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Generating Job Descriptions with Smart Assist

Efficiency and productivity are the lifeblood of successful businesses. In the realm of recruitment, streamlining job description creation becomes paramount. 

Recruiters benefit significantly from Smart Assist's capabilities, particularly in tailoring job descriptions to match client requisites. This AI-powered tool simplifies the crafting process by swiftly translating client-specific requirements—such as essential skills and educational prerequisites—into articulate job descriptions. This efficiency enables recruiters to focus more on strategic tasks while ensuring precise and compelling job postings.

Smart Assist ensures adherence to job board guidelines, an invaluable aid for recruiters navigating the maze of publishing regulations. By generating descriptions that align seamlessly with these standards, this tool facilitates the hassle-free publication of job postings. This compliance not only expedites the publishing process but also assures recruiters that their postings meet the necessary criteria, fostering a smoother recruitment journey.

Crafted with precision, the job descriptions formulated by Smart Assist hold immense potential in captivating candidate interest. These descriptions offer a comprehensive yet engaging glimpse into job openings, strategically luring candidates to apply. Clear, well-structured details, refined and optimized by Smart Assist, work as an attractive force, increasing the likelihood of candidate engagement and applications for available positions.

Availability and Permission

Edition  Required
Smart Assist is accessible for the Enterprise plan of both the Staffing Agency, Corporate HR editions of Zoho Recruit.
Permission Required
Only users with the
Administrator profile enable/disable Smart Assist. Once enabled, any user with the 
Smart Assist profile permission can will be able to access the feature.

Scenarios for Recruiters

By leveraging Smart Assist's capabilities, recruiters can significantly streamline their workflows, enhance candidate engagement, and craft tailored job descriptions that resonate with diverse audiences. Listed below are a few example use cases of how Smart Assist can add value to your hiring process.

Crafting Job Descriptions from Scratch

Smart Assist by Zoho Recruit redefines the creation of job descriptions, allowing users to generate comprehensive JDs from scratch using key details. With the Posting Title, Industry, Experience, Salary, and Required Skills fields, users can initiate the creation of a detailed job description effortlessly. This feature empowers recruiters to start from a blank canvas and, leveraging these core specifics, craft a detailed and precise job description that resonates with the intended role.

By simply inputting these critical details into Smart Assist, users can generate a well-structured job description tailored to the specified role. This functionality streamlines the process, ensuring that the resulting JD aligns perfectly with the desired job requisites. Smart Assist's capability to transform essential details into a comprehensive job description simplifies the task for recruiters, offering a seamless and efficient way to create engaging job postings that attract the ideal candidates.

Auto-Complete for Job Descriptions

Smart Assist introduces an intelligent auto-complete feature, revolutionizing the job description creation process. This functionality harnesses the power of AI to expedite and enhance the crafting of job descriptions. With this feature, users can initiate the job description creation process and seamlessly access a range of pre-defined prompts or customize their own.

With the auto-complete option, recruiters can effortlessly generate engaging and tailored job descriptions. Whether choosing from pre-defined prompts or crafting unique content, Smart Assist refines and structures the text, ensuring clarity and precision. This intelligent tool assists in expediting the creation of captivating job postings, streamlining the recruitment process with its intuitive and efficient auto-complete function.

Privacy and Security Measures

Zoho's commitment to data security and privacy remains unwavering:
  • Compliance with GDPR and HIPAA guidelines.
  • Smart Assist focuses solely on job description generation, not personal information.

Fields Subjected to Smart Assist's Processing

Smart Assist processes generic fields, ensuring privacy and confidentiality for sensitive information.

Fields Subjected to Processing
Job Openings
Posting Title, Industry, Experience, Salary, Required Skills

Activating Smart Assist

To enable Smart Assist for your account;
  • Navigate to Setup > Zia > Smart Assist and click the toggle.

  • Enter your API Key configured in OpenAI and click Activate Now. Click Find my API Key if you require assistance.

  • Read OpenAI's Privacy Policy and click Proceed.

  • Smart Assist will then be enabled for all users in your account. Once enabled, you can change the configured API Key by clicking Edit ✎ icon. 

  • Smart Assist operates based on your unique API key available in your ChatGPT account.
  • Smart Assist will be available only if English is selected as your default language. This setting can be changed from Setup > General > Personal Settings.
  • The word count in the prompt includes all visible words and hidden characters like spaces, punctuation and special characters. Learn more.
  • Smart Assist is only available for the United States, Europe, Australia and India regions as of now.

Using Smart Assist

For Job Templates 

Smart Assist in Zoho Recruit simplifies job template creation by offering pre-defined/customizable prompts. You can swiftly generate tailored job descriptions, ensuring accuracy and appeal, and directly insert them into templates. In the example below, Smart Assist will be showcased while editing an existing job template (with pre-filled information).

To use Smart Assist with Job Templates;
  • Navigate to Setup > Customization > Templates > Job Templates and Edit a template.

  • Hover your cursor over Zia Assist and click Open Prompt.

  • Choose from a list of pre-defined prompts to craft captivating content.

  • Specify/Modify core details related with the role from the Key Fields section.

  • You can also enter custom prompts to perform unique edits.

  • Undo/Redo edits and Copy text to your clipboard using their respective icons within the editor.

  • Click the Insert Job Description icon to update the Job Description, Responsibilities and Requirements sections of the job template.
  • Close the editor and click Save.

For Job Openings

While creating, editing or cloning a job opening, Smart Assist streamlines content personalization and specification, helping you craft compelling job descriptions. In the example below, Smart Assist will be showcased while creating a job opening.

To use Smart Assist with Job Openings;
  • Navigate to the Job Openings module, click on a job and click Edit.
  • Hover your cursor over Zia Assist and click Generate Job Description when you're starting from scratch.

  • Specify key details to generate a detailed job description.
  • Use prebuilt/custom prompts to personalize the generated content.
  • Click the Insert Job Description icon to update the Job Description, Responsibilities and Requirements sections of the job opening.

  • Close the editor and click Save.

Understanding Tokens and Credits in OpenAI

Tokens and credits in ChatGPT or OpenAI's API refer to resources used for AI response generation. Understanding these resources allows users to efficiently manage their interactions, ensuring smoother AI engagements and maximizing the available capabilities for an improved experience.


Tokens, the building blocks of ChatGPT's language engine, are essential units used to create responses and understand your prompts. They are available to both free and ChatGPT Plus users, forming the basis for communication within the system. See More
  1. Free users have a limited number of tokens, suitable for basic conversations.
  2. ChatGPT Plus users have access to a larger pool of tokens, allowing for more extensive and detailed interactions within the integrated platform.


Credits act as a form of currency within ChatGPT's capabilities. They determine how much text you can generate and access within the integrated platform.
  1. Free users do not receive any credits by default.
  2. ChatGPT Plus users will receive credits based on their plan
  3. Different ChatGPT Plus plans offer varying credit allowances, granting access to different levels of text generation and premium features.

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