zoho Recruit | Email Management

Email Management

As a recruiter, emails are essential for engaging with your candidates and contacts. Zoho Recruit helps you write more powerful and personalized emails and automate them according to your requirements.

Send and manage email communication with your Candidates, Contacts, Clients, and Vendors without switching to your email service. Maintain a record of all your conversations and access them without breaking a sweat whenever required.


Edition Required: Available for both the Staffing and Corporate HR editions of Zoho Recruit
Supported Modules:  Candidates, Vendors, Clients, Contacts, Applications and Custom Modules with Email field.

Sending Emails

Through the Candidates or Contacts Module

  1. Go to the module and select the record to whom you want to send an email.
  1. Click the Send Email icon.
    Alternatively, you can go to the Emails section under Related List and click the
    Send Email button.

  2. In the Send Email window, Click CC and BCC and specify the appropriate email address if required.
  3. Compose your email and click Send.

Through the Emails Tab

If you have configured your email services using the POP3 protocol, an Emails module will be added to your Zoho Recruit account. You can send emails to the records present in your account from here, which will be displayed under Related List > Emails of that particular record. The Emails module won't be available if you use the IMAP protocol. See Also IMAP for Zoho Recruit


To send emails from the emails module
  1. Go to the Emails tab and click New Mail.
  2. Enter the email address in the'To' text box.
  3. You can also type @ followed by the record name, to send an email to that record.
  4. Compose the email and click Send.
    The email will be displayed in the Emails section of the record's Related List.
Note:  The attachments added in the email should not exceed 10MB. See also Attachment Limits

 Scheduling Emails 

Sending and following up on emails is an important part of a recruiter's job, it comes down to your preference when you choose to do it. While some recruiters check and respond to emails as soon as they get to work, some keep it for after lunch or some do it even when they commute to work. If you are looking for a common time to get the best attention for all your emails, there's never one. And it is impossible to wait and send each email based on its best time when it would be noticed.

Timing your emails perfectly is as important as drafting its content. Emails are meant to be drafted at the senders' time of convenience and read at a time optimum for the recipient. This is why we let recruiters draft emails when they have the time and let them schedule it to be sent when it is appropriate to their recipients. Schedule your emails that are sent from Zoho Recruit by simply specifying when you want them to be sent and the system will take care of sending them at the right time.

To schedule an email;
  1. Select a record from any of the supported modules and click on the Send Email icon in the detail page.
  2. Once you've finished drafting your email, click Schedule.
  3. Choose how and when you want to schedule your email and click Schedule;
    1. Select how many hours you want to schedule your email after.
    2. Select when to schedule the email based on generic shift hours.
    3. Select if you want to schedule the email on a given date and time.
  4. Click Send Later.
  5. You can now view the scheduled email under Related Lists > Emails if you want to edit it before it is sent.

Preview Emails

Email previews let you review the contents of the email that you are about to send. The merge fields in the mail are replaced with the original values in the preview. This ensures error free mailing from Zoho Recruit.
  1. Merge fields that are marked in yellow do not contain any values. Meaning, the field in the record from which the values will be replaced in the merge fields is empty.
  2. Email previews are unavailable when sending mass emails.
Email preview when sending a mail

Email preview when submitting to client

Email preview during manual trigger

Email preview when sending a reply

Attach Documents

You can send email in two ways: form the Emails tab or directly from the record (in a module). While sending emails you can attach documents from your local drive, Zoho Docs and Google Docs.

To attach documents
  1. Click the [Module] tab and select a record.
    Module refers to the
    Candidates, Contacts, Vendors, etc.
  2. In the Emails section under Related List, click the Send Email button.
  3. In the Send Email window, select the option through which you want to upload an attachment.
  1. Attach form Zoho Docs is available only after you configure your Zoho Mail Add-on.
  2. In the Free plan, you can attach files up to 3MB.
  3. In the Professional and Enterprise plans, you can attach files up to 10MB.
  4. Zoho Mail Add-on users in any plan can attach files up to 10MB.
  5. You can attach a maximum of 5 attachments from the Zoho Docs in a single email.

Email Limits

In Zoho Recruit, you can either send bulk emails or individual emails. Following are the limits for sending emails based on your account's Edition. Please note that email limits will be set based on the organization's time zone.

Mass emails and emails sent from the organization email address (setup in Zoho Recruit) will be sent from Zoho's server.

Limits for Individual Emails

The email limit for the organization will be calculated based on the total number of confirmed and active users in the account.
  1. In the Free plan– 50 x total confirmed and active users emails/recipients per day for up to 3 users.
    For example, assume you have 2 active and confirmed users in your organization’s account. As the limit for each user is 50 emails/day, the total number of emails per day, per organization can be up to 100 (50 x 2) emails.
  2. In the Paid plans– 300 x total confirmed and active users emails/recipients per day.
    For example, assume you have 5 active and confirmed users in your organization’s account. As the limit for each user is 300 emails/day, the total number of emails per day, per organization can be up to 1500 (300 x 5) emails.

Limits for Mass Emails

  1. You can send mass emails based on your Zoho Recruit pricing plan.
    1. Standard – 250 per day/org
    2. Professional – 500 per day/org
    3. Enterprise – 750 per day/org
  2. 12 AM to 11.59 PM in your organization's time zone is considered as one day, to calculate the email count.
  3. The mass emails per day, per company includes Autoresponders, active email Schedulers, Macros and Mass Emails.
  4. You can also increase the mass email limit up to 2500 per day, per organization for an additional cost. Please write to us at support@zohorecruit.com to increase your mass email limit.

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