Zoho Recruit | Setting up Domain

Setting up your portal

Zoho Recruit gives an advantage of using your company’s brand to create portals for your clients and vendors. For example, if your company website is “www.zylker.com”, you can create a portal with URL “portal.zylker.com”. You can typically choose default domain option in case you do not have a website. Whereas, a Subdomain allows you to have a custom domain URL. 

Configure Portal Settings - One time set up

Follow the steps below to set up your Default Domain:

  1. Go to Setup > Portal Setup > Portal.

  2. Verify your company name, primary email, and website address. Based on your website address, Zoho Recruit will automatically populate a default portal URL.

  3. Your Default Domain URL is now created and ready to use.

  4. If you wish to have a custom URL, choose Subdomain and click Proceed to CNAME Verification. 

By default, you get up to 10 free portal licenses. Then, for additional portal licenses, it is $6/portal user/month. Click here to know more. 

Manage Portal Users

Building a dedicated portal and ensuring smooth collaboration with your clients and vendors can solve many of the problems in your everyday business. With portal user management, you can manage all of your portal users from one space. 

To manage portal users: 
  1. Navigate to  Setup.
  2. Click  Portal Setup > Manage Portal Users.
  3. In the Manage Portal Users page, there are two tabs for Clients and Vendors, where you can activate, disable, re-invite, or delete portal access for all users. 

  1. Both clients and vendors will be treated as portal users
  2. Total Portal Licenses are the total number of portal licenses you currently use. 
  3. Available Portal Licenses are the remaining licenses you can use to invite clients and vendors.  
  4. To buy additional portal licenses, go to Setup > Subscriptions in your Recruit account.
    1. Active  - Indicates all active clients and vendors  
    2. Disabled  - Temporarily disables the portal login access for clients or vendors. If you disable the permission for a particular user, you can give access to another user in their portal license.  
  5. Reinvite - You can send portal invite to clients/vendors.
  6. Deleting a portal user will remove their access only for portals. This will also increase the portal license count.

Subdomain Mapping

Subdomain mapping enables you to obtain a personalized/customized domain name for your portal that has your organization's brand. 

To configure Subdomain: 
  1. Enter your custom name and click Proceed.

  2. Ensure that you map your subdomain and ZR code in your DNS hosting provider.

  3. The next step is to set up CNAME in your Domain Name Provider’s Admin Portal. CNAME is usually known as the canonical name for your domain. It is the alias name that is used to set up a subdomain name for your organization. To set up  a CNAME:

    • Log in to your domain name registration provider’s website.

    • Navigate to your settings and select DNS (Domain Name System) settings.

    • Create a CNAME entry by entering the subdomain name and the CNAME.

    • Map the CNAME entry to recruit.cs.zohohost.com.

    • Based on your domain name registration provider, 

      * The subdomain name might be called: Host/Alias.
      * The CNAME might be called: Value, Points To or Destination.

      For example, if you wish to use jobs.zylker.com,






  4. Once you have configured the CNAME entry, you can test it via ns lookup command in the terminal to verify it before submitting the custom domain request. The Domain Name changes may take up to 48 hours to reflect based on your Time To Live (TTL) settings. The TTL settings determines how long it takes for your computer to update its DNS related settings.

  5. You can also contact your domain administrator or domain admin support if you face any difficulties while configuring your CNAME entry.

Installing an SSL Certificate

After submitting your custom domain request, if you encounter an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) error, do not worry. Zoho Recruit will install a Multi-Domain

SSL Certificate in the back end to secure your domain name and prevent further errors. This process usually takes up to 3-5 business days. You’ll be notified via email when your subdomain is active after which you will be able to access your Zoho Recruit with your subdomain name.
Note: SSL certificates helps you to create a secure connection between a web server and a user’s web browser.
SSL certificates from third-party vendors cannot be installed in Zoho Recruit.

Domain Provider Specific Instructions

GoDaddy, Wild West Domains and plenty of other domain providers use similar Domain Manager. For information about CNAME configuration for other commonly used domain providers click on the help links given below.




Network Solutions


  1. Subdomain configuration is available only in the Enterprise edition.
  2. You will not be able to edit the portal name once it is created.
  3. Once a portal is configured you will not be able to delete it.

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