Action Cards | Codeless Bot - Zoho SalesIQ

Action Cards

Action cards are used to perform actions based on the visitor's needs and information collected so far in the flow.

Channel compatibility and limitations

All action cards are supported in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Criteria Router

The criteria router splits the conversation flow into various flows based on custom rules defined with the visitor's information. 

  • To add a Criteria router card to the bot's flow, click on the card holder (+) icon to view the cards gallery and select the Criteria router card under the action cards section.

  • Now, give your card a name and click on Add a rule.

  • Now, define a rule by entering the conditions in the search field or choose a rule based on the section header.

  • You can add multiple rules to perform multiple complex routing based on your business requirements. 
  • After adding all the required rules, click Save.

  • Once the card is configured, you can view all the flows based on the conditions specified in the criteria router cards. In case if the visitors don't match any condition, then they will be diverted to the ' Not matched ' flow.

Example -  Displaying offers based on different location criteria, in this case (Output), the visitor comes under  Not matched flow

Forward to Operator

The forward to Operator card can be used to hand over the bot conversations to an operator seamlessly. 

  • To forward the bot chats to operators, click on the card holder (+) icon to view the cards gallery and select the Forward to Operator cardsunder the action cards section.

  • Add name, message, and image for the cards.
  • Now, choose how to associate the department with the forwarded chat.
  • You can assign a department or allow the visitors to choose the departments. Uncheck ' Allow visitors to pick the department ' to assign a department to the forwarded chat.
  • Now, you have to assign operators to take over the chat. You either transfer the chat to all available operators in the department or select specific operators.
    • Transfer to all available operators in the department: This option will route the chat to all the operators of the department who are online.

  1. Transfer to selected operators: By selecting this option, you will be able to direct the chats to designated operators.
  2. Additionally, you can select the operator using either the email address (registered in SalesIQ) or the operator ID (ID of the operator from SalesIQ) through the context variable from the plug output. For example, using plugs, you can make a bot to transfer chats to the Zoho CRM lead owner (if they are associated as an operator in SalesIQ).
Note: Only the context variables created in plugs with Email and Number datatype are supported in this card

  • Finally, click on Save
  • Once you have added the flow cards, you have three possible flows
    • Offline hours (OF) - This flow is used when the cards is activated outside the company's business hours.
    • Operator not available (ONA) - This flow is used when the mapped operators are busy or not available at the time of forward.
    • Invalid operator (IO) - This flow is used when the mapped operators are disabled/deleted from the portal. And, On forwarding the chat to other department operators & fails due to their unavailability.

Example - Forwarding visitors to a sales department named Zylker to an operator Patricia. 

Go to

This card can be used to jump from one flow to another. You can either re-use/restart a flow from there. There are two types of Go To card that you can add inside the Codeless Bot builder:

  1. Individual Card - to show the flow jump as a separate cards
  2. Wire Connect   - to show the flow jump by wire
  • Click on the cardholder (+) icon to view the cards gallery and select the Go To cards under the action card section.

  • Choose the type of Go To card - Individual Card or Wire Connect

  • Specify the card name you want to go to. Once this card is activated, the flow will continue from the specified card. 
  • Click Save.

  • The above is a reference for individual Card.

  • The above is a reference for Wire Connect .

Note:  The type of Go To card cannot be changed once the configuration is saved.
Example - When the visitor clicks on "Just browsing" the flow is redirected to another card (Card name: [Flow 1 - flow 2] to [Flow 2 - Suggestion])

Add tag(s)

The add tag(s) card can be used to tag ongoing conversation. 
  1. To add tags, click on the card holder (+) icon to view the cards gallery and select the Add tags card under the action cards section.

  1. Give a name to the card and choose the tags to add, and click on Save.

Note: Only conversational tags are listed here. 

There are three possible flows upon the execution of the add tag(s) card: 
  1. Success: To add cards after the tag is associated successfully. 
  2. Failure: To add cards in case of tag association failure due to technical reasons.
  3. Misconfiguration: To add cards if the associated tag is deleted. 

Example -  Adding a tag named "Lead" to the ongoing conversation. 

  1. If the tag association is successfull, the respective tag ("Leads") can be seen in the conversations.



Plugs in the codeless bot builder help to perform customized action/third-party integrations. To build plugs, navigate to Settings > Developers > Plugs . Once the plug is built and published, you can use those in the codeless bot builder. 

  • Click on the card holder (+) icon to view the cards gallery and select the Plugs card under the action cards section. 

  • Give your card a name, and select the Plug you want to associate from the drop-down.
Note: Only published Plugs will be listed here

  • Then, provide the context variables for plug's Input and Output fields
  •  Click Save.

There are two possible flows upon the plug card is triggered. The flows can be used to:

  • Success: To add cards upon successful execution of the plug.
  • Failure: To add cards in case of plug failure. This can happen due to wrong usage/values or technical issues.

Example: Scheduling an appointment using Zoho Bookings. 

Here, the name, email, phone, date & time are stored in the bot context and given as plug input. The output of the plug is stored in the bot context ( bookingid ), which can be used to display the booking ID to the visitor for their further reference. 

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Send Email

The send email card allows the bot to send automated emails during the bot conversation. 

  • To send emails during bot conversation, click on the card holder (+) icon to view the cards gallery and select the Send Email card under the action cards section.

  • Provide the card name.
  • Then, you can also use your existing Email templates for this card. All the templates from your portal will be listed here. You can either associate a template to the card or copy the subject and body from the email template to the card.
  • When an email template is associated with the card, the contents of the template will be synced with this card. Any changes made to the email template will be automatically updated on this card. 
Learn how to add email templates

  • To use the same email template without editing the email contents, subject, or body, click Use Template.

  • If you wish to make modifications to the chosen template, click on Edit & Use.

  • If you do not have any existing templates, you can create a custom subject and body for your email. You can also insert dynamic text by typing % to enhance the email's content.
  • Next, specify the recipient's email address and CC (carbon copy) recipients to send the email to the required address. 
  • Finally, click Save.


If files card are used to get files from the visitors, those files can be added as attachments to the email.  For that, use the files card, save them in the bot context and choose that context variable here. 

Note: Currently, custom files from the plugs cannot be added as attachments. 

There are two possible flows upon the execution of the Send email card: 

  1. Success: To add cards after the mail is sent successfully. 
  2. Failure: To add cards in case of failure due to technical reasons.
  3. Misconfiguration: To add card in case of the company email address is not available in the portal's email configuration. 

Example -  Send an welcome email for a new user along with a coupon code. 


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