Operator Chat Window - Zoho SalesIQ

Operator Chat Window

The chat window allows operators to provide the best support and promote the business by conversing with your visitors in real-time. The operator chat window is a powerful tool that can help you transform your leads to successful customers. Before, we dive deeper into the features of the chat window lets take a look at the sections of the operator chat window. 

Sections of Chat Window:

The chat window consists of 3 sections:
  1. Chat list 
  2. Chat window 
  3. Widgets

Chat list

View all the chats of a certain category in a vertically stacked list that allows you to access the required chat instantly. 
The chat list displays essential informations like the Chat ID, Visitor name, Last message, Operator profile picture. The chat list is further categorized to allow you to navigate to desired chat without having to go through any clutter. 

The conversations inside the chat list is categorized into three sections:
  1. Active - All your ongoing conversations will be listed here.
  2. Missed - All the chat request that you have failed to attend will be listed here. 
  3. Closed - All your past conversations will be listed here. 

How to delete a chat? 

You can select the conversation you want to delete and click on the Delete icon. You can delete one or bulk conversations at a time. The chats you delete here will be moved to the Recycle bin section before it is permanently deleted. 

Conversation View

When you select a chat from the Chat list, the chat will open in the Conversation view. Here, you can see all the messages sent by the operator(s) and the visitor. To send a message to your visitor, type out the text in the input field at the bottom on the Conversation view and press 'Enter' or  click 'Send'.  

Now, lets see all the features present inside the Conversation view:
  • Canned replies - Use pre-defined texts to respond faster.
  • Audio call - Connect with your visitor via voice. 
  • Screen share - Share your screen or request visitors to share their screen to improve your support process.
  • Share articles - Provide quicker solutions to common issues by sharing resources from your portal. 
  • Voice recording - Avoid typing out long texts by sending out voice notes to visitors. 
  • Add attachments - Support visitors with rich media formats such as images, videos, pdf, etc., or sketch out our ideas and share them with Whiteboard. 

Other chat actions:

In the operator chat window, click on the three dots on the top corner to reveal the all the other chat actions. 
  • Invite operators - Add more operators to your conversation for better assistance. 
  • Transfer chat - Transfer the chat to another operator with the right expertise or to the concerned department. 
  • Block IP address - Avoid spammers and harassers from initiating conversation again by blocking their IP address.
  • Email chat transcript - Mail the chat transcript to the required person. 
  • Save as PDF - Export the chat as PDF for future reference. 
  • Print chat - Take a print out of the current chat. 

How to access the My Chats view from other pages?

To access Chats from other pages, you will just have to click on the Chats tab in the panel on the left of your Zoho SalesIQ dashboard.

Here in the Chats window you engage with your customers in live chats, where you can also send those visitors files and links, transfer the chat to another agent, or if they are spamming or harassing you, even block the visitors IP address from starting new chats.  

A Quick View About Your Visitors

While you chat you will also see a quick view of the Visitor’s Info, on the right side, which will give you easy access to your visitor’s e-mail address and the page they were visiting when they initiated the live chat. You can also see the visitor’s location—represented by  small flag icon, their browser and operating system.

With this common information already at hand, you can tailor a customer’s support experience to their specifications, and move the support process along quicker by avoiding asking the customer about what browser and operating system they are using.

Features Inside the Chats View

Add notes

You can click on the Notes icon, and see/add notes related to the visitor or the chat.

Edit/Delete a note in the chat

You can edit or delete a note in the chat that you or your fellow operator updates. Before it is deleted permanently, the note will be moved to the Recycle bin section. 
1. Admin can edit/delete self added notes or other supervisor/associate added noted. But, cannot edit/delete other admin added notes. 
2. Supervisor can edit/delete self added notes or other associate added noted. But, cannot edit/delete  admin or other supervisor added notes. 
3. Associate can edit/delete self added notes and have no access to other operator notes. 

Recent chats

You can also view the list of recent chats in this section, click on any chat and view the entire transcript while you are in the middle of another conversation.

Ending a Chat

Once you have helped the customer, you can click End Session to end a live chat.  If you are satisfied with the chat, and the customer has finished asking questions, you can click End Immediately .
If you aren’t sure if the customer is done asking questions or is even actively viewing the chat, you can choose to End Session by time (either 90, 60, 45, or 30 seconds). When you select one of these options, Zoho SalesIQ will begin to count that amount down, and if the visitor in the chat doesn’t respond before that time, the chat will automatically end. There is no reason to babysit dead chats that aren’t going anywhere.

The visitor will see a message and a countdown, prompting them to re-engage if they want to continue the chat, and if they start typing the countdown to close will end, and the session will continue.

When you have no active chats, you will not be able to navigate to the Chats window, and as such will not see a link to it on the chat list column.

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