Integrate Zoho Assist with Zoho SalesIQ

Integrating Zoho Assist with Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho Assist in SalesIQ

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote support and remote access software that helps you support customers from a distance through web-based, on-demand remote support sessions. When integrating Zoho Assist with SalesIQ, you can remotely access and establish secure connections to offer your website visitors and customers with quick remote support solutions directly from your SalesIQ dashboard.

Benefits of integrating Zoho Assist with SalesIQ

    1. Support each-and-every interaction your team has with visitors by providing on-demand customer support through remote assistance from the Operator chat window.
    2. Deliver a demo of the necessary attributes to your customers with the Share screen feature that comes with this integration.
    3. Request your visitors for a remote assistance session, take control of their screen, and fix their issues in seconds. 
    4. Administrators can decide about which operators can avail the remote assistance option in their chat window. For example, when a website owner purchases 10 licenses in Zoho SalesIQ and 5 licenses in Zoho Assist, he can  choose the five operators who require Zoho Assist and manually provide them the screen share and remote assistance features while conversing with the visitors through live chat.

    Points to remember:

    Please check the list below if you face any errors with the screen sharing session:
    1. Free Zoho Assist Users: If you are a portal owner in both Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho Assist, then you will not have any session restrictions. If you are an associate, then you are allowed to initiate one session per day.
    2. Paid Zoho Assist Users: The sessions for the other plan users depends on their Zoho Assist plan.
    3. In Zoho Assist, you cannot have accounts in two different organisations. If you are already a member of a portal, and if a portal owner of another org tries to include you in a different portal, then you will be excluded automatically while initiating the sync. The portal owner should send you a private invite to add you to the portal and then you will be removed from the previous portal and synced with the requested portal.

    How to integrate your Zoho Assist account with your Zoho SalesIQ account?

    Only an operator with administrator privileges inside Zoho SalesIQ can integrate SalesIQ with Zoho Assist and enable the integration for other operators as well.
    To integrate Zoho Assist with your SalesIQ account, 
    1. Login to your Zoho SalesIQ account.
    2. From the Home Page, navigate to Settings > Developers > Integrations and choose Zoho Assist.
    3. In the Zoho Assist integration page, click the Enable button. 
    1. Once you integrate successfully, you will be able to see the name of the administrator i.e, your name and the Zoho Assist Org ID will be displayed below.

    1. You can also change the account associated with Zoho Assist, if necessary by  clicking on Change Account.

    Assist integration Configurations

    Now that you have linked your SalesIQ account to your Assist account, you can configure the integration based on your operators' requirements.

    Grant Remote Access

    SalesIQ lets you configure which operators you would like to give remote access privileges to. Once the operator is added, the operator will be able to share his/her screen with the website visitors  and access the visitor's screen remotely under More Options in the operator's chat window. You can view the list of operators that have remote access privileges in this section.

    To add an operator, click on the Add option. A list of all the operators in your organization will be listed and you can choose the operator of your choice. 

    1. The operators added to your Assist account cannot be the Admin/Super-admin of another Assist account.
    2. The default option to add an operator is Auto option.

    Enable Screen Sharing/Remote Assistance in chat window

    1. Navigate to Settings > Personalize > Brands.
    2. Choose your preferred brand and then click on Configurations.
    3. Under General Tab, scroll down and enable Remote Access option.

    Use Screen Share/Remote Assistance in Group Chat

    1. When there are more than one operators in a chat, any of the operators can initiate Share your Screen/Request Remote Access with the visitor.
    2. However, the screen share/remote assistance can be viewed only by the visitor and the operator who had initiated it.

    How to request the visitor to access remotely?

    1. You can click on the Request Remote Access option from More Actions in the chat window (your visitor can also click on the Share your screen option from the menu in the visitor's chat window.)

    1. Click on 'Join Session' to begin the remote support session.
    1. This will take you to the Zoho Assist page, there you can view the invitation link sent to your visitor, you can also re-send the invitation once again if the visitor did not receive the invitation. 

    Visitor Chat Window Actions:

    1. When the Operator initiates a remote session, the visitor will get a screen share consent message.

    1. When the visitor clicks on Share now, they will be taken to a consent page to join the session.
    2. When they click on the 'Join Session' Button, a download page will appear. Download and run the application to join the support session.
    1. When the download is complete, the visitor should run the Join file. 
    The downloadable is just an application that connects the operator's and the customer's machines. The connection will be removed once the remote session ends, and doesn't transmit or impact the access/data available in the customer machine. The customer can delete the downloadable immediately after the remote session. 
    1. Finally, click Join to start the session. The remote session will be initiated and the operator will now be able to access the visitor's screen.

    More options in Screen Sharing:

    1. Stop share: This option allows visitors or operators to stop sharing screens once they're done with the screen sharing session.
    2. Chat: Now visitors and operators can chat simultaneously during the screen share session
    3. Call: This option allows to initiate an audio call during the screenshare session.
    4. Swap Screen: Now with the swap screen option, you can either view the visitor's page or the visitor can view the operator's page.

    Initiate a demo session to the visitors by sharing the browser window or desktop screen

    You can share your browser screen with the visitors and initiate a demo session.
    1. Once you're connected with your visitor, click on More actions in the Zoho SalesIQ operator chat window and select Share your screen. A shortcut for the Share screen option is also available below the message composer box. 

    1. You will find the screen sharing initiated button and a link to initiate the screen sharing, click the Share now link.
    2. You will be directed to the Zoho Assist window.
    3. Under the Start a Screen Sharing session, click Download the installation file.
    4. Now open the downloaded file and click Join.
    5. The visitor can click on Join now link in the visitor chat window and join the demo session.
    6. Your screen sharing session will be initiated, you can now demo the customer using your browser or desktop screen.

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