Integrating Zoho Bookings with Zoho SalesIQ

Integrating Zoho Bookings with Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho Bookings in SalesIQ

Zoho Bookings is an online tool that your customers can use to book appointments with your experts and specialists to avail your services. When you publish your services on Zoho Bookings, your customers can access this information anytime and book an appointment for their requirements. As the service provider, you will be able to view and manage all the bookings and appointments from the admin interface.

Scope of Usage

This integration will be useful for all business cases where there is a need for customers and clients to make appointments with the service professionals to avail their services and facilities. For example, appointments for online training classes, medical appointments, product demo appointments etc.

Need for this Integration

Be it in any industry like IT, Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, Auto-mobiles and most others, the need for bookings software is imminent, for customers to make appointments with service professionals, in order to avail their services and facilities. Zoho Bookings has all the features for your customers to make appointments and bookings with your professionals. 
When SalesIQ is integrated with Zoho Bookings, you can get the following benefits. 
  1. Your website visitors will be able to schedule their preferred appointments with the required Expert/ Specialist in real time, right from the SalesIQ chat window.
  1. This integration will eliminate the need for the customer to go to a different webpage, search for the necessary service or service provider, and then book the appointment manually, saving a lot of time in the process.
  1. This integration will cover Click to book appointment feature in any bot-customer interaction or customer-operator interaction.
  1. When the appointment is being booked, only the available slots will be listed for booking. This is very much systematic and avoids future confusions.
  1. Admins can map the required workspace with a brand or brands, according to their requirements.
  1. Rescheduling or cancellation of the appointments is also made easy with this integration, and can be done from within the chat window itself.
  1. As and when the appointments are booked, cancelled or rescheduled, customers will receive mail confirmations, for their reference.
Note: Zoho Bookings Terminology
  1. Workspace - On Zoho Bookings, a Workspace is a virtual space dedicated to a particular service or a group of services. For example, if you have a salon chain which is spread across various cities like New York City, Austin, Los Angeles, and so on. Each city can be considered a workspace, and all the salon centres in New York City can be grouped in a workspace called "New York". 
  2. Staff - A staff can be an expert or professional related to the services being offered by a business. The various experts can be listed on the Zoho Bookings 'Staff' tab for the customers to choose from, when they want to avail their services. 
  3. Service - The various services being offered by the business amount to 'Services' on Zoho Bookings. The different services can be listed on the Zoho Bookings 'Services' tab for the customers to choose from.

Integrating your Zoho Bookings account with your Zoho SalesIQ account

The following steps need to be followed to integrate your Zoho Bookings account with SalesIQ. It is necessary to hold administrator permissions in Zoho Bookings to integrate with Zoho SalesIQ account.
  1. Login to to your Zoho SalesIQ operator console.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Developers > Integrations > Appointment and click on Zoho Bookings.

  1. Click on Enable on the top right to link your Zoho SalesIQ account to your existing Zoho Bookings account.

  1. Once you have integrated successfully, you can view the name and email address that was used to create the integration under Zoho Bookings administrator in the Connect with your Zoho Bookings Account section.

Zoho Bookings Configurations

Here, the Zoho Bookings integration can be configured as required, for your SalesIQ portal.

Map SalesIQ Brands to Zoho Bookings Workspaces

  1. Here, the SalesIQ Brands can be mapped to the required Zoho Bookings' Workspaces. The admins have the power to map or link a particular workspace with the necessary brand or brands, as required.

  1. You can map multiple Zoho Bookings workspace to a Brand and a single workspace can be mapped with multiple SalesIQ brands.

Display card customization

Here, the fields of the Zoho Bookings display card shown on the visitor side chat window can be customized to reflect the required text as per business requirement.

Scheduling appointments in Real time

When in conversation with a website visitor, if the visitor requires an appointment to be booked with a particular expert or for a specific service, the operator can share a custom link for the requirement and the customer can book the appointment by clicking on the link and selecting the necessary details as per their convenience. For this the following steps can be followed.
  1. When the visitor requests for a booking, the operator can click on the Appointments button below the message input box on the Operator chat window.

  1. This will display the Choose appointments dialog box. Here, we have two sections - Services and Staffs.
    1. Services - When the visitor requests to book a particular service, this option can be used. This will list out all the services offered by the business, based on the Zoho Booking Workspaces mapped.

    1. Staffs - When the visitor specifies the specialist/ expert they need to book an appointment with, then this option can be used.

  1. Hover over the service or staff that the visitor requires, and then click on the Share button.

  1. Once the Share button is clicked, an appointment invite link will be shared with the visitor.

  1. On the visitor end, an appointment card with a Book Now button would appear.

  1. When they click on the Book Now button, the appointment booking options would appear.
    1. Select Professional - They can select the required expert/ professional from the list according to their preference.

    1. Select Date and Time - They can choose the required date and time from the available slots and then click on Proceed to book. It can be noted that only the available dates will be clickable and only the available time slots will be visible to be booked.

Note - The labels on the fields of the display card (Select Professional, Select Date & Time) can be customized as per business requirement in the Zoho Bookings Integration page.

  1. Then, they will be asked to provide their Name, email address and phone number. After filling out the details, they can click on Proceed to book

  1. An appointment card will be displayed with the Scheduled message along with the date and time, service and staff details.

  1. In case the visitor decided to Cancel or Reschedule the appointment, the same can be done from within the chat window itself by clicking on the respective buttons. The chosen action will be executed immediately and the same will be reflected in the appointment card.

  1. The SalesIQ operator will also be notified in real-time on the Operator chat window and can take necessary action to help the customer.

View bookings made from SalesIQ on Zoho Bookings

The appointments made on the SalesIQ live chat window will be reflected on the Zoho Bookings dashboard.
  1. Log on to Zoho Bookings operator console.
  2. Under Calendar - List view, the booked appointments of the operator will be available with various details like Time, Booking ID, Workspace, Service, Staff, Customer Name, payment amounts.
  3. The status of the appointments will also be available which can be upcoming, cancelled, pending etc.

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