Integrating Whatsapp Channel with Zoho SalesIQ

Integrating Whatsapp Channel with SalesIQ

Integrating WhatsApp business with your SalesIQ helps you handle your business' WhatsApp chat conversations on your SalesIQ dashboard. Let your visitors contact you from the convenient channel, and your operators can handle the chat from their SalesIQ chat window without switching apps. 
  1. You should hold a business manager account on Facebook. 
  2. A valid phone number to access the WhatsApp Business API.
  3. If there is an existing business WhatsApp account for this number, please delete it from WhatsApp and then connect it with SalesIQ.
  4. In case this number is used in other Zoho services, the number needs to be unlinked from the existing Zoho service before using in SalesIQ.

How to migrate a WhatsApp account from other BSP?

If your WhatsApp account is associated with any third-party application like Twilio, Watty, etc., we can migrate it to SalesIQ. Please follow the below steps:
  1. Turn off two-factor authentication in the previously linked Business Solution Provider (BSP) account.
  2. Navigate to SalesIQ > SettingsMessaging Channels > WhatsApp and click on Add.
  3. This action will trigger a pop-up window prompting you to log in to Facebook. After logging in, provide your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) ID or create a new one if needed.
  4. Ensure that the profile name matches precisely the current one you're using and the one connected with SalesIQ.
  5. Follow the subsequent steps and verify the number via phone or SMS through OTP.
  6. Once completed, WhatsApp should be successfully connected with SalesIQ.
Note: Only the WhatsApp number will be migrated, the chat and media will not be migrated. 

How to integrate a WhatsApp business account with SalesIQ?

  • From the SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Settings > Messaging Channels > WhatsApp and click on Add.

  • First, connect with your Facebook business account by clicking on Add account.

Connect Facebook business account to configure WhatsApp channel

The Add account button will redirect you to the login page to link your Facebook and WhatsApp Business account.
  1. Click Continue to link your Facebook business account to add your WhatsApp channel.

  1. Click on Get Started to begin the steps to register and connect your WhatsApp business account to Zoho Social to be able to chat with WhatsApp users.

  1. Click Continue on the Connect your account to Zoho Corporation window allowing to share the listed permissions with Zoho Corporation.

  1. Add in your business information like Meta business account, Business name, website or profile page link, Country and then click on Next.

  1. You can choose create a new WhatsApp Business account and WhatsApp Business profile here or select your respective accounts from the drop-downs.

  1. Add in the details for your WhatsApp business profile like WhatsApp business account name, Profile display name, Time zone, Business  category, description and website link and then click on Next.

  1. You can add add a phone number for WhatsApp here. Enter a new WhatsApp number to register. This is the number that people will see when they chat with you. Select a verification method of your choice. You can choose between Text Message or Voice Call and then click on Next.
Note: The phone number you are using here must not be signed up to WhatsApp previously. 

  1. This will initiate the verification process. Follow the steps for the chosen verification method and then click on Next.

  1. Once the verification is done, the accounts will be set up and the WhatsApp channel will be configured for your SalesIQ.

Connecting your WhatsApp account with Zoho SalesIQ

  • Once you verify the WhatsApp business number with the Facebook login, you will be redirected to the SalesIQ - WhatsApp configuration page. Now, select the verified number in the Choose number drop-down.

  • You will need credits to send/receive the message in the WhatsApp business account. Refer here for more details. 

  • Choose a department to associate with the WhatsApp business number.

  • Finally, verify the configuration and click Done .

  • The WhatsApp business account is now integrated with Zoho SalesIQ.

Adding/Managing credits

  • Navigate to Settings > Messaging channels > WhatsApp, click on the brand, choose to  Manage numbers, and tap  Add Credits.

  • Specify the number of credits you want to purchase. You will be charged 2 USD per credit and a value-added fee of 3% of the cost.
  • Click  Make Payment and make the payment. (Once  paid , your credits will be topped up and will be reflected in the  Available Credits section, and you can start sending messages.)
Note : WhatsApp charges are based on the country of the user you're messaging.

WhatsApp Business API Pricing Model

In WhatsApp's new 2022 pricing update, they are introducing a transparent and pay-as-you-use conversation-based pricing model. This model drills down the tedious payment process and makes it easier to pay per conversation instead of paying per message.

What is the conversation-based pricing model?

Businesses will now be charged per conversation instead of charging the customer for every message they send. Every conversation has a 24-hour messaging window where your customers can send unlimited messages.

What has changed?

User-Initiated Conversation

If a user sends a message and the business support agent responds to it, a conversation session is initiated, and the session is valid for 24 hours. Ex: Product-related queries.

How does it work?
WhatsApp has switched from message-based pricing to a conversation-based pricing model. Businesses are charged per conversation, which will include all the messages in that 24-hour messaging window.
  • The first 1000 conversations starting on the 1st of every month will be free as per WhatsApp Guidelines. Any free conversations will not be carried forward to the following month if they are unused this month.
  • Additional 3% fee is charged every time credits are purchased.
  • Whatsapp credits purchased for SalesIQ standalone service cannot be utilized for any other service. In case you are using SalesIQ as part of a bundle, the credits can be utilized for other services in the bundle.

Please refer to the below table for the country-wise cost per conversation.

Country-wise Cost per Conversation in USD


Business-Initiated Rate

User-Initiated Rate


$ 0.0526

$ 0.0316


$ 0.0500

$ 0.0300


$ 0.0757

$ 0.0454


$ 0.0100

$ 0.0060


$ 0.1073

$ 0.0644


$ 0.1432

$ 0.0859


$ 0.1365

$ 0.0819


$ 0.0066

$ 0.0040


$ 0.0316

$ 0.0190


$ 0.0300

$ 0.0180


$ 0.0643

$ 0.0386


$ 0.0732

$ 0.0220


$ 0.0349

$ 0.0105


$ 0.1485

$ 0.0891


$ 0.0516

$ 0.0310


$ 0.0473

$ 0.0142


$ 0.0598

$ 0.0179


$ 0.0663

$ 0.0398

Saudi Arabia

$ 0.0325

$ 0.0195

South Africa

$ 0.0280

$ 0.0168


$ 0.0615

$ 0.0369


$ 0.0100

$ 0.0030

United Arab Emirates

$ 0.0316

$ 0.0190

United Kingdom

$ 0.0647

$ 0.0388

North America

$ 0.0147

$ 0.0088

Rest of Africa

$ 0.1208

$ 0.0363

Rest of Asia Pacific

$ 0.0745

$ 0.0224

Rest of Central & Eastern Europe

$ 0.0835

$ 0.0250

Rest of Latin America

$ 0.0706

$ 0.0423

Rest of Middle East

$ 0.0727

$ 0.0218

Rest of Western Europe

$ 0.1324

$ 0.0397


$ 0.0483

$ 0.0145

What is the business impact?

Each WABA (inclusive of all the numbers registered with the account) gets only 1000 free conversations per month so that your business can build a good relationship with its customers before they have to pay and use the service.

How much does Zoho SalesIQ charge?

The first 1000 conversations are free. No credits are required to use these. Once the first 1000 conversation limit is used up, the user must purchase credits to resume sending messages.

  1. When this integration is executed, Zoho will automatically be added as a partner account in your (the customer's) Meta account. It is necessary to maintain Zoho as a partner account for this integration to work seamlessly. If this link or partnership is removed from customer end, the integration flow will be broken and will not work.
  2. If Zoho Corporation was removed from the Partners section of your Meta account by mistake, the registered WhatsApp number needs to be relinked with SalesIQ for the integration to work as usual.
  3. To do this, from the SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Settings > Messaging Channels > Whatsapp > {Preferred brand} > Add number.

Set a preferred time limit to close missed chats

You have the option to set a preferred time limit to automatically close missed chats after a certain time of inactivity. This will convert the missed chats to closed chats after the specified duration. This can be done in the Preference tab under the 'Chat ending time limit' section.

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