Answer Bot

Answer Bot

What is Answer Bot?

  1. The Answer Bot is a smart support assistant that converse with a website visitor based on the resources available on your portal.
  2. Whenever a brand is created inside SalesIQ, an Answer bot for the corresponding brand will be created automatically. But, the answer bot will not be activated unless configured.
Note: Currently, the answer bot supports only English.

Answer Bot Configuration

To activate the Answer bot for your brand, you need to configure 4 different sections:
  1. Bot Profile
  2. Resources
  3. Response Configuration
  4. Behaviour Configuration

How to set up the Answer Bot?

Bot Profile

To set up an Answer Bot, navigate to Settings > Bots > Answer Bot.
Inside the bot profile section,
  1. Give your Answer bot a name and description.
  2. Set working hours for your bots. You can choose from the following options: 
    1. 24/7 - Round the clock
    2. During standard business hours
    3. During non-business hours
    4. When operators are offline during business hours
  3. Now, associate departments of your choice. The bot will use the resources associated with the departments. 
  1. You can only choose from departments that are associated with the corresponding brand
  2. Private and disabled departments will not be displayed for selection.
  1. Then, click Next.

Note: There is a preview window on the right side of the screen where you can keep reviewing all the changes that you make at each stage of setting up the Answer Bot.

Resource selection

  1. Resources are the "Brain of the Answer bot".
  2. These resources (FAQs, Articles and Small Talk) will be used to train your Answer Bot. The bot will use these resources to answer visitor queries. 
  3. You need to have a considerable amount of resources(FAQs, Articles) to improve the efficiency and the accuracy of bot replies. We recommend having a minimum of 50 resources in each category. The more the resources, the more powerful your bot will be.
  4. A strong resource base for the Answer bot will reduce the workload of your operators and increase the resolution rate of the bot.
  5. Inside the Resources selection section, you can either choose FAQs or Articles or both.

  1. Now, select a Small talk package. A package is a collection of possible informal phrases that a visitor can send during a conversation and the corresponding responses that can be given by the bot. The default package will be selected by default but you can choose the package of your choice. Learn how to manage Small Talk packages.

  1. Click Next.

Response Configuration

In this section, you can configure:
  1. Match 
  2. No Match
  3. Failure Handler
If the bot knows the answer to a visitor query, it picks the right article or FAQ and displays it. This is called a match. In this section, 
  1. Enter the Suggestion Prefix Text. This is the text that will be displayed above the article that the bot displays to the visitor. 

  1. Enable/disable Follow-Up actions using the toggle button. Choose the follow-up actions that you want to set up for your bot.
  2. These actions are customizable. You can customize the text that you want to display for each follow-up action.

Note: When you enable follow-up actions, you need to choose at least one follow-up action for the bot.

No Match:
If the bot does not know the answer to a visitor query and does not find any matching articles or FAQs, it is a no match. In this section, 
  1. Set up Fallback Text - the text that has to be displayed in the chat window when no FAQ or article matches the visitor's query. 

  1. You can also configure the bot to display related resources. Click on the toggle to enable/disable Related Resource Suggestion. Now, enter the suggestion text to indicate when a related resources is shown.

  1. Enable/disable Follow-Up actions using the toggle button. Choose the follow-up actions that you want to set up for your bot.
  2. These actions are customizable. You can customize the text that you want to display for each follow-up action.

    Note: When you enable follow-up actions, you need to choose at least one follow-up action for the bot.
Failure Handler:
This handler gets invoked if there is an unexpected failure in the configuration and bot couldn't fetch/respond to the visitor's question. In this section, 
  1. Configure the Failure Handler Text - the text to be displayed if there is an unexpected failure in the configuration. 
  2. Now, enable/disable Follow-Up actions using the toggle button. Choose the follow-up actions that you want to set up for your bot.
  3. These actions are customizable. You can customize the text that you want to display for each follow-up action.

    Note: When you enable follow-up actions, you need to choose at least one follow-up action for the bot.
  1. Click Next.

Behaviour Configuration

Inside this section, you can configure the different behavioural aspects of your Answer Bot.

Set Proactive Interaction Criteria

  1. Choose when you want the bot to trigger your website visitor with a greeting message.
  2. You can enable/disable this option using the toggle button.
  3. You can set the trigger:
    1. When the visitor lands on your site and spends more than a couple of seconds
    2. When the visitor clicks on the chat widget
    3. When the visitor performs a custom action

  1. Configure the greeting message that you want the bot to send out to your visitor when the condition set is satisfied.

Typing Delay

Set up the time for which the bot typing status must be displayed to your visitors. You choose to show the Bot Typing Status to the visitors, to create a human-like conversation process. 

Chat Inactivity

  1. Followed by this, you can set up chat inactivity rules - rules to notify the visitor that they have been idle on the website for a considerable amount of time during the chat. Based on the inactivity time set in this section, the bot can send out reminders to the visitor and end the conversation.

  1. To add more than one message in this section by clicking on Add another message.

  1. Set the time after which the chat has to end and configure the message that will be displayed when the bot does so.

Allow Handoff

  1. Enabling handoff lets your visitors connect to an operator in the middle of their conversation with the bot. This will let the bot transfer chats to an operator.
  2. Configure the handoff text. 

  1. Then, configure follow-up actions. You have three options to choose from - Yes, Sure and Why Not. Choose one of your choice and this will be displayed to the visitor inside the chat window. When the visitor clicks this text, the chat will be forwarded to an operator in your organization.

  1. Finally, click Deploy and your Answer bot will be ready to be deployed on your website and assist website visitors.

  1. You will be able to view all the usage statistics of your Answer bot inside the dashboard - the number of chats it has attended, the number of times the chat was transferred, the number of chats that were solved and the working hours of the bot will be displayed. 

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