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Web forms act as a bridge between you and your website visitors. Zoho Recruit's Webforms makes it more accessible and understandable for the average user with our interactive form building system. This helps non-technical users design and publish their own web forms and automate the importing of data.

Creating a web form involves three steps;
  1. Creating your webform
    This step involves you adding sections and fields to your webform from the selected module. You can also provide contextual descriptions and help links.  
  2. Configure form functions
    This is where you configure what language your form should be in, how records added through the form are assigned to users in your account, how you want to automate notifications, and much more.
  3. Share & Embed your webform
    When you're done building your webform and configuring form functions, you can shorten the form URL, share it on social media and generate an embed code to add the form to your Career Site.


Permission Required: Users with Web-to-[Module] permission can access this feature.
[Module] - Candidates, Contacts, and Custom Modules.
Edition Required: Available for all paid plans of both the Staffing and Corporate HR Editions of Zoho Recruit

Working with Webforms 

To create a web form for the Candidates, Contacts, and any Custom Module:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Career Website > Web Forms.
  2. Choose which module you wish to create the webform under from the drop-down list and click Create Web Form.

Create Form 

In the Create Form section, you can add fields to and design your webform using Zoho Recruit's user-friendly Form Builder. Listed below are all the aspects of your webform you can customize in this section; 

  1. Use the Search bar to look up fields from the selected module.
  2. Enable, Disable or Reorder form fields according to your requirements. While adding fields to your webform, you can either be marked as Required or Optional.
  3. Give your webform a Name and add a Header Image. By default, your company logo will be added as the header image of the webform.
  4. Add descriptions for form sections.
  5. Provide help links and text for fields you've added. 
  6. Add a CAPTCHA to prevent bots and junk entries.
  7. Customize the layout and appearance of the webform by clicking their respective icons. Under layout you can choose between Single Layout and Double Layout. Single Layout places more emphasis on each field as candidates can concentrate on one field at a time while Double Layout makes your form more compact and decreases scroll.
  8. Under appearance you can customize your form's Font and Color Scheme
  9. Click Next Step once you're done.

Form Settings 

Once you've build your webform, the Form Settings section lets you configure form functions, i.e, choose how the webform works and set up options that come with our form builder. This section consists on three sub-sections, namely;

Form Details 

  1. Choose what Language you want your webform to be displayed in.
  2. Assign Owners for records added with the form to a specific user or associate a rule for the process.
  3. Use the Double Opt-in function to verify individuals who submit their data via the webform.
  4. Add Tags to records that are added via the webform. This will help you track and identify records added via distinct forms and enable you to filter records better.  
  5. Restrict duplicate records being added via the webform. The system will check for duplicate entries based on unique fields specified under layout settings. Learn More
  6. Configure when the webform expires, either on a particular date & time or after a specified number of entries. 
  7. Restrict the number of submissions you receive by setting a ceiling limit. 

Post-submission Confirmation 

Under this sub-section, you can configure where you wish to redirect registrants after they fill out the webform and customize your messaging to better fit your branding.



This sub-section lets you configure follow-up and notifications related to your webform. Listed below are the options provided for notifying users and registrants;

  1. Notify Candidate Owner. If you want to notify the candidate owner when new records are added via the webform and assigned to them.
  2. Acknowledge Candidate. If you want to engage registrants who submit their information via the webform. You can do this using an Auto-response Rule or choosing a drafted email template.
  3. Request for Approval. If you want candidates added via the webform to be approved before entering your hiring process. This option is only available for forms created for the Candidates module. 

Form Sharing & Embedding 

After your webform is created, the Share & Embed pop-up will be displayed. You can perform the following actions from this screen;
  1. Share webforms on the internet by using the form URL. If you plan on sharing the form link on social media, you can shorten the URL as it won't take up a lot of space from your already limited character limit. Additionally, you can use the quick links provided on the bottom to share your webform directly
  2. Use the generated embed code to add your webform to a page in your company's Career Site or other third-party websites and automate data transfer to your Zoho Recruit account. We let you generate the embed code in three formats, namely, Hyperlink, JavaScript and iFrame.

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