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Click to Call on SalesIQ chat window

Click-to-call customer support is a convenient feature that lets website visitors initiate a phone call with a support representative by simply clicking a button within a website or chat interface. The call option on the chat window allows visitors to access immediate assistance without manually dialling a phone number or waiting for responses through email or chat. It proves exceptionally beneficial for individuals who prefer direct phone communication or have complex issues better addressed through a conversation.

How to enable click-to-call for your brand in SalesIQ?

  1. In SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Settings -> Brands -> {Your brand}  -> Installation -> Website.
  2. In Communication mode, enable Call option.
Click-to-calls and audio calls are supported only for website channel at the moment. 

  1. Now, the click-to-call feature is enabled successfully. The visitors can directly call you without having to initiate a chat by clicking on the call button from the SalesIQ chat widget. 

Call-only option in the chat window

In addition, you can also setup a call-only system to rule out the use of live chat and depend only on calls for support and engagement.
  1. In SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Settings -> Brands -> {Your brand}  Installation -> Website.
  2. In Communication mode, uncheck the Chat option while the Call option is checked. 
  3. Now your visitors will no longer be able to initiate a live chat through your website and will only be able to call.

There are several benefits to using a call-only support system for customer engagement:
  1. Immediate assistance: When customers have an issue or question, they often want a quick resolution. With a call-only support system, they can speak directly with a representative and get the help they need right away.
  2. Personalized support: Speaking with a representative on the phone allows customers to explain their issue in detail and receive personalized assistance. This can lead to a better overall customer experience.
  3. Increased efficiency: Calls can often be more efficient than other forms of communication, such as email or chat, as issues can be addressed and resolved in real-time.
  4. Easy access: A call-only support system is easy to use for customers, as they can call with just a click without even starting a chat conversation. This can be especially convenient for customers who may not have access to a computer or prefer to communicate over the phone.
Overall, a call-only support system can provide customers with quick, personalized, and efficient assistance, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you want to enable the call option only after stating a chat conversation, uncheck the Call box in Communication mode under the Brand settings. 

Call Routing

Connecting the call initiated by the visitor to a specific operator or a department based on various conditions like location, brand, language, and more, is called Call routing. Call routing can be used to save time for your business by eliminating the need to have an end office setup where you would ask the visitor about their queries and then transfer them to the concerned departments. Using call routing you can directly connect visitors to the department that they would want to talk to based on their activities. 
To add a new call routing rule: 
  1. Go to Settings > Automate > Call Routing.
  2. Click on the Add button on the right top corner of the page. 
  3. Give your routing rule a suitable title
  4. Pick the brand for which you want to apply this rule.

  1. Choose your audience - this can be based on website details, technology, visitor details, department, triggered status, UTM values, CRM values, campaigns, company data, user data and general conditions like number of past chats. View all pre-defined conditions available for call routing.
  2. Under Routing criteria, you can choose to whom you want to route the calls. There are 5 options available,
    1. All available operators: The calls will be to all the operators available in the organization.
    2. Specific operators: You can pick operators to whom you want to route the calls.
    3. CRM lead / Contact owner: If the visitor is a CRM customer, then this option will route the call to the CRM lead/owner of the visitor.
    4. Last call attendee: The call will be routed to the operator who attended the visitor's last call (Note: This option is applicable only to the visitors who have already connected with you on call.)
    5. Do not route: This option will not route the call to anyone. The calls will end up as missed. 

  1. If you choose the Specific operators option, you will now get an option to select the operators to which you want to route this chat.
Note: Only the operators who are associated with the departments linked to the brand, selected for this routing rule will be listed here. This can be configured in the Brand flow controls settings. To configure this, navigate to Settings > Brands > Brand name  > Flow Controls. In the Calls tab, scroll down to 'Associated departments for calls'. Add or remove departments as necessary.
  1. Now, you can pick a routing rule. There are four routing rules availablein call routing. 
    1. First available: The calls will be routed to the operators who have completed their previous call and are available to pick up more. For example, if there are 10 operators and everyone is engaged in different calls. If one operator completes a call before another and when their status changes to available, then the next call will be routed to that operator.
    2. Least loaded: Calls will be routed to the operator who has attended the least number of calls.
    3. Route one-by-one: The calls will be routed to available operators in the round-robin method. For example, if there are 10 operators, then the calls will be routed from the first operator to the last available operator in an order and when the ten operators have received their first round of chats, the second round of calls will be routed and queue to all of them starting from the first operator in the same order. If an operator switches their status from available to busy, they will be removed from the order temporarily and moved as the last operator and will receive calls only when their turn comes in the queue.
    4. Simultaneous routing: This option will route the calls to all selected operators simultaneously. 

  1. Now, click on Save to establish this call routing rule. Once saved, all the calls that match the set conditions will be routed based on this rule. 

What is the order of Call Routing?

The rules follow a top-down execution method, whichever rule first matches the visitor criteria will be executed.
Note: Call routing is independent of Zobot/Answer bot i.e when a call is made by a visitor, that call will be routed to the operators based on the configured call routing rules.

How to disable/delete a call routing rule?

  1. To disable a rule, click the Enable/Disable toggle button.
  2. To delete a rule, click on the Delete (trash) symbol on the right side of the rule.
  3. A confirmation pop-up appears. Click Delete and the rule will be deleted.

  1. You can also Delete or Edit the rule from the overview window. 

Call Queue

Unlike chats, operators can't speak in two different calls at the same time. So any addition incoming call requests will be queued and added to Call Queue. 
  1. You can find all the queued calls by navigating to Calls section in the SalesIQ dock. 

  1. In the Calls section, you can find all the queued calls in the Call Queue view.
  2. View all the calls in queue in the list view section. 
  3. Click on a call in queue to view its details, you can then, choose to answer or decline the call.

  1. Answering a call in queue while on call will end the current call. 
  2. The number of calls in queue is based on the limit set for you by your admin in the operator settings. 

Transferring calls to operators

  1. On the call widget from your operator dashboard, click on the three dots to open the more options. 
  2. Now click on the Transfer call option.

  1. Choose the operator to whom you want to transfer this call. Now click Transfer

  1. You can add notes to let the operator know why you are transferring this call. Once done, click on Done
Note: You will still be on the call until the operator pick up the call transfer invitation.

Call Monitor

Live call monitoring lets you listen in and observe conversations between your operators and visitors in real-time. This helps you identify gaps in operators' proficiency and address them without impacting the customer experience. You can join the conversations that you monitor any time that you want to in case your operators need your help. You can use this option to train your new operators or observe prospective visitors' conversations on your website. Learn how to set up Call Monitor

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