Add operators and Assign roles in SalesIQ

Add operators and Assign roles in SalesIQ

Add more power and make your customer service run smoothly by adding operators in Zoho SalesIQ. With the ability to add your team members and configuring them into one of three roles, you will be able to find the optimal structure for your live chat operation. Administrators have the power to perform any action in your Zoho SalesIQ, access all information, and edit any configuration. Supervisors can not make any changes to the Zoho SalesIQ, but they can view all the data inside your operation. Associate connect and chat with customers and deliver solutions. You can limit what data they have access to and not delete or edit any records.  

How to add operators?

From the moment you create your Zoho SalesIQ, your live chat operation is staffed with one operator and administrator—you. But as great as you are, we think Zoho SalesIQ becomes infinitely more powerful utilized as a tool for small teams, where everyone can pitch-in and connect with visitors as a part of a total-support culture. That is why we made it easy to add your team members to your Zoho SalesIQ, so they too can connect with customers and get started delivering instant happiness.To add an Operator: 
  1. In the Settings > Operators (under company settings), click the Add button at the top right corner.

  1. Then, enter the operator's e-mail address in the field to proceed. 
  2. Now, choose what role you want this particular operator to have:
    1. Administrator - Can access all the information, edit configurations and has the power to perform any action in Zoho SalesIQ. 
    2. Supervisor - Has restricted power to perform actions and can access selective information (i.e., they can access the Websites, Automation and Integrations sections in the Settings tab.) 
    3. Associate - Connect and chat with the website visitors and can access/view only their personal data and chat information in the Zoho SalesIQ console.

  1. You can associate the operators with your existing departments. Enter the name of the department in the input field or select the Department by scrolling through the drop down menu. Select the departments you want to relate the operator with. 

  1. You can toggle on the Available to take chats switch to enable the operators to attend incoming chats. Toggling it off will disable their access to Visitors Online Module, modify their availability status, and monitor chats.
  2. You can choose to monitor the conversations of the operator by in stealth mode enabling Monitor chats.
  3. Finally, click Add Operator button at the bottom.

Change Operator Role

  1. In the Settings > Operators Section, hover over the operator you wish to edit and click anywhere on the operator tile.
  2. On the operator profile page, click on the settings icon on the right side to edit the operators profile.
  3. Scroll down to Choose a Role and select your required Role from the list. 

Operator roles and permissions

Making changes to Zoho SalesIQ

View operators' profiles

✔ (co-supervisors/associates)
✔ (co-associates)
Access information

Edit configurations

View data inside your operation

Connect and chat with customers

Deliver solutions

Edit/Delete data

Monitor chats of other operators

Add/Remove new members

Approve IP blocking

View performance reports

Changing operator roles

Set operator concurrent chat limits

Operator chat window configuration

Share URL

Send files to visitors

Email the visitor information

Visitor chat transcript

Operator availability configuration

Purchase Zoho SalesIQ
✔ (Portal owner)
Edit/Modify company details

Customize filters to prioritize visitors

Create custom views in Visitor History

View list of operators in the company

View all departments

View associated departments

Block IPs

Change owner

Assign chats to operators

Associate operators to departments

Add a new website

Create Canned responses

Create Articles

Add new departments

Intelligent Triggers

Visitor Routing

Chat Routing

Email Schedules

Enable/Disable Integrations

Framing trigger and routing rules

        Settings Tab Access



Portal Settings

Blocked IPs



✔(Only Chat Monitor)

Lead Scoring


View Zoho SalesIQ Integrations


       Modules Accessible
Visitors Online

Visitor History

Chat History



My Profile


✔ (Portal Owner)

Change the availability status

  1. Navigate to Settings, under company settings, click on Operators.
  2. Click on the particular operators whose availability you wish to change.
  3. In the Edit Operator page, scroll down to Operator Away. 
  4. Enable or disable the using the toggle switch, once you have selected an availability status it will be immediately updated in the particular operator's profile.
  5. Note: If you set a particular operator's availability status to be Away, chats will not be routed to the particular operator.
  6. This option will only be available for administrators of the portal. 

Associate Operator Departments

  1. Settings > Operators, select an operator.
  2. Scroll down to Associate to departments, and click on 'Search a department' and select a department from the drop down menu to relate the particular operator to the department.
  3. Under Added departments you can view all the departments associated with the Operator. You can click on the 'x' icon to exclude the Department.
  4. Once you have added all the departments you want to associate with the specific operators. Click Save in pop-up on top to apply your changes.

Note: The department field cannot be empty, at least you should associate the operator to one of the departments.

Other operator settings

Set Concurrent chat limit

Define the number of chat the operator can handle simultaneously. Your status will change to Engaged once you reach the limit. New incoming chats will not be routed until an ongoing chat get over. 

  • In the Edit Operator page, scroll down to the Concurrent chat limit, using the slider set the limit, click Save.

Control Notifications

  • Mobile notification: In the Edit Operator page, scroll down to Mobile Notification, toggle ON to get notified on your mobile when a new or returning visitor lands on your website.
  • Desktop notification: Under the Desktop notification, toggle on to get notified on your computer.

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