Canned Replies for Associates

Canned Replies for Associates

What are Canned Replies?

They are pre-programmed responses, solutions, links, etc. that you can create inside Zoho SalesIQ and use to answer questions that are frequently asked by customers. 

Any support operator in an organization handles a minimum of 50-100 chats on a daily basis and most of these chats have plenty of repeated questions. In cases like these, operators can make use of canned replies, modify them a little, if necessary and send them out to visitors.


  1. Canned responses are beneficial for both support representatives and customers in a business. 
  2. This means support requests will be handled in less time and more efficiently. Instead of continually typing out the same steps, instructions or links to help your customers handle common issues, you can build an organized repository of the answers you need, and with them always right at your fingertips you are a few clicks away from deploying the perfect solution, without all the typing. As a result, your support team's performance improves drastically.
  3. Customers are never a fan of waiting. Ultimately they want the quickest solution to their queries. In this case, customers will also receive the answers that they require without having to wait for it and this in turn will increase the trust they have on your support team and your business. 

How can I add a Canned Reply?

To add a canned reply,
  • In your SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to  Resources > Canned Replies . You will land on the Canned Replies dahsboard.
  • Click on  Add

  1. Type the desired content in the Compose Message box. You can add dynamic text in the canned reply. When you type '%', you will be able to see all the different dynamic text that can be used in the reply and you can choose one from the list.
  2. Choose the type of the canned reply - Private or Public.

    • Public  - Canned response can be accessed by all the operators of the department.

    1. Private  - Canned response can be accessed only by you.

  3. Choose the department you want to associate the message with or choose All Departments for a general canned message that isn't department specific.
  4. Choose the  tag  in which you want to store the canned response.
  5. Click  Save .

Categorizing your Canned Replies:

  1. Tags  were previously called Categories in SalesIQ and they are used to group canned replies and make searches easier from the operator console.
  2. You can choose a tag from the existing list or create a new one by clicking on  Manage Tag . Each canned reply can be mapped to a maximum of  3  tags.

  1. The default tag is always set to  General
  2. You can also edit/delete the tags inside the  Manage Tag  section.

  1. You can also search for a tag in the search bar.
  2. There are two ways of adding new tags:

    1. You can click on  Manage Tag  and then on  Add Tag  and add a new one.

  1. Or you if you don't find a tag when you search, you can directly add it to the list by clicking on  Add .

How do I edit/delete an existing canned reply?

To edit a canned reply,

  1. Hover over the canned reply that you want to edit and click on it.

  2. You can edit the message, the departments, type, and tags the reply is associated with.

  3. Click  Save .

To delete a canned reply,
  1. Hover over the canned reply that you would like to delete. 
  2. Then click on the delete icon on the left end.

  1. A pop-up will be displayed asking if you are sure you want to delete, click  Delete .

  1. You can also multi-select and delete canned replies in your dashboard.

How do I Enable/Disable an existing Article?

  1. Navigate to  Resources -> Canned Replies .
  2. To enable/disable the canned replies, click the toggle button that appears on the right end of each article.

How do I effectively use canned replies during a chat?

Now that you have drafted useful canned replies, you need to start using them in chats with customers to save your valuable time. You will have quick access to your canned replies, directly above the text window, on the right of your text formatting buttons. While chatting with a customer, and they send you a message asking you a common question, like “How do I return the product?”, you can send out a canned response.
  1. Click the Canned Replies button in the chat window, and start typing the subject that you want to find a canned message for. Click the desired message to populate it in the text box, and hit  Enter  to send it to your customer.
  2. You can also type /  followed by your text in the chat window, or also use / followed by the category name. You will then see the system suggested canned messages. Hit  Enter  to select or press  Esc  to ignore the system suggestion.
  3. You cannot manually sort the canned replies since they appear contextually and get auto-completed when you type / followed by the desired text. But, they are automatically sorted either by the 'Number of chats in which the particular canned response was used' or 'Last Used response' (Ascending or Descending).

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