How to create a chatbot for your website? - Zoho SalesIQ

Create Zobot for your website

  1. In the Zoho SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Settings > Bot, and click Zobot.
  2. Inside the bot builder, give your bot a Name.
  3. Then, Choose a platform to structure, configure, and create your bot. These are the available platforms:
SalesIQ Platforms
  1. Codeless Bot Builder,
  2. SalesIQ Scripts,
  3. Zia Skills,

Third-party platforms
  1. Dialogflow,
  2. Watson Assistant,
  3. Azure Bot Service.
  4. Webhooks

  1. Click Next.

Set up your Zobot profile

  1. Write a description for the bot that will help visitors understand the characteristics of the bot.
  2. Choose the brand on which you would like to deploy the bot.
  3. Next, associate the department with the bot. All the departments of the selected brand will be listed here. 

  1. Choose where the bot should be active. Currently, the bot can be deployed on websites, mobile SDK, Facebook Messenger, InstagramWhatsApp, Telegram, and LINE
  2. Select the languages in the drop down you want the bot to converse. Currently SalesIQ supports 30 different languages (this is only applicable for the Codeless bot building platform).

  1. From the chosen languages, select the bot's default languages. 
    • You have to configure the bot's flow separately for the choosen languages.
    • The bot will analyse the visitor's first message language and use that language (if configured) throught the conversation. Else, the bot will use the default language. 
  2. Then, Set Working Hours for your bots. The bot's working hours can be chosen based on your business hours and the operator's availability.

  1. Click Next.

Zobot Configuration

  1. Choose the Bot Audience, the visitors you want the bot to interact with. You have the following options, 
    • All visitors - The bot assists all your website visitors.
    • Custom Visitors - The bot only assists the selected audience based on your custom action.

  1. To create custom visitors for the Zobot, click on Add rule and configure rules to enable your bot to assist custom visitors.
    • In this case, if the current page title is Payment, the Zobot will get activated.

  1. Then, choose when should the bot initiate/trigger chat with your website visitors. You can initiate the trigger: 
    • When the visitor lands on your site
    • Navigate through the website pages
    • When the visitor performs a custom action
  1. When the bot trigger is set up, SalesIQ will analyse the website's language and checks if the respective language is configured on the bot. If it does, the bot gets triggerd in the website language. 
  2. If the website's language is not supported in the bot, the bot will trigger in the default language. 

  1. Then, set the Response interval to Zobot's reply to provide a natural human-like conversation. 

  1. Chat Inactivity Rules: Followed by this, you can set up chat inactivity rules to notify the visitor that he has been idle on the website for a considerable amount of time during the chat. Based on the inactivity time set in this section, the Zobot can send out messages to the visitor and end the corresponding conversation.
  2. You can choose a language and set the time after which a message will be sent to the visitor saying that the chat will end soon because he/she has been idle. Then, you can set the time after which the chat has to end and configure the message to be displayed when the Zobot does so.

  1. Handoff to Operator: You can enable this option to let your visitors connect to a human operator in the middle of their conversation with the Zobot. You can configure the message to be displayed during the chat for connecting with the operator. This will allow the Zobot to display the Handoff label "Connect with a human?" with the option ("Yes") during an ongoing chat. When the visitor clicks on Yes, they will be connected to the operator. 
    • Note: Select the Hide outside business hours check box to display the handoff label to the visitor only during the business hours of the brand.

  1. Forward Message: You can send visitors a custom message while the Zobot is forwarding the chat to a human operator. 
  1. Actions: The bot action allows the visitor to go back to the previous step or restart the whole chat conversation. 
Note: This configuration is only available for the Codeless bot builder.

Codeless bot builder platform

  1. Finally, click Create. You will be directed to the Codeless bot builder platform where you can build bots by dragging and dropping card. 
  2. By default, there will a welcome card, click on it's plus (+) icon to view the card gallery. 

  1. The gallery has many cards, caregorised based on it's usability. 
  2. Drag a card to the plus icon or, click a card that you want to add it to the bot, provide the card contents and click save. The card will appear on the bot builder. 

  1. Next, you can test your bot right here, click on "Test your bot", a preview tab will open, displaying the bot flow you've built thus far.

Useful links 
  1. Cards Gallery
  2. Codeless bot builder controls

Configure bot for multiple languages

  1. Initially, set up the bot for the chosen default language in the bot profile.
  2. The chosen supported languages will appear at the top. Click on them to configure the bot for other languages.
The bot flow/cards can only be created/edited/deleted in the default language. In other supported languages, only the content of the cards can be edited. 

  1. When switching cards to other languages, only the default language contents are displayed.
  2. Card contents for other languages must be manually updated since auto-translation isn't supported.
  3. For instance, if English is set as the default language and French or Georgian is chosen as a supported language, switching cards to French/Georgian will display card contents in English, requiring manual language update.
  1. The card's contents, which are yet to be updated in other supported languages, will show a warning.

  1. Finally, click Publish to deploy the bot on the site.
Points to remember 
  1. The bot will analyse the visitor's first message language and use that language (if configured) throught the conversation. Else, the bot will use the default language. 
  2. For example, if Spanish language is configured and the visitor messages, "Hola!" the bot will use Spanish the entire conversation. If Spanish is not configured, the bot will use the default language.
  3. The bot will not switch languages during the ongoing conversation. 
  4. When the bot trigger is set up, SalesIQ will analyse the website's language and checks if the respective language is configured on the bot. If it does, the bot gets triggerd in the website language. 
  5. If the website's language is not supported in the bot, the bot will trigger in the default language. 

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