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Resume Inbox


Resume Inbox is a user-friendly parsing tool that enables you to automatically parse resumes sent as email attachments and add them directly to your Zoho Recruit account. Simply add your email account as a resume inbox and choose from one of three Parsing Modes: Lenient, Moderate, and Strict, each with an accuracy and success rate.

The Parsing Mode functionality lets you control the accuracy and success rate of your parsing results. Each parsing mode looks for a set of mandatory field values in the candidate's resume.
Parsing will be skipped if the required data is unavailable, i.e, if you've selected the Moderate parsing mode and the resume does not contain neither the phone number OR the email address of the candidate, parsing will be skipped. (subject to the AND/OR conditions depicted under the mode selection section).


  • Go to Setup > Resume Management > Resume Inbox.

  • Under the Configured Accounts section, you can view and manage your resume inboxes.

    Once you've configured your Portal account, the portal mailbox will be listed under Configured Accounts. This provides you with a more readable mailbox that you can copy and forward to candidates. When the portal mailbox is created, it is set to Lenient Parsing Mode by default.

  • Under the Duplicate Check section, select Overwrite existing candidate data or Retain existing candidate data to perform the related action when duplicate records are found. Duplicate records are identified using the email id provided in the resume.

  • Choose a Parsing Mode and balance the accuracy and success rate of your parser. You have three Parsing Modes, namely, Lenient, Moderate & Strict.

  • Under Candidate Source Mapping, select the source of the candidate and select the status of the parsed candidate under Candidate Status Mapping.

  • Click Save.

Your Resume Inbox is now configured. You'll now be able to add candidate records into your Zoho Recruit account by parsing resumes sent as email attachments. You can view the candidate record you that was added and the reason of failure if the parsing is unsuccessful under the Parsing Results tab.

Parsing Results

The Parsing Results section displays all the resume attachments you've parsed using the Resume Inbox feature. The Parsing Results section is divided into four tabs, namely All, Success, Failure and Skipped.

Under the All tab, you'll be able to view all the resume attachments that were parsed in your resume inbox. The Success tab will help you track attachments that were parsed successfully.

The Failure tab will let you see which one's failed. Attachments usually fail to parse due to the following reasons;
  1. The email did not have an attachment present.
  2. The attachment file was empty
  3. The attachment was of an unsupported format. (Supported Formats: .pdf, .doc and .docx)
  4. If you have exhausted your API call limit.
The Skipped tab will list attachments that were not parsed as they did not contain the mandatory details as per your selected Parsing Mode. You can select a different Parsing Mode and reparse the resume by clicking on the Parse button.


  • You can filter by user using the user drop-down.

  • You can filter by time period using the Select Period drop-down

To Add Candidates with Job Association

In addition to creating candidate records, you can associate them with job openings as and when you add them to your Zoho Recruit account. There are two methods you can follow, namely;
  1. Job Mailbox
  2. Email subject line

 Job Mailbox 

Edition Requirement: Available for all paid editions of Zoho Recruit

The Job Mailbox feature provides you with a unique system generated email inbox for every job opening. Resumes forward the said inbox will be parsed and associated with the job opening automatically. You can find this under Sourcing Summary > Job Mailbox.

Resume Limit per Job Opening:
  1. Standard: 1000 resumes
  2. Professional: 2000 resumes
  3. Enterprise: 3000 resumes

Email subject line 

Data Required:
  1. Job Opening ID (or) Posting Title
  2. Candidate Source (optional)
The format should be as follows:
  1. Job Opening ID, Posting Title, or both (value and title).
  2. 'Job Opening ID' or 'Posting Title' should be followed by a colon (:). You may or may not provide space in between the terms.
  3. After the colon, the respective value should be mentioned followed by a comma (,). For example, "JOBID:ZR_2_JOB, JOBTITLE:Web Designer, SOURCE:Indeed"
  4. If the source is mentioned in the subject, it should follow the format mentioned above (source: _____,).
  5. If the source is not mentioned in the subject, the default source configured in the Resume Inbox Settings page will be used. In case the source is also not configured in the Resume Inbox Settings page, then the source of the parsed candidate will be automatically set as 'Resume Inbox'.
  6. The keywords along with their respective values don't need to be entered in any specific order.
  1. SUBJECT: Seek: Application For JobTitle: B2B Telesales Professional - Part-Time, Ref: Application Source: Seek
  2. SUBJECT: Monster: Application For JobTitle: Web Designer - Part Time, Source: Monster.
  3. SUBJECT: Source: TimesJobs, Application for JobId: ZR_24_JOB
  4. SUBJECT: Alert: New Candidate Applied for Your Job Posting JobId: ZR_24_JOB
  5. SUBJECT: Job application for your Job Posting with jobtitle: Senior Consultant, from source: Dice

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