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Chatbot: Powered by Zia

Everything starts with a conversation especially in recruitment. The way you communicate with a candidate can influence them greatly. We at Zoho Recruit have come up with a solution which benefits both you, the recruiter, and your candidates.

Introducing Zoho Recruit's Chatbot. Find matching jobs, register candidates to your portal, and track existing applications with the help of Zia, your personal AI assistant.

Edition Required: Available for the Enterprise plan for both Staffing and Corporate HR editions of Zoho Recruit. Also available for Zoho One and People Plus accounts.
Profile Required: Only users with the Administrator profile can make changes to the feature.


To configure the chatbot feature,
  1. Go to Setup > General > Zia > Chatbot. Enable the toggle and click Configure to customize the feature.
  2. Firstly, personalize the chatbot by giving it a persona in the Bot Details section.
  3. The chatbot comes with a built-in bot name and welcome message. Customize this according to your company's messaging.

  4. Next up, choose how the chatbot will be triggered in the Trigger Settings section.
  5. Finally, enter your organization's details if you wish to display it to candidates. You can control the visibility using the toggles provided beside the respective sections. You can make use of markdowns to further beautify your message.
    1. Use the syntax displayed in the pop-up and add formatting to your text.
  6. Once configured, the chatbot will be displayed on your Career Site. You can enable/disable the chatbot widget from the Career Site settings page.


Find Matching Jobs

Zia understands candidates as humans with career profiles instead of a string of keywords. This enables her to find “the ideal job" for every candidate as she can match their experiences, skills and proficiencies with the job's requirements and grade them accordingly.

As a result, candidates can't apply for any job they wish to as they will only view job openings that fit their profile.
We offer candidates have two options for uploading their profile, namely;
  1. Upload Resume
    Once the candidate uploads their resume, Zia will match the candidate skills with the requirements of the job and present them with a list of jobs that match their profile.
  2. Search & Select Skills
    Candidates can select their skills manually based on which we will match their profile with available jobs and present them with a list of matching jobs. Zia maintains a database of over 20,000 skills for applicants to choose from.

Create Portal Account

As a recruiter, it is essential to streamline your hiring process and make it candidate-friendly. Zia understands this and registers them to your Candidate Portal. This enables you to passively grow your talent pool and provide your candidates with a means to apply, track their application, and ultimately land their dream job.

Candidates can create an account in your portal directly from the chatbot. Zia will get the candidate's resume and use the data to create a profile. If any relevant data is missing in their resume, the candidate will have to enter them manually. 

Track existing applications

Candidates often get overwhelmed by the sheer number of jobs they are eligible for and struggle to manage their applications manually.  They need need to keep track of the information they provide and to whom they do so. Zia makes life easier for them by providing them with a list of jobs they have applied for.

Once this process is completed, the verification link will be sent to the candidate's email address, from where they can authenticate their account and add their profile to your portal.
  1. Candidates are required to provide consent for their information in order to access the chatbot.
  2. While displaying Matching Job, only the Posting title, Location and the Job Type will be shown to the candidate.
  3. A maximum of 10 jobs only will be displayed to the candidate by Zia.
  4. The Client's contact details will not be displayed to the candidate.
  5. Only the fields which you have enabled in the candidate portal setup will be used by the chatbot.
  6. Support for attachments (Cover letter & Others) will be added in the future.

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