Advanced visitor tracking features - Zoho SalesIQ

Advanced Visitor Tracking Features

Proactive Chat Window

Proactive Chat Window appears when you click on a visitor on the tracking view. It holds the collection of various details about the visitor that can give you an overview on the specific visitor before initiating the chat.  

 Initiating a chat with your visitor 

You can start a chat with potential visitors when you identify one, without having to wait for them to initiate a conversation. 

  • In SalesIQ dashboard, click on the visitor tracked in the ring or list view, type your message in the input field and click Send. 

 Initiating a Chat when Associated with Multiple Department 

If the brand is associated with more than one department, you can pick the department on behalf of which you would like to send out this message to that particular visitor.

  • In SalesIQ dashboard, click on the visitor, type your message in the input field and click Send.

  • Now you will get a pop up asking you to pick the department, choose a department to continue with the conversation. 

 Using Canned messages to initiate chat  

  • In the SalesIQ dashboard, click on a visitor with whom you would want to chat.

  • In order to access the canned messages that were crafted by you, type in the character "/" in the message box.

  • A list of suggestions would appear above the text box.

  • If you are looking out for a specific message then type in a prime keyword of that particular message right beside the "/" symbol.

  • Click on the desired message.

  • Either hit "Enter" or click on the "Send" button right beside the text box to send out the message.

 Responding to visitor replied chats 

  • If the visitor replies to your chat invite, you will receive a message request pop up, click Reply to attend the chat.

 Attending waiting visitor chat

  • If the visitor you are tracking initiates a chat there will be a status tile of the visitor will be changed to waiting. You can click the pick up button to attend the chat.

Advanced Visitor Info

In the "Tracking" tab, click on a visitor to open the Proactive chat window. In the Proactive chat window, you can view the visitors' details, actions, and other useful information.

Visitor Availability status

The indicator dot on the visitor's image will indicate the status of the visitor on your website. Color codes for the availability status of the visitors are as follows:  

  • Green - The visitor is actively browsing through your website.
  • Orange - The visitor is idle.
  • Grey - The visitor has left your website.

Visitor Action

On the Left-hand side, next to the visitor's name, you can find the action performed by the visitor on your website. 

  • Contacted - The operator has contacted the visitor.
  • Responded - The visitor has replied to the operator.
  • Triggered - The visitor has set off one or more triggers that were set by you.
  • Waiting - The visitor has initiated a chat, and it hasn't been picked by any of the operators yet.
  • Accessed - The visitor has landed and is browsing through your website.
  • Clicked - The visitor has clicked the chat widget on your website.
  • Missed - Any of the operators did not pick chat initiated by the visitor.
  • Chat Completed - The other operator had already assisted the visitor via chat.

Time on Site

You can see the visitor's total time on your site on the left-hand side menu next to the visitor action tile. 

Visitor's recent chats

You can view all the visitor's chats by clicking the Recent chat tab on the slide menu on the right. You can find details like the time and date of chat and the chat status. 

Note: If you can't find the slide menu, click on the two arrows on the right to reveal the slide menu.
  1. Visitor contact: You can view the visitor's email  under the Info tab on the right-hand side slide menu.
  2. Visitor source page : Under the info tab, you can also view the accessed page URL and its associated department.
  3. Visitor Source : On the left-hand side menu, you can view the source from where your visitor has been re-directed to your website as in Ad words, referral, campaigns, social media, and search engine. There might be situations where the visitor landed on your website by directly typing in your firm's website URL in such cases, and this tile would display "Direct."

Tracking Page Navigation

Click on the expandable tab below the visitor's name to view all the visitor's necessary information. In the tab under the Website footprint, you can view all activities of the visitor. 

Other Visitor Tracking Settings

Picking Up incoming Chats

When a visitor tries to initiate a chat or when a chat is assigned to you, you will get a prompt on the side that will display the Message from the visitor and few details, you can either choose to attend the chat by clicking Pick Up or avoid by clicking ignore.
If you choose pickup you will be redirected to the Chat window, from where you can continue the chat.

Personalize your sounds for tracking

You can personalize the sound setting for tracking, when a visitor visits the website and leaves out.
  1. Click your profile picture at the top right corner.
  2. From the side drawer menu click your name.
  3. Your Profile Information page will appear, click Notifications.
  4. The customizable sounds are organized in two sections Visitor Events and Operator Events.
  5. The last two in the visitor events will customize the tracking sound events.
    1. Visitor lands on the website - Notifies when the visitor lands on the website.
    2. Visitor leaves the website - Notifies when the visitors on the website leaves
  6. By clicking on the drop-down menu to the right of tone name, allows you to choose from different sound options or choose "None" if you wish, not to have a sound notification for that particular event.
  7. Each time you make a change by clicking the name of that particular tone. When a tone is selected a blue tick will appear next to it.
  8. All changes made will be automatically saved.

Tracking Reports

The Tracking reports section in the Reports module, is a robust dashboard that gives you a feel about everything in the entire live chat tracking operations.

You can enter the Tracking Reports module, by clicking “Reports tab” on the left side of your SalesIQ dashboard followed by a click on the “Tracking Reports” from the drop down on the top left corner of the Reports module.

Tracking Summary

The tracking summary line graph displays the overall summary about the visitor tracking in your website.
  1. Visits - Count on total visit in the website.
  2. Contacted - Count on number of proactive triggers initiated by the agent.
  3. Responded - Count on chats replied by the visitor on proactive chat triggers.

Note : But you are not limited to viewing reports only for today, and it is easy to change the range of the report.

Tracking Analysis

The tracking analysis report lets you view the average number of pages visited by a visitor and the average time spent by the visitor in a page.

  1. Page Visits - The average number of pages visited by a visitor.
  2. Average Time - The average time spent by the visitor in a page.

Website Visitor Analytics

In the final report section you can view the visitors website activity with the aggregate count. In this view, you can visualize your site visitor activity across the selected time frame.

  1. Visits - Visits is the total number of visits to your website during the set date range.
  2. Unique visitors – Unique visitors refers to the number of unique individuals that visited your website within a specific timeframe, with the aggregate percentage.
  3. Contacted - Count on number of proactive triggers initiated by the user.
  4. Responded - Count on chats replied by the visitor on proactive chat triggers within a specific timeframe, with the aggregate percentage.
  5. Avg Time Spent - The average time spent by the visitors in your site for a specific time frame.
  6. Avg Page Visited – Average number of pages visited by the visitors.
  7. Total Page Views – Count on total number of pages viewed
  8. Total Visitor – Count on number of visitors

Disable Tracking on your Brand (Website)

  1. Navigate to Settings > Brands, choose the brand you want to disable tracking.
  2. Click on the Control Panel, select Channels on the top.
  3. Toggle off the Visitor Tracking button under the Website channel.
  4. All changes will be automatically saved.

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