Integrate Telephony with SalesIQ

Integrate Telephony with SalesIQ

 Performing follow-ups with your prospects via email can be sluggish at times. One of the most effective ways to connect with your contacts is via a phone. This integration can allow operators and sales teams to get in touch with your prospect right away without any delay. Integrating SalesIQ with Telephony will enable you to make calls to your contacts directly from your SalesIQ portal.

What is Telephony?

Telephony allows you to connect with various PBX systems to connect with your contacts. PBX system stands for Private Branch Exchange. A private telephone system enables an organization to make internal or external calls. 

What makes connecting with Telephony stand out from traditional calls?

When making calls from the SalesIQ portal for official purposes, logging, monitoring, and managing the calls made by the operators or sales team from their devices becomes an arduous task. Using a PBX system can overcome all these issues by maintaining a database that logs all calls made from your portal. 

Benefits of using Telephony integration:

  1. Keep logs of all calls made using the integration
  2. Connecting with missed visitors and performing follow-ups can be done instantly without a response delay.
  3. Make calls without having to dial the number manually, eliminating the risk of dialing a wrong number. 
  4. Check out missed calls.
  5. Add notes and descriptions to calls for other operators or sales personnel to understand the call's objective.

How to integrate Telephony with SalesIQ:

  1. Login to Zoho SalesIQ.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Developers > Integrations and click Telephony.

  1. Choose your provider from the telephony marketplace. 

  1. Now, click Login

  1. After logging in, in preference pop-up, choose Browser as the Make my calls through option.

  1. Select your Outbound caller ID and click Save

How to use Telephony to make calls? 

During a live chat

    • You can make calls using your telephony connection by clicking on the phone icon next to the visitor's mobile number.

    • You will get a telephony pop-up on the bottom left corner that shows the status of the call. 

    • Click End to end the call after communicating with the visitor.

    • Add a note to your call to allow other operators to understand the objective of the call.

Making a call from the contact history module

  1. You can call your contacts directly from the contact history module without navigating through their past chats.
  2. In the SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to People > Contacts, choose the contact you want to call, and click the call button on the top right corner.

Contacting a missed visitor 

  • In the SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Chats > Missed, select the missed chat, and click the call button near the visitor's phone number. 


The cloud-based PBX systems that are available in Telephony: 

  1. Twilio
  2. RingCentral 
  3. Amazon Connect 
  4. Hubthunder 
  5. AT&T Office@Hand 
  6. BT Cloud Phone
  7. iKonTel 
  8. Ringio 
  9. Sipgate 
  10. Ozonetel 
  11. Promero 
  12. Knowlarity 
  13. Monema 
  14. Spotfone 
  15. Kixie 
  16. SynPBX 
  17. Jive 
  18. Duocom 
  19. Zadarma
  20. Inopla 
  21. Workphone 
  22. Telus 
  23. Go Integrator 
  24. ActivePBX 
  25. Vonage 
  26. Ameyo Engage 
  27. BT Cloud Phone 

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