Integrating ChatGPT with Zoho SalesIQ

Integrating ChatGPT with Zoho SalesIQ

ChatGPT in SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ, being a live chat and customer engagement platform allows businesses to engage with website visitors, answer queries and solve visitor issues in real-time, pushing them upwards on the buyers' journey.

When a conversational AI like ChatGPT is integrated with SalesIQ, it can greatly enhance the customer service experience by making it easier for operators to come up with the right responses for customer queries, in a remarkably shorter time. ChatGPT can also be integrated with SalesIQ's Zobot to allow for AI driven responses, reducing the need for human intervention, and freeing up operators' time to focus on more complex customer interactions. All in all, the integration of ChatGPT with SalesIQ will result in increased operator efficiency and improved customer satisfaction for businesses.
  1. The SalesIQ-ChatGPT integration is available only for US, EU, IN, JP and AU Data Centers.
  2. The free trial and ChatGPT Plus subscription may not perform as expected. 
  3. Ensure to have a paid ChatGPT plan that includes API usage.

Key features of the ChatGPT-SalesIQ integration

  1. With this integration, operators can easily summarise long conversations into short, key points for quick review.
  2. With the additional communication tools powered by ChatGPT, operators can rephrase and revise messages enabling better, more effective communication with visitors. They can also expand and shorten messages as required.
  3. ChatGPT will also help in assigning relevant tags to conversations automatically based on the chat transcript enabling better organization of conversations.
  4. ChatGPT card is available in the codeless bot builder to integrate your chatbot with OpenAI and assist visitors seamlessly. 
All of these features will ultimately help in improving operator response times and effectiveness, thereby maximizing sales, customer satisfaction and retention.

Integrating your OpenAI (ChatGPT) account with your Zoho SalesIQ account

The following steps need to be followed to integrate your Open AI account with SalesIQ. 
  1. Login to to your Zoho SalesIQ operator console.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Developers > Integrations > Artificial Intelligence and then click on ChatGPT.

  1. Click on Add on the top right to link your OpenAI (ChatGPT) account to your Zoho SalesIQ account.

  1. To connect with ChatGPT, enter your OpenAI details like Organization name, Organization ID and API key.

  1. After entering the details, click on Enable.

  1. A Data Privacy Notice will be displayed for the integration. After reading the terms, check the box to convey that you have understood the terms of the integration and then click on Accept and Proceed.

  1. Once you have enabled the integration, to view your OpenAI details, navigate to the ChatGPT integration page and click on Connect with your OpenAI account section. 

  1. If the details need to be updated, edit as required and then click on Update.

ChatGPT powered features on SalesIQ

There are 3 ChatGPT powered features for SalesIQ that would contribute in enhancing operator performance. The features included are:
  1. Conversation Summary
  2. Writing Assistant
  3. Tags Generation
We will discuss these features in detail in the following sections.
Note: For Zobot (Codeless bot builder), ChatGPT card is available with this integration. To know more, click here.

Conversation Summary

The Conversation Summary feature summarises past conversations between the operator and the visitor in a quick and easy-to-understand format. This can help the operator to get a quick overview of the conversation and identify any key areas that require attention or follow-up.

Enabling Conversation Summary

To enable the Conversation summary feature, 
  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Operator Interface.
  2. Under AI tools for Operators, enable Conversation summary by toggling the button to the right of the option.

  1. Invocation preference - You can select the invocation preference for this feature i.e. when you require this feature to be invoked. This can be either - 
    1. Automatic - This means that the summary of the conversation will be automatically generated.
    2. On-click - means that the summary will only be generated when requested by the operator.

Feature behaviour in real-time

Operators will be able to generate Conversation summaries for:
  1. Active chats
  2. Closed chats/Missed chats
1. Active chats - When a conversation is being carried out with a visitor in real-time, the conversation summary can be generated. This will be useful for chat transfer where an operator needs to take over a chat from another operator and needs a quick review of the ongoing chat or in cases of chat monitoring where an admin or supervisor is involved in monitoring an active chat.

To generate a summary of an active chat, 
  1. Click on Summary tab on the info widget at the top right. 

  1. Click on Summarize to get a summary of the chat.

  1. The summary of the current chat will be displayed with all the key information.

2. Closed chats and Missed chats - Summaries can be generated for chats thats are already closed and completed from operators' end or even those that were missed by operators. This will be useful for operators who attend chats of returning visitors or customers who need help relating to their previous enquiries. 

To generate a summary of a closed or missed chat, 
  1. From the SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to My chats and click on the Closed/Missed chats tab, as required.

  1. Click on Summary tab on the info widget at the top right and then click on the Summarize button.

  1. The summary of the closed chat will be displayed with all the key information.

  1. If the Invocation preference was chosen as 'On-click', then the summaries would be generated as shown above, at the click of the 'Summarize' button.
  2. If the preference was set to 'Automatic' then the summaries would be generated automatically, when opening the 'Summary' tab of the info widget.

Writing assistant

The Writing assistant feature allows operators to evaluate their responses with respect to grammar, phrasing, message length, and tone of speech. ChatGPT can analyze the operator's text and provide feedback on these aspects of communication. This can help operators to improve the quality of their responses and ensure that they are effectively communicating with visitors.
The tools available are:
  1. Revise - This option reviews the written message and revises it to correct errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  2. Rephrase - This rewrites the entered message in a different manner, to improve clarity and convey the intended meaning in a better way. 
  3. Expand - This option elaborates the provided text message adding more information, making it more comprehensive and informative.
  4. Shorten - This reduces the length of a text message and condenses it in a shorter manner, while still conveying the intended meaning.
Note: The writing assistant tools will only be available for operators to use, during active chat conversations with visitors i.e., the tools cannot be accessed outside of an active chat session.

Enabling Writing assistant

To enable the Writing assistant feature,
  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Operator Interface.
  2. Under AI tools for Operators, enable Writing assistant by toggling the button to the right of the option.

Feature behaviour in real-time

After the writing assistant feature is enabled in Global settings, operators can use the  writing assistant tools on the operator chat window, while in conversation with visitors.
  1. On the operator chat window, after entering the necessary message into the message box, click on the Writing assistant button at the bottom of the message box.

  1. This will provide 4 options - Revise, Rephrase, Expand, Shorten.


  1. Click on Revise to review the text message based on grammar, spelling, and punctuation attributes.

  1. This will provide a revised, corrected version of the text/message input. Click on Use and the revised text will be automatically pasted to the message box.

  1. After clicking on Use, you can send the revised text directly by hitting Send, as usual.


  1. Click on Rephrase to rewrite the text message in a more understandable format.

  1. This will provide a rephrased version of the text/message input. Click on Use and the rephrased text will be automatically pasted to the message box ready to send to the visitor.


  1. Click on Expand to elaborate the text message with more information.

  1. This will provide an expanded version of the text/message input. Click on Use and the expanded text will be automatically pasted to the message box ready to send to the visitor.


  1. Click on Shorten to review the shorten or condense text message.

  1. This will provide a shortened version of the text/message input. Click on Use and the shortened text will be automatically pasted to the message box ready to send to the visitor.

Tags Generation

The Tags Generation feature enables ChatGPT to automatically assign tags to conversations by analyzing their content. If a conversation is about a specific topic or service, ChatGPT can assign a tag for the conversation that reflects this topic. This can help operators with categorized and organized conversations allowing them identify and filter out conversations i.e. visitors who require specific expertise or attention.

Enabling Tags Generation

To enable the Tags Generation feature, 
  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Operator Interface
  2. Under AI tools for Operators, enable Tags generation by toggling the button to the right of the option.

  1. Invocation preference - You can select the invocation preference for this feature i.e. when you require this feature to be invoked. This can be either -
    1. Automatic - This means that the tags will be automatically generated as soon as a conversation ends. In this method, only the existing tags in the portal can be associated with the conversation. New tags will not be generated.
    2. On-click - In this method, clicking on 'Generate tags' will suggest possible tags for the conversation. These could be existing tags from the portal that are suitable for the conversation or if need be, new tags will also be displayed. The user can choose to save the suitable tags from the list as required.

Feature behaviour in Real-time

Tags generation feature works by automatically generating tags based on the context of the conversation i.e. the contents of the chat transcript.
Note: Auto tags can be generated for ongoing (active) chats, closed and missed chats as well.
To generate automatic tags via ChatGPT,
  1. In the My Chats section, open the required active, closed or missed chat and then click on the plus symbol next to Conversation tags.

  1. Click on Generate tags at the bottom in the pop-up.

  1. Relavant tags for the conversation will be generated automatically in the search area of the Add tags window.

  1. You can also add more tags manually if you require it and then click on Save to associate the generated tags to the conversation.

  1. After clicking on Save, the generated tags will be associated to the conversation.

  1. In case the portal limit for tags (30 tags) is reached, generated tags will not be associated to the conversation. In this case, some of the existing tags in the portal need to be deleted to add the new tags. For this navigate to Settings > Tags and then delete the non essential tags from the list. 

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