Supervisor guide

Supervisor guide

Supervisors can manage, monitor, and analyze the performance of your operators using the tools provided in SalesIQ. The supervisor guide will help you understand and use the features that are available for the supervisors.

Joining the SalesIQ portal as a supervisor

  • Once you receive an invite to join a SalesIQ portal on your email, click on the Accept button

  • Create a new Zoho account and click sign up

  • Enter the required info and click Continue.

Tip: Add a professional profile picture to increase your credibility.

Chat Monitor 

The Chat monitor allows you to supervise ongoing chats, you can use this feature to assist and coach your operators during live chat.

 Setting up a chat monitor  

  • Navigate to Settings > Chat monitor, click Add.
  • You can monitor chat based on the operator's name, IP address, or Email address.

  • Pick an option, enter the details, and click Add

  • After adding, you can view and manage all the Chat monitors in your portal. Click on the toggle to enable or disable a chat monitor.

 Approve IP block requests:  

It is important to validate the reason before blocking visitors. A supervisor can approve or reject any block IP request made by the operators to avoid unnecessary banning. Once an operator clicks the blocks IP option from the chat window. You can find the request by navigating to Settings > Blocked IP, and click accept.


Manage Profanity Library 

Supervisors can limit or prohibit the usage of offensive language by adding more offensive terms on top of the default package in the Profanity Library section. This can help lessen the usage of offensive language and help your chats professional.
  • Navigate to Settings > Profanity Library, and choose a library.
  • Click Edit on the preferred language

  • Type a new term and click the Add term option below the input field to add the term to the existing library.


Email Templates 

Create email templates to follow up with potential leads. Since email is considered to be a more formal means of communication compared with live chat it is important to create quality templates. Hence, email templates can only be created by Supervisors and Admins.

To create an email template:
  • Go to Settings > Personalize > Email Templates and click Add.

  • Provide a subject line and the email content you frequently use.

  • Use dynamic text to individualize the emails based on the visitor's data.
  • Configure the visibility of the template by allowing everyone in the organization to use them or you can make it private by choosing 'Only to me' option

  • Then, choose the departments for which you would like to associate the template.

  • Before saving click on the Eye icon next to the input box to preview the email.

  • Click Save 

Setup Email marketing integration 

Email marketing integration can be very useful to identifying visitors who landed on your website through email marketing. It can also be used as a tool to generate more leads and grow your business.
  • To enable an email marketing integration, navigate to Settings  > Integrations, and under email marketing choose your platform.  

  • Now, add the identifier link or the smart identifier link in your emails to track the via email.

Manage the resources in your portal

Create Canned Replies for quick responses

Create pre-programmed messages that the operators can use to respond to visitors quickly without having to type out huge replies that are used repeatedly.
  • To add a canned reply,
  • In your SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Resources > Canned Replies. You will land on the Canned Replies dahsboard.
  • Click on Add.

  • Type the desired content in the Compose Message box. You can add dynamic text in the canned reply. When you type '%', you will be able to see all the different dynamic text that can be used in the reply and you can choose one from the list.
  • Choose the type of the canned reply - Private or Public.
  • Public - Canned response can be accessed by all the operators of the department.
  • Private - Canned response can be accessed only by you.
  • Choose the department you want to associate the message with or choose All Departments for a general canned message that isn't department specific.
  • Choose the tag in which you want to store the canned response.
  • Click Save.

To know more about canned replies, check out our help guides here.

 Add FAQs and Articles 

If you visitors have enquire about common issues to you operators, to save up the time of the operators. You can add solutions to these FAQs and allow the operators to share them with the visitors. To know how to add an Article and FAQs check out our help guides here: Articles | FAQs

Setting up Codeless bots to automate chats

Another feature that supervisors can do is to create and edit zobots. When all operators are busy or during offline hours, Zobots can attend that visitors chats and assist them.
  • To create a new Zobot navigate to Settings > Zobots, and click Add on the top right corner.

  • Give a name and pick the platform that you want to use to build your Zobot. You can use the newly added codeless bot builder or use other platforms.
  • After creating a Zobot for your requirements deploy it in your brands to engage with the visitors and assist them.

  • You can also edit and make changes to the existing Zobots in this module.
  • To know more about Zobots and how to set up Zobots in detail, check out our help guides here.

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