Defining Departments inside your Zoho SalesIQ

Defining Departments inside your Zoho SalesIQ

To better organize your Support operation, and maximize the ability to connect with customers, we made it easy to create Departments within your Zoho SalesIQ. Add all your customer supporting departments inside Zoho SalesIQ, and each Department can have their own, dedicated chat widget. Specify groupings of operators for each department to ensure the right agent answers every chat.   

When you created your Zoho SalesIQ the system automatically generated a default department, which will have the same name as your portal. 

How to add a new Department?

  1. Navigate to Settings, select Departments under Company Settings.
  2. In the Departments, click the Add button on the top right corner.

  1. Give your department a relevant name and a fitting description.
  2. Now choose your department type, Departments can either be set to  Public or Private.
Public departments are visible to your visitors and give you the ability to create embeds for these departments. Private departments are only seen by those inside your company, and are for back office agents, where agents from public departments can transfer chats to these private departments when necessary. 
  1. You can add operators to your Department by clicking Add an Operator  under the Associate operators to the department heading.
  2. After you have completed all the steps, click Create Department.

Add and associating operators

You can Add or Remove the operators associated to your department anytime
  1. Navigate to Settings > Company Settings > Departments, and select an existing department or add a new one. 
  2. Click on the (+) icon, below the Associate operators to your department section, pop-up will appear where you can select operators and associate them to your department.
  3. Now select the operators you want to add to your departments and click the Add button. If you wish to remove an operator that you selected by mistake, click on their profile picture next to the Add button.

  1. You can remove an existing operator from your department by clicking the (-) icon beside the operator's name in the Added operator section inside the pop-up.

Department email configurations

While creating a department click on Advanced Settings to view Email Configurations, or simply scroll down to view these settings in an existing department.

For each configuration, click the e-mail address field to edit the specific address. Or click the check mark icon on the right of each section, to disable a specific e-mail configurations:
  1. From Mail Address - the e-mail address that you would like to reply from
  2. Chat Transcript - Distribute complete transcripts of your live chats to a specified e-mail address when each chat session is completed.
  3. Send a notification email when operators block IP addresses - Receive an e-mail alert when an agent blocks an IP address from initiating live chats.
  4. Visitor Feedback - Deliver the feedback your customers leave about your operator to a specified e-mail address.
  5. Missed Visitor Notifications – Notify a specific e-mail address, when a customer’s live chat request is unanswered.
  6. E-mail Copier - Define an e-mail address which you want to mark automatically while replying to the visitors.

Note: You can add multiple e-mail addresses to these fields, by adding a comma and then typing the next e-mail address. 

Modify existing departments

  1. In Settings > Company Settings > Departments, click on the department you want to edit.
  2. Here you can modify all the settings you choose while creating the department. You can change the name, description, and choose whether the department is public or private, and edit operators in the department
  3. Once you perform an edit the changes will be updated automatically.

Disable and delete departments

To disable

  1. In the Settings > Company Settings > Departments, go to the department you want to disable.
  2. Toggle off the enabled switch to disable the department.

To delete

  1. In the Settings > Company Settings > Departments, go to the department you want to delete.
  2. Click on the Delete icon next to the Enable/Disable switch to permanently delete the department.

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