Troubleshooting for Android Notifications

How to troubleshoot Android app notifications?

In certain situations, it is possible that certain Android devices or third-party apps may block SalesIQ from sending and receiving notifications. Following are the most common troubleshooting tips to resolve this issue. If you still need assistance, we are always available to help you, just shoot an email to us at support(at)zohosalesiq(dot)com.

If you are using any of the following device, you can find the troubleshooting steps here:
  • Samsung
  • One Plus
  •  Xiaomi
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
If you are using any other device apart from the listed devices, you can follow the general steps:

General Troubleshooting

In SalesIQ app
  • In your SalesIQ app, go to Settings ->Notifications.
  • Enable Notifications under New visitors,Returning visitors,New chat request from visitors.

Android version 7+

  • Open Settings -> Apps in your phone.    
  • Find and tap on SalesIQ.   
  • Select Battery -> Battery Optimization.   
  • In here, change Apps not optimized to All apps.
  • Look for SalesIQ and set to Don't optimize.

Android version 9

  • Open Settings in your phone. 
  • Select Battery -> Adaptive Battery. 
  • Tap on Restricted apps, and make sure SalesIQ is not listed.


Excluding SalesIQ from battery optimization

  1. From the app drawer, navigate to Settings > Battery .

  1. Then, choose Battery Optimization.

  1. From the apps listed, choose Zoho SalesIQ

  1. Select Don't optimize option. 

To enable notification for Zoho SalesIQ in your mobile settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications in your mobile device.

  1. Choose Zoho SalesIQ from the apps listed.

  1. Click Notifications in the App info section.

  1. Turn on Show Notifications.


Excluding Zoho SalesIQ from battery optimization: 
  1. From the app drawer, go to Settings -> Apps. Tap the menu button on the top-right and select Special access.

  1. Tap Optimize battery usage. 

  1. Scroll down to locate SalesIQ and toggle the slider to OFF.

To enable notification for Zoho SalesIQ in your mobile settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps in your mobile device.

  1. Choose Zoho SalesIQ from the apps listed.

  1. Click Notifications in the App info section.

  1. Turn on Show Notifications.


​To enable autostart for Zoho SalesIQ

  1. Open Security app on your mobile phone.

  1. Tap on Manage apps, look for SalesIQ and tap on it.

  1. Enable Autostart.

To enable notifications and exclude SalesIQ from battery optimization

  1. Navigate to Manage apps -> SalesIQ, tap on Other Permissions.

  1. Enable Show on Lock screenDisplay pop-up windows while running in the backgroundDisplay pop-up window and Permanent notification

  1. To exclude Zoho SalesIQ from battery optimization, navigate to Manage apps -> SalesIQ.  Tap on Battery saver and choose No restrictions


Allowing Zoho SalesIQ to run in the background

    1. From the app drawer, goto Settings -> App management.

    1. From the apps listed tap on Zoho SalesIQ

    1. Navigate to Power Saver. 

    1. Select Allow Background Running.

Enabling notifications for Zoho SalesIQ 

    1. Navigate to Settings -> App management -> Zoho SalesIQ and tap on Manage Notification. 

    1. Enable Allow NotificationsDisplay on LockscreenShow Badge on Homescreen IconsDisplay on the Top of the Screen options.

Enabling Auto startup for Zoho SalesIQ

    1.  Navigate to Settings -> App management -> SalesIQ.  Turn on Allow Auto Startup.

    1. Navigate to Phone Manager app and tap Privacy Permissions

    1. Tap Startup Manager

    1. Scroll down to Zoho SalesIQ listed along with other applications and turn on the toggle button. 


    Allow background power consumption
    1. Go to Settings -> Battery. 

    1. Then, tap on High Background Power Consumption.

    2. Enable SalesIQ app to receive notifications.

Enabling notifications and autostart on your mobile device

    1. Go to Settings -> More Settings. 

    2. Select App manager

    3. Tap Zoho SalesIQ from the listed apps.

    4. Select Notification.

    5. Then, enable Allow notificationsTop preview and Show on lock screen

    6. Then, navigate to Settings -> More Settings and select Permission Management.

    7. Tap Autostart.

    8. Turn on Zoho SalesIQ toggle button from the apps listed.

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