How can SalesIQ Identify your visitors?

How can SalesIQ Identify your visitors?

Using the information provided during the prior chats and visits, SalesIQ can identify the visitor by their registered name and email when they revisit the website. SalesIQ will assign the identity passed to the JS API for the visitor and remember it when the visitor revisits the website from the same browser. A unique key representing the visitor will be stored in the browser cookie using which the SalesIQ will remember the visitor.

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When you can get visitor details such as name, email, and contact information on your website using a web form, text box, etc., these information can be passed to Zoho SalesIQ using the JavaScript API below. Therefore, SalesIQ will remember the visitor details and help you track their activities on the website when they visit again.


In an e-commerce store, when a visitor is logging in using the authentication system, the user's identity can be passed to SalesIQ.

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SalesIQ can identify the visitor by the contact ID when they land on the website from the Campaigns. For that, attach the recipient's contact ID to the campaign link with the SalesIQ Identifier parameters.

Example URL Pattern
Here the $[CONTACTID]$ are the variables. For every SalesIQ contact, there will be a unique contact ID. This will be replaced with the recipient's contact ID when sending a campaign. So when land to your site by Campaigns you have sent. SalesIQ can fetch all the information associated with the respective contact ID.

When the visitor clicks on the link, the details of the visitor will be captured from the SalesIQ identifier parameters present in the URL. This would be useful for your website marketing campaign. You can measure the success of the campaign and improve the standards.

SalesIQ can identify the visitors on your website by using the data indexed from web forms. When the visitor visits your website seeking information and submits the contact details through a Web Form, SalesIQ will track the visitor's future visits by the registered Name and Email.


An automobile company website can collect the information of the website visitors along with the choise of interested cars using web forms. SalesIQ can identify the visitors with the name & email address submitted. For SalesIQ to pick data from

1. Zoho CRM webform:

SalesIQ can identify the visitors only if the "Visitor Tracking" option is enabled while creating the CRM web form. If you have already added the web forms on your website without enabling the visitor tracking option, then enable the "Visitor Tracking" and update the web form code on your website.

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2. Normal web form:

You can use SalesIQ's auto-pick mechanism to index data from a normal web form. All that you have to do is add the following parameters to your web form:

  1. <input siqatrib="name"></input> 
  2. <input siqatrib="email"> </input> 
  3. <input siqatrib="phone"></input>  
  4. <input siqatrib="company"></input>  
  5. <input siqatrib="firstname"></input> 
  6. <input siqatrib="lastname"></input>

Smart Identifiers

The Smart Identifier is the 1x1 pixel that will be sent in the email to track the visitor's identity who is accessing the email. This will set a cookie in the visitor’s browser using which SalesIQ can identify the recipient by name and email when they visit your website in the future.

To include the smart identifiers code to the email, navigate to Settings > Developers > Integration and select your choise of EMS with SaleIQ and integrate. Then select the integrated campaign and click on Smart Identifiers section. A Campaign specific code will be provided in the Smart Identifier Code box. Now, copy the link and paste it into your email using the insert HTML option. When the recipient opens the email, the smart identifiers will help SalesIQ to identity them. To secure your campaign, you can further encrypt the visitor's name and email in the smart identifiers link. 

Smart identifier code: 

<img src="{screen_name}/"/>

Encrypted smart identifier code:

<img src="{screen_name}/"/>

Get the values for the encrypted_customer_name and encrypted_customer_email using the Encryption REST API



Smart Identifiers will not work if the recipient has disabled the image loading option in the email client. If the recipient chooses the image display option, the smart identifier image will set the cookie in the visitor’s browser.

Smart identifiers will not work for emails opened in Gmail and certain other email services because Gmail will not serve the smart identifier image sent along with the email directly to the recipient. Instead, it temporarily stores the image in its Gmail server and subserves it to the recipient from the Gmail server when the email is accessed. So smart identifiers may not set the cookie in the real visitor’s browser and track them.

While sending an email to Lead/Contacts from CRM, using the CRM Identifier links can track and identify visitors from CRM on your website. The CRM identifier links has the recipient's Name and Email attached to the SalesIQ Identifier parameters, which help to identify the visitors. 

  1. siq_name - To set the Name
  2. siq_email - To set the Email
URL Pattern

Leads:${Leads.Lead Name}&siq_email=${Leads.Email} 


Here ${Leads.Lead Name}/${Contacts.Contact Name} and ${Leads.Email}/${Contacts.Email} are variables. When sendin the mail the variables will be replaced with recipient's Full Name and the Email address.

When the visitor clicks on the link, the details of the visitor will be captured by the SalesIQ identifier parameters. This helps us track the visitors from CRM, and it also updates the visitor interests and pages visited, etc., in the CRM account. 

If the visitor doesn’t fall under any above categories and visits the website for the first time, SalesIQ assigns them a random Visitor ID until they provide their details. Once the visitor signs up for a chat and provides particulars in the chat widget, the visitor will be identified with their registered name. If the visitor leaves the website without giving their details, then SalesIQ will identify the visitor with the random Visitor ID when the visitor visits again. A small Asterisk (*) will be mentioned near the Visitor ID that denotes the repeate visitor. The operator can also update the visitor information manually while engaging with them. 

Learn more about Visitor Tracking.

Once SalesIQ identifies the visitor by any of the listed methods, a unique key representing the visitor will be stacked away in the browser cookie. This unique key will be used by SalesIQ to identify the visitor during future visits.

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