What is Codeless bot builder? - Zoho SalesIQ

What is Codeless bot builder?

The codeless bot builder is one of Zoho SalesIQ's bot building platforms to create conversational chatbots for your website. This no-code platform creates rule-based chatbots without writing a single line of code and manages conversations like a flowchart. In this platform, the bot is built by just dragging and dropping cards (elements in codeless bot) such as name, email, calendar, location, forward, etc., to collect pieces of information needed from the visitor, make smart conversations, send personalized messages/email, and perform actions based on the business requirements. 

This platform supports upto 30 different languages and can be deployed across various channels, website, mobile app, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and LINE.

Benefits of the codeless bot builder 

  • The platform is simple and easy to build business-centric chatbots.
  •  All cards present in the codeless bot are customizable. You can name each cards, add a response text for visitors, and insert pictures to enrich responses. 
  •  There are Pre-built integrated cards for integrating the bot with third-party applications. 
  •  To perform customized actions and integrate with other third-party applications, we've plugs.
  • Plugs  are functions used to create customized actions according to your business needs. 
Check out our latest webinar on the codeless bot-building platform here.
Card gallery in the Codeless bot is a collection of enriched UI elements & actions offered by Codeless bot build platform in SalesIQ. These cards can be used to build your bot according to your requirements. There are 7 categories of cards:

Response card:

Response card are used to send responses to the visitor such as text, images, videos, and links. 

Input card:

Input card can be used to collect information from the visitor such as date & time, location, feedback, and more according to the requirement. 

Action card:

Action card are used to perform actions based on the visitor's needs and information collected so far in the flow.

End card:

End cards are used to end or conclude the chat. 

Visitor Info card:

Visitor Info cards are used to collect type-based information like name, email, phone, website, etc. from the visitor and store them as per the requirement.

Integration cards:

Integration cards allow integration-related operations like lead creation in CRM, create bookings, mail subscription, ticket creation, recieve payments, etc. These cards will work based on the configurations set under the product integration.

Bot Controls

Drag and Drop

You can add new cards to the flow by choosing them from the card gallery or dragging and dropping them above the cardholder. 

You can reuse an existing flow that you had created previously by simply dragging and dropping the card holder into that flow's card. If you want to modify the flow or add more options, you can break the flow by using detach link (✄) that will appear when hovering over the flow's link.

Auto arrange

If you have a cluttered board, you can use the Auto arrange feature to rearrange and organize your flow. 

Note : The positions of the cards will not be saved when you move them. The cards will be auto arranged when you open the codeless builder page each time.


As the flow grows, sometimes you will not be able to get a clear picture on your device’s available screen size. You can use the zoom option to get a full flow or magnify a particular flow in cases like these.


This control can be used to perform undo or redo any actions until the bot is restored/saved. 

Once the bot is published, Undo/Redo will not work for the changes made before publishing.

Version History

  • You can view the version history inside the Codeless bot builder - that is the list of all the dates and times at which the bot was published on your website.
  • By clicking on a date inside the history section, you can roll back to the version that you want to.

Note : Undo is not supported in rollback

Preview and publish

When you create your flow, you can check it in real-time using the bot preview option and then publish it upon completion.
  • Click on the eye icon on the bottom right corner of the bot building board
  • As you preview, the bot's current flow will be highlighted. 


Once the bot flow is complete, you can click on the Publish button on the top right corner to deploy the bot on your respective website (Brand). 

Note: You can publish the bots only if there are no more open links

Bot terminologies

  1. Card : They define the functions performed by the bots. Add, remove and rearrange cards to change the bot's functionality. 
  2. Cardholder : Click or drag and drop the card to the cardholder to add as a card in the bot's flow.
  3. card : Drag and drop cards from the card gallery to the board to add them as cards.
  4. Connected link : They are the defined connections. Once executed, the flow will move on to the next card.   
  5. Open link : They are undefined connections. You can add cards to the open links to continue the flow.
  6. Link tag : Links tag is used to denote the rules or other conditions of the link.
  7. Preview : This option lets you preview the working of the bot as you make changes.
  8. Zoom In/Out: This option lets you zoom in and out of the flow. 
  9. Undo:  This option allows you to undo the action/changes made in the bot's flow. 
  10. Reset:  This option lets you reset the zoom. 
  11. Auto Arrange:  This option is used to re-arrange and organize the flow to make it more readable. 
  12. Fit to screen:  This option enables you to see the bot's whole flow. 
  13. Redo:  This option allows you to redo the action/changes made in the bot's flow. 
  14. Publish: This enables your bot to be deployed on your website. 
  15. Version History:  This option allows you to roll back the previously published versions of the bot. 

Codeless bot Shortcuts:

1.UndoControl + Z
2.RedoControl + Y
3. Zoom In+ (Plus key)
4.Zoom Out- (Minus key)
5.Reset0 (Zero key)
6. DeleteDel (Delete Key)

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