What are FAQs?

FAQs are a list of common questions customers have asked about your product or service. This section inside your SalesIQ dashboard will contain a list of these common questions along with the relevant answers and can be shared by operators or bots during conversations. When the intent of the visitor's query matches any of the FAQs, then it can be shared during the chat. 


  1. The FAQ section will be the go-to hub for customers to find answers to their questions. They improve the experience your visitors have on your website and the usability of your website and thus increase conversion.
  2. They can help support representatives provide quick information to help customers make a purchasing decision. They can serve as the first touch point with your visitors that will convert them into paying customers and thus boost sales.
  3. Also, when you have a strong FAQ section for your business, the AI Bot feature will function super effectively and this will in turn increase the resolution rate of the bot.

How to add an FAQ?

To add an FAQ,
  1. Navigate to Resources > FAQs.
  2. Click on Add

  1. Click on '+' to add the FAQ question. You can add up to 5 variants for each FAQ. Out of the 5, the question labelled with a tick mark will be set as the default question.
  2. Then, type in the response to the FAQ in the Response section.

  1. You can add Related Articles for each FAQ from the list of articles that are available for your organization. When a related article is added to an FAQ, the article will also be displayed by the bot as a card in the chat after the FAQ is displayed to the visitor.

  1. You can also see a preview of the selected related article by clicking on the Preview button.

  1. Choose the FAQ type - External or Internal.
    1. External - These FAQs are the ones that can be directly shared by the bot during a conversation with the visitor.
    2. Internal - These FAQs are for the operators' reference and are not usually shared by the bot. The bot displays these FAQs as suggestions to the operators inside their console and the operators can share them with visitors, if necessary. 

  1. Then, choose the department you want to associate the FAQ to. Operators can choose a department from the list of departments they are associated to.

  1. Choose a category for the FAQ. You can choose one from the existing list or create a new one by clicking on Manage
  1. You can also search for a category in the search bar.
  2. There are two ways of adding new categories:
    1. You can click on Manage and then on Add Category and add a new one.

    1. Or you if you don't find a category when you search, you can directly add it to the list by clicking on Add.

  1. Finally, you can either choose to save the article as a draft or publish it directly on the website.
    1. If you are still in the process of updating your content and don’t want to display it to customers yet, then use Save as Draft option.
    2. If you want to make the article available to visitors on the chat window, then you can directly click on Publish.

Roles and Permissions:

Operator Type
Can create and edit FAQs associated to all departments
Can create and edit FAQs in the departments they are associated to
Can only view FAQs in the departments they are associated to

How to edit/delete an FAQ?

Editing an FAQ:

To edit an FAQ,
  1. Navigate to Resources -> FAQs.
  2. In the FAQ dashboard, click on the article that you want to edit and then click on Edit.

  1. You can make changes to the questions, the responses, type, departments associated, related articles or the category of the FAQ.
  2. Click Save as Draft/Publish.

Deleting an article:

To delete an article,
  1. In the FAQ dashboard, hover over the FAQ that you want to delete and then click on the delete(trash) icon on the far right.

  1. A confirmation pop-up appears. Click Delete and the FAQ will be deleted.

How do I Enable/Disable an existing Article?

  1. Navigate to Resources -> FAQs.
  2. To enable/disable the FAQs, click the toggle button that appears on the right end of each FAQ.

Dashboard List View:

FAQ Performance:

You can view a report on how your FAQs have been performing inside the FAQ dashboard. The report displays the following details:
  1. Category - Category the FAQ is associated to.
  2. Type - Type of the FAQ.
  3. Used - Number of  times the FAQ has been used in conversations
  4. Last used on - Time at which the FAQ was last used during a chat

Other Actions:

In the FAQ dashboard, you can select multiple FAQs at once and perform three different actions:
  1. Move - Move the FAQs to a different category
  2. Publish  - Publish the FAQs
  3. Delete - Delete the FAQs

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