Zoho Recruit | Job Posting Guidelines

Guidelines for publishing on job boards

Zoho Recruit lets you post your jobs on multiple Job boards with a single click.

All job boards have common guidelines that must be met before a job opening can be published. These guidelines ensure that the adverts are from a legitimate employer. Below are the criteria for publishing on job boards.

General job posting guidelines:
  1. Company Profile:

    While registering for Zoho Recruit, the user's company information is collected.
    The Company name, user's email address, and the company website has to match to enable successful publishing of jobs.

    To re-submit the company details (in case you missed it earlier), click  
    Setup > Job Board Integration > Job Board list. Enable the Job Board toggle button. A page requesting company information is displayed. Enter the company information and click Save.
    Please note that only the ADMIN user can update the company information. However STANDARD users can still 
    Publish inWebsite.
  2. Email Address:

    Use a work email id and not free domains like Gmail, Yahoo, etc., as free domains are generally restricted by job boards.
    If your organization does not have a domain (probably it's a start-up), but still wishes to publish on job boards, you can request the 
    Manual Approval from the Provide Company Details page.
    Fill in the mail details and click 
    Send. This sends an approval mail to Zoho Recruit's support team. They will review the legitimacy of your firm and may approve you to publish on job boards in 24 hours.
  3. Job Posting Date:

    The posting date of the job has to be within the last 
    30 days.
    At the end of the 30th day, the job will be unpublished, without any notification.
    To repost an expired job, choose 
    Publish/Republish on the right side panel.
    A popup screen would appear. Update the posting date of the job.
  4. Specified Location:

    All jobs must have both City and State (and also the Country for Job Boards that spread worldwide).
    Location of jobs must not be included in Job Titles.
  5. No External Links:

    The job advert must not contain any links that point to other external websites.
    Most job boards reject job adverts that include external links. Many of them even reject links to your own website.

    Also, the ad cannot contain links that point to your own website to do something else other than apply for the specific employment position. Do not use the job description text to ask candidates to send in an application, call a phone number, etc.
    The purpose of this is to provide a clean experience to the applying candidates.
  6. Clear Call-to-Action:

    A button that reads "
    Apply Now" is automatically included in all job adverts that will lead the candidates to the application form. This button should be the only call-to-action button in the job advert.
    Candidates who apply for your job will appear on your Zoho Recruit Candidate tab and you will receive daily notifications of new applicants.
  7. Job Opening Specific:

    The job advert must describe a specific job opening from the employer, usually a full-time, part-time or a long-term individual contractor opening for a specific role.
    Also, note that most job boards don't accept adverts that show short-term (by the hour) work, multi-level-marketing programs, solicitation by middlemen and indirect job-specific employment.

    These type of adverts, even if it's legitimate, are out of reach for job search sites and will not be published.

Important Notes

  1. If the company name, website address, and business address (Email ID) match, your company will be verified and your domain URL will be generated. There will be no need for manual verification.
  2. If your company details do not match, you can submit your details for manual verification. Zoho Recruits Support team will review your company details and approve them.
  3. If you sign up with a Free Email service (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), your company will not be verified.

Why are the jobs posted not displayed on the job boards?

Let's start from the beginning! You have followed all the steps, checked the details, added the jobs and posted it to the desired job boards (supported by Zoho Recruit) but it still doesn't appear on the job board. Puzzled? Like all the hard work you have put in, we assure you, we have also dutifully done our part. Once you have posted the jobs, an XML is generated with your job list, which is automatically sent to the particular job board.
Now, the actual posting of the jobs on the job board is left to the discretion of the individual job boards. If you find that your jobs are not listed, we urge you to contact the representatives at the concerned job site for a solution.
Note: For the other job board contact details, please get in touch with our support personnel.

We are happy to help you with any concern you might have regarding the process at our end. Please don't hesitate to contact us at support@zohorecruit.com if you have any further queries.

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