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Resume Harvester

Resume Harvester, developed by Zoho Recruit, is a powerful sourcing tool designed to streamline your recruitment process. It automatically searches multiple job boards to find potential candidates and adds them into Zoho Recruit based on your specified criteria.

The main goal of Resume Harvester is to enhance your sourcing experience. By automating the search process, it eliminates the need to browse job boards manually and add candidates yourself.

With just a few clicks, Resume Harvester automates the entire resume search process and makes recruitment more efficient and effective.


  1. Edition Required: This feature is available for both the Corporate HR and Staffing Agency editions.
  2. Plan Required: This feature is available for the Professional and Enterprise (including Zoho One and PeoplePlus) plans..
  3. Permission Required: Only users with the Source boosters permission can access this feature.
  4. Resume Harvester Active Search Limits:  
    1. Professional Plan (Staffing Agency Edition only): 50 searches
    2. Enterprise Plan: 100 searches

Accessing Resume Harvester

Resume Harvester is your go-to tool for simplifying candidate sourcing and management. Discover how to find top talent effortlessly and optimize your recruitment process with ease.

To access Resume Harvester in your Zoho Recruit account;
  1. Navigate to the Candidates module, click the Source Boosters drop-down, and select Resume Harvester.
  2. You will then see two sub-tabs, namely;
    1. Manual
    2. Automate


The Manual Search option in Resume Harvester lets you search for candidates in one or more Source Boosters simultaneously. This makes talent sourcing and passive hiring much simpler and straightforward.

How it works

Say you select multiple source boosters in a Manual search. Resume Harvester will use the details (Keyword, location, etc.) to search and display candidates from all selected source boosters simultaneously. In the search results page, you will have a sub-tab for candidates from each selected source booster, which you can seamlessly switch between.

To perform a Manual search with Resume Harvester;
  1. When you access the Resume Harvester option, the Manual section will be displayed by default.
  2. Fill-in the Job Title or Keywords under What and select a Location in the Where field. Click Find Resumes when you're done.
  3. You will then see a list of candidates in the Search Results page.
  4. Click on a candidate to view more details about their profile. You can them add them to your Candidates module by clicking Add to Zoho Recruit.
  5. You can also add candidates in bulk from the Search Results page.
  6. The search results from each selected source booster can be viewed by clicking their respective sub-tabs. You can further filter the search results using the filter panel in the left. 

Note: Each Source Booster has different filter options as it is based on the options provided by the related job board.


The Auto Search function of Resume Harvester automatically finds and adds candidate profiles that fit the criteria you have specified. You can control when the search should expire, the maximum limit of candidates that can be added, and more.

How it works

When you create an Auto Search, Resume Harvester automatically gathers candidate profiles that match your specified criteria from the selected source booster(s). The auto search will keep running until the configured candidate limit or expiry date is reached.
Important Note:
  1. When candidates are added via an Auto Search, credits will be consumed from your linked job board account.
  2. When an Auto Search is created, a one-day scheduler is automatically initiated.
  3. During each scheduler run, candidates are fetched from the selected source booster(s) based on the criteria defined in the search.
    1. If only one source booster is selected, the top 10 candidates found from the selected source booster will be added to Zoho Recruit on every scheduler run.
    2. If more than source boosters are selected, the top 5 candidates from each job board will be added to Zoho Recruit on every scheduler run.
  4. The scheduler will be suspended if the configured candidate limit or expiry date is reached.
  5. If the user lacks sufficient permissions, storage, or encounters any login issues, the scheduler will be suspended. In such cases, a notification will be sent to the user and all associated actions (Adding Tags, Associating a Job with the candidate, etc.) will be stopped.
  6. If an action is associated with the auto search and the user who configured the search has their permissions revoked, the search will not be suspended but the associated action will be skipped.
To create an Auto Search in Resume Harvester;
  1. When you access Resume Harvester, the Manual section will be displayed by default. Switch to the Automate section and click Create Auto Search.
  2. Now, define the Basic Criteria (Job Title/Keywords, Location/Proximity, Experience, Salary, and Required Skills) of the auto search.
    Tip: You can select a job opening to auto-fill details in the form.
  3. Click Advanced Criteria to define additional requirements such as automatic expiry, maximum candidate limit and more.
  4. Click Save when you're done. The auto search will then be created and listed in the Automate section.
  5. Now, candidates that fit your search criteria will automatically be added to your Zoho Recruit account until the Auto Search is suspended.

Managing Auto Searches

The Automate sub-tab within Resume Harvester displays all auto searches configured in your account. To facilitate efficient management, Zoho Recruit offers two options for filtering entries based on the auto search owner and status.

Cloning an Auto Search

Once an auto search is created in Resume Harvester, you can clone it to initiate a new search with the same criteria by following the steps given below;
  1. Go to the Automate section of Resume Harvester.
  2. Hover your cursor over the auto search you wish to clone and click the Clone icon that appears on the left.
  3. A new auto search will then be created with the same search criteria.
Note: You can clone Active, Completed, Suspended and Failed auto searches.

Suspending an Auto Search

After an auto search is created, it will run for the duration set under the Suspend Auto Search After field (Default Value: 30 Days). You can also manually suspend an auto search by following the steps given below;
  1. Go to the Automate section of Resume Harvester.
  2. Hover your cursor over the auto search you wish to suspend and click the Suspend icon that appears on the left and click Yes in the confirmation pop-up that is displayed.

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