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Formatted Resume: Advanced Template

Zoho Recruit's Custom Formatted Resume templates let you build and generate personalized branded resumes that show off your brand. Start from scratch or pick one of five pre-built templates from our template library. You can then add merge fields to your template and generate branded resumes on the go!

Most candidate resumes you receive will have varying designs and the information on the resume might be ordered differently in each case. However, when submitting candidate profiles to your clients for review, you need to make sure they're uniform and follow the same format.

In such cases, you need not manually type the details of each candidate in a document. Instead, you can simply create an advanced formatted resume template with the merge fields from the Candidates module. You can then generate a formatted resume for each candidate you wish to submit.

Furthermore, you can have one template for each client and make sure you meet each client's requirements efficiently.


This feature is available only for Enterprise plan of Zoho Recruit's Staffing edition.

Creating New Templates

Zoho Writer is an online word processor that allows you to create and share documents online. You can create templates in Zoho Writer and merge data from Zoho Recruit (Candidate, User and Organization details) to create a formatted resume template.
You cannot have more than five advanced formatted resume templates at a time.
To create an advanced formatted resume template;
  1. Go to Setup > Resume Management > Formatted Resume Settings > Advanced Template and click New Template.
  2. In the Create New Template popup, specify the following details:
    1. Template Name (Mandatory): Enter a name for your resume template.
    2. Filename Format (Optional): Define how the generated resumes should be named and what format the file should be in.
    3. Executive Summary (Optional): Choose how you wish to summarize the candidate's experience with a particular skill. The summary will be available as a merge field, you can choose to include it if you wish to.
    4. Description (Optional): Provide a description for your template.
    5. Click Create.
      You will be redirected to the
      Template Gallery, where you'll have two ways to build your formatted resume.

I. Start from scratch (Blank Document)

Building a formatted resume template from scratch gives you the freedom to create unique and eye-catching templates. Merge fields for Candidate, User and Organization information will be displayed in the Manage Fields section. You can then insert merge fields to your document with a single click.

To create a template from scratch
  1. Choose the Blank template in the Template Gallery page.
    A blank document will be opened in Zoho Writer.
  2. Pick what Merge Fields you wish to include from Automate > Manage Fields.
  3. To create a new merge field on the fly, click the Create Fields button.
  4. Additionally, if you feel certain merge fields are too long to fit in your template, you can shorten them by changing their labels in the Value column.

II. Using a Predesigned Template

Alternatively, you can also select a prebuilt template from the template gallery. The gallery displays predesigned resume templates. You can select a template from any of these categories based on your business requirement.

To create a template from the gallery
  1. Choose a template from the Template Gallery.
  2. Click Select.
    A document will be opened in Zoho Writer.
  3. Replace the dummy data in the template with Merge Fields from Automate > Manage Fields.
  4. Click Done.

Adding tabular fields

Certain scenarios raise the need to include a tabular field which, say for example, contains experience information of a candidate such as their job title, details about their current employer, the duration of their employment, etc.

You can add the tabular in your template and send it to your clients instead of manually adding that information each time you generate a formatted resume.

To add tabular fields in a template;
  1. While editing a template in Zoho Writer, navigate to Automate > Manage Fields > Subforms.
  2. Select the tabular field that you would like to add in the template.
    A pop-up displays the list of fields present in the selected tabular field.
  3. Select the fields that you want to add in your template and click Insert As.

  4. You will have four options, namely;
    1. Simple Repeat
      The selected tabular fields are repeated without using a table.
    2. Repeat as Table Rows
      The selected tabular fields are repeated as rows in a table.
    3. Repeat as Table Columns
      The selected tabular fields are repeated as columns in a table.
    4. Repeat as Table Cells
      The selected tabular fields are repeated as cells in a table.
  5. Your tabular field will then be added to the formatted resume template.
You can add a maximum of 10 fields from a tabular field in the template.

Importing templates

You can also upload any existing resume templates you have and create an advanced template.

To import a template
  1. Go to Setup > Resume Management > Formatted Resume > Advanced Templates.
  2. Click the Upload icon beside the New Template button.
  3. Choose the document you wish to upload.
  4. In the Upload Template window, specify the following details:
    1. Template Name (Mandatory): Enter a name for your resume template.
    2. Filename Format (Optional): Define how the generated resumes should be named and what format the file should be in.
    3. Executive Summary (Optional): Choose how you wish to summarize the candidate's experience with a particular skill.
    4. Description (Optional): Provide a description for your template.
  5. Click Import.

Limits and Purchase

By default, you can generate up to 1000 formatted resumes/month/org. That means if you subscribe to the Enterprise edition of Zoho Recruit on the 20th day of a month you will be able to generate 1000 formatted resumes using an Advanced Template until 20th of the next month.

When you have exhausted 50% of your advanced formatted generation limit, the system will alert you while generating formatted resumes.

Click on the link provided in the alert message to purchase an increase to your resume generation limit.

Online Purchase

You can increase your monthly limit at 5 cents ( $0.05)/resume if your requirements exceed the default limit. Follow the instructions given below to increase your resume generation limit.

After you click on the link in the alert message, you will be redirected to the Store page. Here, you can purchase an increase to your limit in three steps, namely;
  1. Select your plan details
    In this section, you need to select how often you wish to pay, how much you wish to increase your limit (
    automation credits).

    Continue when you are done.
  2. Review your selection
    Check if everything's in order and click Confirm to proceed.
  3. Billing & Payment
    Finally, select a payment method, enter your billing information and click Make Payment to complete your purchase.
  1. The minimum number automation credits that can be purchased is 500 and maximum 40,000.
  2. By default, you will be able to generate 1000 formatted resumes per day. That is, if you are an Enterprise plan user and purchased 2000 merges, you will be allowed 1000 merges in a day.

Test your templates with Sandbox

If you wish to build complex branded resume templates then you'll need to test them thoroughly before putting them to use. Using Zoho Recruit's Sandbox, you can create and generate advanced formatted resumes in an isolated Sandbox account.

This way, you can feel much safer about the changes you make, as you can now test them, identify issues, and fix them before you take them to your actual working system. Once you've tested the template, you can deploy it to your main Zoho Recruit account.

To test and deploy an Advanced Template in Sandbox;
  1. Go to Setup > Developer Space > Sandbox and click Go to Sandbox.
  2. In your Sandbox account, go to Setup > Resume Management > Formatted Resume > Advanced Template and create your template.
  3. You can now test this template through and through as your sandbox account is an isolated testing environment.
  4. To deploy the changes you've made, go back to the Sandbox Setup Page in your main account.
  5. Check the changes you wish to deploy and click Deploy changes to Production.
  6. Zoho Recruit will then qualify if the selected changes and check for conflicts. Click Yes, Proceed to continue.
  7. The deployment will then be initiated. It will take 30 seconds to a minute to deploy your changes to your account.
  8. Once the changes are deployed, the template will be accessible from your Zoho Recruit account.

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