Create and run a macro

Create and run a macro

What is a Macro?

Macros are sequences of actions that you want to automate. You can do this by creating a VBA macro or record a macro. 

Create a VBA macro

To create a macro:
  1. Click Tools > VBA Macros > Create. 
  2. The Create Macros menu is displayed.
  3. Name the macro that you wish to create. You can also describe the functioning of the macro.
  4. You can choose to either record the macro or write the code for macro using VBA editor.

Record a macro

To record a macro:
  1. Click Tools > VBA Macros > Record.
  2. Name the macro and continue recording. Note that the macro name can only consist of alphabets, numbers and underscore characters.
  3. Click on the box near Use Relative Reference if you want the cell referencing in the macro to be relative (A1, for instance) and not absolute* ($A$1 for instance).
  4. Make the changes that you wish to be recorded in the macro. 
  5. Click on Stop Recording *image* icon near the notification to stop the process. You can also edit the recorded macro using the VBA editor.

Absolute referencing - The cells are referenced $Column_Number$Cell_Number, meaning the macro is executed in the same cells used when recording the macro.
Relative referencing - The cells are referenced without the "$" constraint, meaning the macro is executed with cells relative from where the macro is executed.
You can choose if you need absolute or relative referencing from the popup indicating that the macro is being recorded too.

Run a macro in a sheet

To run a macro:
Click Tools > VBA Macros > Manage > Run the macro you want from the list of macros you've created for the sheet.
You can also assign a macro to a button and run the macro just by clicking the button.


Assign macros to a button

To assign macros to a button:
  1. Click the Advance Options on the top-right corner of the button or right click on the button.
  2. Select Assign an Existing Macro.
  3. In the macro list that appears, choose the desired macro and click "Assign".
  4. To create a new macro select Assign New Macro. You can write or record the macro.

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