Enhance and grow your B2B relationship with Company scoring

Enhance and grow your B2B relationship with Company scoring

What is Company scoring?

It is the cumulative score obtained by the visitors of the company upon satisfying the defined rule. 

Benefits of company scoring

  • You can identify the company that matches all your requirements and engage with them right away from the portal without having to carry-out external research.
  • No third party integrations required.

Setting up Company scoring rules

When you navigate to the Settings > Automate > Company Scoring, you can set rules and allocate points for certain predefined conditions. You can either add a new rule or click on an existing rule to edit it. To create a new rule,

  • Click Add.

  • Choose your audience - this can be based on Number of chats, Number of Employees, Company Rank, Industry, Access details, and Headquarters location.

  • Click Next .


  • Then, add or reduce points for the chosen condition. You can do this by swiping the button in this section to the left or right. When you swipe left, points will be reduced and when you swipe right, points will be added.
  • Click Done and your rule will be created.

How to edit an existing rule?

A default set of rules will be available in the Company Scoring section. To edit the rules,

  • Click the rule that you want to edit.

  • Modify the audience for your rule and then the Company Score and click Done.

Disable/delete a Company Scoring rule

  • To delete the rule, click on the Delete (trash) icon that appears on the far right end of every rule .

  • To disable the rule, click on the Enable/Disable toggle button that appears next to the Delete icon.

Example on how to set a Company scoring rule

  • Say, you would like to add 500 points to the score of the company that has more than 5000 employees.
  • Now choose the condition as “Number of Employees that”, choose the criteria “is” and select all the range that exceeds above 5000.

  • Then, swipe the score button to the right so as to add 500 points. Thus, if the Company's employee count is more than 5000, then 500 points will be added to the visitor's Company score.

Recalculation of company score

The points accumulated in the Company score will be recalculated based on the interval set. This is done to reduce the Company score upon periods of inactivity.

  • You can set the recalculating period of the Company score by clicking on the time interval that will be displayed on the top right corner of the dashboard near the Add button.
  • In the “When would you like to recalculate the Company Score?” section, you choose an option - 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. By default, it is set to Weekly.
  • The score will be reduced by 25% from the current value for the interval specified.

Recalculation periods:

1 day - the Score will reduce if the visitor doesn't turn up the next day.

7 days - Score will reduce every 7 (inactive) days.

14 days - Score will reduce every 14 (inactive) days.

30 Days - Score will reduce every 30 (inactive) days.

3 months - Score will reduce every 3 (inactive) months.

6 months - Score will reduce every 6 (inactive) months.

1 year - Score will reduce every (inactive) year.

For example

Say, the condition set will add 500 points to the score of the company. The number of visits is more than 100, and the option chosen in the “When would you like to recalculate the Company Score?" section is weekly. Assume that the visitor has a Company score of 1000. If he doesn’t turn up for a week, then the score of 1000 will reduce by 25% from the current value. So, now the Company score will become 750.

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