Format a picture

Format a picture

Once you add an image or photo to a slide, there are several ways to make it more appealing for your audience from the Zoho Show app for android. Adjusting images in Zoho Show includes options to add a frame to your picture; increase or decrease the brightness, contrast, or transparency; customize the color modes; and more. The following are the picture formatting options that you can easily personalize and modify as per your requirement right from your phone or tablet device.

Format picture

Apply a picture border

Add a finishing touch to your images by surrounding them with borders. A border or stroke acts as a frame for your picture on the slide, and helps bring in a sense of realism when displayed on a presentation screen. Pick a border style and change its color, thickness, style, and transparency to make it stand out.
To apply a picture border,

1. Tap on the picture to apply a border and choose Format option.
This will open the different picture formatting options on the bottom pane.

2. Tap Stroke from the list and toggle ON the button on the right.
You can now customize various properties of the stroke such as color, width, line style, etc  applied to the selected picture. 

Stroke effect

Apply picture effects

Show your artistic side by applying reflection and shadow effects to your images or photos on the slide. You can also edit its properties to adjust its direction and intensify effects at regions of the photograph.
To apply picture effects,

1. Tap on the picture to add an effect and choose Format option.
This will open the different picture formatting options on the bottom pane.

2. Tap Effects from the list and select the type of effect for your picture.
  • Shadow effect drops a shadow beneath the picture. From here, you can choose to apply inner or outer shadow.
  • Reflection effect adds a reflection beneath the original picture, with styles such as a water or glass reflection, or a half-shadow blurred effect.

3. The chosen effect will be applied to your picture and can be modified at anytime.
You can also apply multiple effects to the same picture on the slide.

Adjust picture brightness and contrast

Refine the appearance and bring out details of an image by increasing or decreasing the brightness and contrast by layers. Brightness refers to the overall lightness or darkness of a picture, and contrast refers to the difference between the darkest and lightest areas of a picture. For example, a white car can be difficult to see in heavy rain, while the same car placed in front of a black background might stand out against the water spray and provide good contrast. 
To adjust the brightness/contrast of a picture,

1. Tap on the picture and choose Format option.
This will open the different picture formatting options on the bottom pane.

2. Tap Edit mode at the bottom pane and use the sliders to adjust and correct the color variation to the range you want.  
  1. Moving the Brightness slider to the right increases the overall brightness of the image while moving it to the left makes the image darker.
  2. Moving the Contrast slider to the right increases the contrast between the light and dark parts of the image while moving to the left brings them closer to the middle. The slider value ranges from ‑100 to +100 for Brightness and Contrast.

Crop a picture

The crop tool on your Zoho Show app for Android lets you remove unwanted portions and edges of an image permanently, and ensures they look clean, trim, and splendid throughout your presentation. It's also one of the best ways to resize and frame up that big size photographs added to the slides right on your phone or tablet. You can crop a picture in the following ways:
  1. Manually crop a picture
  2. Crop to fill
  3. Crop to fit

Manually crop a picture

1. Tap on the picture and choose Crop option.
You will see dotted lines appearing on the edges of the picture along with four corner handles and four side handles. 

2. Do any of the following to crop your picture manually:
  1. To crop one side of the picture, drag the side handle of that side inward. For example, if you want to crop from the right side, drag the right side handle.
  2. To crop two adjacent sides at the same time, drag the corner cropping handle inward.
  3. To position the picture within the crop area (placeholder area) press and move the image within the crop area.
3. Once done, tap outside the image area to see the desired cropped size.

Crop to fill/Crop to fit

Sometimes you might see enough empty spaces around the image you inserted on the slide. Instead of trying to manually stretch and resize your image within the selected shape or placeholder area, you can choose the crop to fill option. This will fill your picture entirely into the selected object, retaining its original proportions, and help you emphasize the main areas of the image. On the other hand, use the crop to fit option to fit your image exactly within the selected shape or content placeholder, and help align better with your slide content. This is useful when you want to reduce an image proportionally to fit into the given dimensions (in pixels) rather than simply stretching them to fit into a space.
To perform crop to fill or crop to fit,

1. Tap on the picture and choose Format option. 
You will see three types of crop options within the picture formatting pane at the bottom.
2. Do any of the following:
  1. Tap the Crop to Fill icon to fill the picture within the selected shape or placeholder box.
  2. Tap the Crop to Fit icon to fit your picture to the placeholder or shape you selected on the slide. 

While you crop to fit an image, you can see some empty space around the image.

Apply dramatic effect to a picture

Turn your photo into something more than your camera can capture. We offer everything from vintage and instant effects, to filters that make your picture look unique in style. The photo effects in Zoho Show app let you control the texture and create stunning artwork that evoke drama, enhance realism, and add a completely new look to your photos at your fingertips.
To apply dramatic effect to a picture,

1. Tap the picture to apply a dramatic effect and choose Format option. 
This will open the different picture formatting options on the bottom pane.

2. Tap the Edit tab, then tap Recolor Modes to select the type of effect you want to apply.  
There are three types of Recolor modes (dramatic effects): 
  1. Grayscale – This effect makes your picture look like it was sketched in pencil.
  2. Black & White - This effect makes your picture look vintage, adding a scratched paper effect to it.
  3. Sepia - This effect resembles the aging in old photographs.
Recolor modes

Apply color filter to a picture

Filter the color of your image to match with other slide elements, for example, the shape, company's logo, background style, etc. The variant group contains a set of predefined colors that are based on the theme of your presentation. 

To apply a color filter to a picture,

1. Tap the picture and choose Format option. 
This will open the different picture formatting options on the bottom pane.

2. Tap the Edit tab, then tap Color Filter to select a color variation you like to apply. 
The variants group contains a set of six predefined color called Accent colors which are based on the theme of your presentation. To set back the picture to its original color, click RESET.

Color filters

Apply transparency to a picture

When you position text over an image on the slide, you may want to make the image lighter or transparent so it doesn't interfere with your content. You can adjust the opacity of a picture to make your logo or text pop, adding visual interest to your slide without distracting from your message.
To make the whole picture area transparent,

1. Tap the picture you want to adjust transparency and choose Format option. 
This will open the different picture formatting options on the bottom pane.

2. Use the Transparency slider to increase or decrease the picture transparency.


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