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Hiring Manager Submission

In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of talent acquisition, recruiters often encounter obstacles when it comes to sharing candidate profiles, obtaining timely feedback, and effectively progressing candidates through the hiring pipeline. These pain points can lead to delays, miscommunication, and missed opportunities.

The Submit to Hiring Manager feature is a comprehensive solution to overcome these challenges and optimize your recruitment workflow. It offers an integrated solution to facilitate seamless collaboration and communication with hiring managers.
Important Note
Hiring Manager is a default user profile available in Zoho Recruit's Corporate HR edition. Users with the hiring manager role can;
  1. Create job openings 
  2. Make interview decisions (if they are involved in the interview process) 
  3. Refer candidates for open, published jobs
  4. Add notes to job openings, candidates, etc.
  5. Execute blueprint transitions (If they are involved in the blueprint process)

Key Benefits

Effortless Candidate Submission

Recruiters can effortlessly submit candidate profiles to the respective hiring managers directly within Zoho Recruit. No more juggling between multiple tools or manually forwarding emails. Simply select the desired candidate profile(s) and submit them with a few clicks.

Streamlined Feedback Loop

This feature establishes a clear feedback loop between recruiters and hiring managers, promoting efficient communication. Once a candidate is submitted, hiring managers can conveniently review the candidate's information, provide feedback, and even request additional details (using @mentions in Notes)  before submitting their approval, all within Zoho Recruit.

Real-time Collaboration

Recruiters and hiring managers can exchange comments, notes, and updates in real-time, eliminating delays and ensuring everyone stays on the same page. This seamless collaboration fosters transparency and promotes a faster, more informed decision-making process.

Submitting candidates to hiring managers

Permission Required
Only users with the Submit to Hiring Manager profile permission will have access to the submit icon. The Administrator and Standard user profiles will have this permission by default.
If you are a recruiter submitting candidates to the hiring manager, follow the steps given below;
  1. Navigate to the Candidates module and select the candidate you wish to submit.
  2.  Click the Submit to Hiring Manager icon. 

  3. Select a Department and a Job Opening and click Send.

  4. The candidate will then be submitted to the Hiring Manager. You can track it from the Submissions sub-module.

  5. You can also track the submission from the candidate record under Related List > Hiring Manager Submissions.

  1. To submit candidates is bulk, go to the Candidates module and select the candidates you wish to submit. Once you're done, click the Submit to Hiring Manager icon. The rest of the steps are similar to submitting candidates individually.

  2. While submitting a candidate, you can only select templates created for the Candidates module.
  3. If the email size exceeds 10MB, then the selected candidates will be split into two groups and sent as two separate emails. If any merge fields are used in the email template, the candidate details will be consolidated into a single email and sent to the hiring manager.
  4. You cannot submit candidates to hiring managers who have enabled the Email Opt Out option.

Archived Submissions

In certain cases, Zoho Recruit automatically archives submissions tot help you maintain a clutter-free and organized database and keep your records up-to-date. Here's when submissions will be archived:
  1. Job Opening Closure: When a job opening is marked as "Closed," its associated submissions will be archived. This ensures that your active submissions are always relevant to your current job openings.
  2. Candidate or Application Status Change: Submissions linked to candidates or applications that have been either "Hired" or "Disqualified" will be archived. This keeps your records focused on ongoing recruitment efforts.
  3. Duplicate Submissions: If a new submission is made for the same candidate and job opening, the previous submission will be archived. This prevents redundancy in your submission records.
  4. Candidate, Job Opening or Client Deletion: If either the associated candidate, job opening or client is deleted, their corresponding submissions will be archived to maintain data integrity.
  5. Unassociation of Candidate & Job Opening: If the candidate is unassociated from the job opening they were submitted for, the related the submission will be archived. This helps you track the history of submissions accurately.

Reviewing submitted candidates

Permission Required
Only users with the Review Submissions profile permission can add reviews for submitted candidates. The Administrator, Standard and Hiring Manager user profile will have this permission by default.
Follow the steps given below to review candidate submissions as a Hiring Manager;
  1. Upon receiving a candidate submission for your job opening, as a hiring manager, you will receive a notification (within Zoho Recruit) through which, you will be able to access the Submissions sub-module.

  2. In the Details Page of the submission record, you will find information about the related candidate and job opening.
  3. After you've checked the submitted candidate's details, click the Review Submission button on the top-right.

    1. Alternatively, you can also review a submission from its Quick View.
  4. Do the following in the Hiring Manager Review pop-up;

    1. Add a Rating.
    2. Enter any remarks in the Overall Comments textbox.
    3. Click Approve (or) Reject.
  5. Your review will then be submitted. You can view it any time from the Review Status section of the submission record.

The Approve/Reject buttons are deactivated by default and work according to the Rating the hiring manager provides.
  1. If the rating is 3★ or above, the Approve button will be activated.

  2. If the rating is 2★ or below, the Reject button will be activated

Home page component - My Actions

To review submitted candidates directly from the Home page, hiring managers can add the My Actions component to their dashboard. This component gives you a consolidated view of all submitted candidates and lets you view all details relevant to the submission before you give your review.

To add the My Actions component to your Home page;
  1. Navigate to your Home tab and click More > Add Component.

  2. In the Add Component pop-up;

    1. Select the Others option under Get From.
    2. Choose My Actions from the Select Module drop-down.
    3. Enter a name for the component under Component Name.
  3. Click Save. The component will then be added to your Home page.

To review submissions from the My Actions component;
  1. In the My Actions component, hover over the submission you wish to review and click the Review Submission button.

  2. On the left-side of Review Submission screen, you will be able to view both Candidate Details and Submission Details.

  3. When you're caught up on the candidate, add a Rating, enter any remarks you have in the Overall Comments field and click Approve/Reject.

  4. Your review will then be submitted for the recruiter to view.

Automating hiring manager submissions

Say you've configured an end-to-end blueprint process and do not wish to disrupt it by manually adding review. You can handle hiring manager reviews using the system transitions Approve Submission and Reject Submission to handle the submission and review process within your blueprint.

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