AI Cards

AI Cards

AI cards are used to perform artifical intelligence related tasks. Currently, answer bot engine and the ChatGPT (OpenAI) are available. 

Channel compatibility and limitations

All AI card are supported in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Answer Bot

The Answer bot card is available only for the Enterprise plan

The Answer bot card behaves like the Answer bot, it displays articles and FAQs based on the visitor's question.  

  • To add an Answer bot card to the bot's flow, click on the card holder (+) icon to view the card gallery and select the Answer bot card under the action card section.

  1. Give a name to your card and select the resource section  to the Answer bot card. Resources are the "Brain of the Answer bot." The bot will use these to answer the visitor's questions. Choose your resource, the Answer bot card supports either Zoho SalesIQ's resource or Zoho Desk's knowledge base. 
    1. Zoho SalesIQ Resource - The bot uses only the SalesIQ's resource to answer the question.
When using the Zoho SalesIQ resources, you need to have a considerable amount of resources(FAQs, Articles) to improve bot response efficiency and accuracy. We recommend having a minimum of 50 resources in each category. The more resources, the more powerful your bot will be. A strong resource base for the Answer bot will reduce your operators' workload and increase the bot's resolution rate.
    1. Zoho Desk Resource - The bot uses only the Desk's knowledge base to answer the question. 
  1. Zoho Desk integration is mandatory to select the Zoho Desk resource/knowledge base for the bot. 
  2. The bot uses the articles from the desk department that is mapped to the bot's department under integration configuration. 
  3. Zia should be enabled in the Zoho Desk.
  4. A minimum of 30 articles are required in the KB. 

  1. Next, select a  Small talk package. Small talk is a collection of possible informal phrases that a visitor can send during a conversation and the corresponding responses that can be given by the bot. The default package will be selected by default but you can choose the package of your choice.  Learn how to manage Small Talk packages.

  1. To enhance the Answer Bot's functionality, you can enable the "Fetch answer from resource (powered by OpenAI)" and integrate your Answer bot with OpenAI. To use this, SalesIQ-ChatGPT integration is mandatory.
  2. This will make the bot to response the visitor's questions by fetching precise answers from articles instead of sending the entire article.  
  3. This option is only available in US, EU and IN DC.

If the bot knows the answer to a visitor query, it picks the right article or FAQ and displays it. This is called an Answer found case. In this section, 
  1. Enter the  Suggestion Prefix Text.  This is the text that will be displayed above the article that the bot displays to the visitor. 
  2. Followed by, click on Add action to add a follow-up action when the bot finds answers to the visitor's queries. You can add a maximum of three follow-up actions. 

If the bot does not know the answer to a visitor query and does not find any matching articles or FAQs, it is an Answer not found case. In this section, 
  1. Set up  Fallback Text  - the text that has to be displayed in the chat window when no FAQ or article matches the visitor's query. 
  2. Followed by, click on Add action to add a follow-up action when the bot couldn't find answers. You can add a maximum of three follow-up actions. 
  3. You can also configure the bot to display related resources. Click on the toggle to enable/disable  Related Resource Suggestion . Now, enter the suggestion text to indicate when a related resource is shown.
  4. Finally, click on Save . The answer bot card will be added to the bot's flow.
The Answer bot card will exit only when the visitor selects follow up actions, until then the answer bot engine will continue.
The answer bot card will split the flow according to the follow-up action you have defined here. Therefore you can add card and create flow based on your requirements. By default, there is a failure flow, this will be invoked when the answer bot bot engine fails. You can add cards here to handle failure cases.  

Example - Setting up answer bot card for support. 


The ChatGPT card allows getting responses from the OpenAI (ChatGPT) for the visitor's questions. To use this card, OpenAI-SalesIQ integration is mandatory. 
Note: The ChatGPT card is only available for US, EU, IN, and AU Data Centers. For other DCs, refer to this announcement to integrate ChatGPT using Plugs.
  1. To add the card to the flow, click on the cardholder icon (+) and choose ChatGPT under the AI cards section.

  1. Provide a name for the card
  2. Next, choose the card input:
    1. Use the visitor's latest response - The last visitor's response to the bot will be taken as the card input. 

    1. Choose a context variable - Allows to choose an existing bot context variable from any card. (Visitor's response to a specific card can be saved in context variable and used as input)

    1. Saving the visitor's response in the (visitor.issue)context variable.

    1. Prompt the visitor for an input - Allows the bot to send a message, prompt the visitors for a response and use it as input. 

  1. Next, if required, provide a command to make ChatGPT behave based on a specific function(s). Example command: If "Rephrase, grammar check" is given as a command, ChatGPT will rephrase and check the spelling of the provided input.

  1. Then, click on Add action to provide the follow-up actions. 
  2. Finally, click on Save
Note: This ChatGPT card is not trained with your knowledge base/resources. 
Here is the output for the different input cases:

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