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Chat Routing

  1. The chat routing option available in the Automate module helps you prioritize and route visitor chats to the operators based on certain conditions and criteria. You can set different rules to filter the chats requests and route them to the operators, and you also have an option to route the filtered chats to one specific operator. 
  2. By default all incoming chats will notified to all available operators, however by using Chat routing you can Route to set of operator(s) / department by applying various conditions based  Region, Campaign, etc.

Benefits of Chat Routing:

  1. Routing visitor chats to specific operators based on the criteria allows you to direct the visitors to the suitable set of operators and solve the queries instantly.
  2. It also reduces the workload of your operators and improves support efficiency.

How do I route chat to a specific operator?

To add a new rule : 
  1. Go to Settings > Automate > Chat Routing  .
  2. Click on the Add button on the right top corner of the page. 
  3. Choose the app that you want to set up a rule for. 
  4. Choose your audience - this can be based on website details, technology, visitor details, department, triggered status, UTM values, CRM values, campaigns, company data, user data and general conditions like number of past chats.  

  1. Then, click on  Next .
  2. Choose one from the routing options provided -  Do not route, Route one by one, Route to least loaded, Route to selected operators, Route to first available operator  .   

Pre-defined conditions available for Chat Routing:

The available Predefined Conditions and its descriptions as follows:

Campaign Content
UTM used for testing and content-targeted ads.
Campaign Medium
UTM used to identify a medium such as email or cost-per- click.
Campaign Name
UTM used for keyword analysis to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.
Campaign Source
UTM used to identify a search engine, newsletter name, or other source.
Campaign Term
UTM used for paid search eg: keywords for the ad.
City from where the visitor is accessing the website.
Country of the visitor accessing the website.
Current visit source

Source used by the visitor to reach your website (current visit.)
Values : AdWords, Campaign, Direct, Referral, Search engine, Social Media.)

Department in the chat widget of the website.
Email address
The registered email address of the website visitor.
Landing page title
Title of the page where the visitor landed in the website.
Landing page URL
URL of the page where the visitor have landed in the website.
Number of past chats
Count on number of past chats with the visitor.
Number of visits
Count on number of visit by the visitor in the website.
Source from where the visitor is referred from.

Region of the visitor in the website.
Values : Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe the Middle East and Africa, North America, South America, United Kingdom)

Search engine

Search engine used by the visitor.
Values : Baidu, Bing, Google, Inktomi, Teoma, WebCrawler)

State of the visitor accessing the website.

Triggered Status

Set criteria based on the trigger status, whether the trigger is invoked or not.
Values: Invoked, Not Invoked)

Visitor Info

Use our JavaScript APIs to set the values.

Visitor question

Set criteria based on the question you get from the visitor.

Visitor source

Source used by the visitor to reach your website(past visit.)

Visitor Type

The type of visitor in your website.
Values : All, New, Returning)

Clearbit company

Set a criteria based on the data gathered from Clearbit. (Note: This criteria will be displayed only if you have integrated your Zoho SalesIQ with Clearbit)

Alexa global rank
Annual revenue
Fund raised
Values: Aerospace & Defense, Air Freight & Logistics, Airlines, Automotive, Banks, Beverages, Biotechnology, Building Materials, Capital Markets, Chemicals, Commercial Services & Supplies, Communications Equipment, Construction & Engineering, Consumer Durables & Apparel, Consumer Goods, Containers & Packaging, Distributors, Diversified Consumer Services, Diversified Financial Services, Diversified Telecommunication Services, Education Services, Electric Utilities, Electrical Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components, Family Services, Food & Staples Retailing, Food Products, Gas Utilities, Health Care Equipment & Supplies,Health Care Equipment & Supplies, Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure, Health Care Providers & Services, Household Durables, Machinery, Marine, Media, Metals & Mining, Paper & Forest Products, Personal Products, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, Software, Specialized Consumer Services, Real Estate, Specialty Retail, Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals, Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods, Renewable Electricity, Tobacco, Trading Companies & Distributors, Transportation, Utilities, Wireless Telecommunication Services
Market capital
Number of employees
Values: Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials, Telecommunication Services, Utilities.
Values: 3D Printing, Accounting, Aerospace & Defense, Agriculture, Airlines, Alternative Medicine, Animation, Apparel & Fashion, Apparel & Footwear, Architecture, Arts, Arts & Crafts, Asset Management, Audio, Automation, Automotive, Banking & Mortgages, Beverages, Biotechnology, Broadband, Broadcasting, Building Materials, Business Supplies, Chemicals, Civil Engineering, Cloud Services, Communications, Computer Hardware, Computer Networking, Construction, Consulting & Professional Services, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Consumer Staples, Corporate & Business, Cosmetics, Design, E-Commerce & Marketplaces, E-Learning, Education, Electrical, Energy, Entertainment & Recreation, Eyewear, Facilities, Family Services, Finance, Financial Services, Fine Art, Fishery, Food, Food Production, Food, Beverage & Tobacco, Fundraising, Gambling & Casinos, Graphic Design, Ground Transportation, Health & Wellness, Health Care, Higher Education, Home & Furniture, Home Improvement, Human Resources, Import & Export, Industrials & Manufacturing, Information Technology & Services, Insurance, International Relations, International Trade, Internet, Investment, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Jewelry, Watches & Luxury Goods, Legal Services, Libraries, Machinery, Maritime, Market Research, Marketing & Advertising, Mechanical Engineering, Media, Military, Mining & Metals, Mobile, Movies & TV, Museums, Music, Nanotechnology, Oil & Gas, Outsourcing, Packaging & Containers, Paper Goods, Payments, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacy, Photography, Plastics, Plumbing, Pornography, Primary & Secondary Education, Public Relations, Publishing, Ranching, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Renewables & Environment, Restaurants, Security, Shipbuilding, Shipping & Logistics, Sporting Goods, Sports & Fitness, Supermarkets, Talent Agencies, Telecommunications, Textiles, Tools, Translation, Travel & Leisure, Utilities, Venture Capital, Veterinary, Video Games, Wholesale, Wireless.
Technology used
Values: Private, Public


Clearbit visitors

Set a criteria based on the data gathered from Clearbit. (Note: This criteria will be displayed only if you have integrated your Zoho SalesIQ with Clearbit)

Full Name
Values: Male, Female
Values: CEO, Communications, Consulting, Customer Service, Education, Engineering, Finance, Founder, Health Professional, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Owner, President, Product, Public Relations, Real Estate, Recruiting, Research, Sales.

CRM Contact
Contact information of your website visitors in Zoho CRM, Click to know more.
CRM Lead
Lead information of your website visitors in Zoho CRM. Click to know more.
CRM Potential
Potential value of your website visitors in Zoho CRM. Click to know more.
CRM Account
Account information of your website visitors in Zoho CRM.
Visitor Stage in CRM

The stage of the website visitor in Zoho CRM.
Values : Contact, Customer, Lead, Not available, Prospect, Yet to be Approved)

Chat Routing Options:

Now, set a criteria for your condition by selecting an option from the drop-down.
  1. Do not route - The chats based on the specific rule will not be routed to any operator.
  2. Route one by one - The chats will be routed to the operators in the round-robin method (one by one), when they are available. For example, if there are 10 operators, then the visitor chats will be routed from the first operator to the last available operator in an order and when the ten operators have received their first round of chats, the second round of chats will be routed to all of them starting from the first operator. If an operator switches his/her status  from available to busy, they will be removed from the queue temporarily and moved as the last operator and will receive chats only when their turn comes in the queue.
  3. Route to selected operators -  On choosing this option, you can add a list of operators of your choice. The visitor chats filtered based on the specific rules set will be routed to the selected operators even if other operators are available.  For example, if you have selected a specific rule to route the chats from the Europe region to a specific operator, then the chats from that region will only be routed to that operator.  If the status of the operator you have chosen is busy, then the chat will be marked as missed. It will not be routed to any other operator.
  4. Route to first available operator - The chats will be routed to the operators who have completed their previous chats and are available to pick up more. For example, if there are 10 operators and everyone is engaged in different chats. If one operator completes the chat before another and his/her status becomes available first, then the next chat will be routed to that operator.
  5. Route to Least Loaded: Chats will be routed to the operators based on two criteria - to the least loaded (based on the active chat count) and the ones who haven't assisted visitors in a long time when compared to other operators. Say there are 2 operators A and B. Operator A is assisting 4 visitors and B is assisting 3 visitors. Say A has completed chat session with one visitor and a new chat request comes in right after. The total number of active chats for both the operators will become 3. But, the new chat will be assigned to operator B and not A, since A has just completed a chat session. 

Choosing operators to route chats:

The chat routing module contains the following options:
  1. All available operators: Chat will be routed to all the operators available in the organization.
  2. CRM lead / Contact owner: If the visitor is a CRM customer, then this option will route the chat to the CRM lead/owner of the visitor.
  3. Last chat attender: The chat will be routed to the operator who attended the visitor's last chat (Note: This option is applicable only to the visitors who have already contacted you.)
  1. The names of all the operators in your organization and the departments available will also be listed in this section. Choose the operators/departments that you want to route the chat to and click Next.

  1. To delete the selected operator, click on the 'x' symbol that appears when hovered over.
  2. Provide your rule a name and click Launch.

How to disable/delete a chat routing rule?

  1. To disable the rule, click the  Enable/Disable toggle button.

  1. To delete a rule, click on the Delete(trash) symbol on the right side of the rule.

  1. A confirmation pop-up appears. Click Delete and the rule will be deleted.

What is the order of chat Routing?

The rules follow a top-down execution method, whichever rule first matches the visitor criteria will be executed.

Chat routing will work when Zobot or Answer bot is deployed.

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